Jaaxy on Blog Talk Radio

Thinking of trying Jaaxy?Jaaxy on Blog Talk Radio

I just wanted to let you know about an interview that took place on Blog Talk Radio with Jay (Jaaxy product manager) and with Kate and Joan, two of the top “Squidoo” lensmasters out there…whom are also a MASSIVE Jaaxy fans.

Listen to the replay here….

If you didn’t know, I am also a SUPER USER of Jaaxy.  It literally saves me hours per day in my keyword research activities.

You can check out Jaaxy here for free (get 30 free searches)!

Take it easy,

Co-founder Jaaxy.com
Co-founder WealthyAffiliate.com

PS.  Note that at the start of the video it is referred to as “jazzy”…it is called “jaaxy” but I supposed it is a ‘jazzy” keyword tool! :)

Wealthy Affiliate – The Open Education Project

Today, marks a historic day…

A day in which the way you learn, share, network and build a business online has changed. As of today (April 4th, 2012), Wealthy Affiliate Platinum has been retired. Out with the old, in with the new.

Today we are happy to announce the most interactive, robust and powerful Internet Business training community anywhere….

Wealthy Affiliate – The Open Education Project (OEP)

Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project
Your own personalized "Open Education" Dashboard

When we created Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 it started out as a “keyword list” website! Since then it has evolved almost daily and become what it is today, the #1 Internet Business training platform anywhere. Our latest evolution has been 7 years in the making.

7 years of experience operating an Internet Business Training website has taught us a lot. The Open Education Project is a collection of all our ideas from the last 7 years and we have now revealed the most robust, powerful, and “success creating” system for our members. We believe we have accomplished this.

The Open Education Project is drastic. It is powerful. It gives members the most power they have ever had to learn, to teach, to network, to interact, to engage, to share, and to succeed.

People typically don’t like change as was quite evident in the latest update by Facebook Timeline.  However, people have been unbelievably receptive to the brand new, and VASTLY improved WealthyAffiliate, Open Education Project platform.

So what is OEP and how does it affect YOU?

Timely Training.

Wealthy Affiliate - Training
New Training is a Daily Experience!

Things on the Internet are going to change. If you have been involved with Internet Business in the last two years you will have seen the landscape completely change and evolve. The training within The Open Education Project is evolving at the fastest pace ever. Incentive to create, share, and network has never been more apparent. Interactions and relationships are being formed and solidified.

Wealthy Affiliate, OEP is the only place you need to be, the only Internet business community you need to be apart of, the only place you need to network.  It has the largest, most current, and most comprehensive training system anywhere online.  It truly is an open education platform.  Anyone can create and share their knowledge, and they do.

Buying e-books, courses, support programs and other mentorships no longer makes any sense.  If you don’t see a resource or training module within Wealthy Affiliate you can request it and a fellow member with the skillset in that particular area will create it.  Yes, you read that right.  You can REQUEST any training that you want and it will get created!

The training is, and will continue to remain, unparalleled in the industry!

Unbelievable Networking Capabilities.

Help is not just on its way, it is already here. Imagine having 1000’s of friends in the Internet Business niche that are there for you, regardless of the time of day. The Open Education Project allows you to network, regardless of the time of day, with people that share interests, are interesting, and are willing to help you achieve your goals.

Network, Follow, Get Followed!

Social interaction and networking has been one of the core focal points with The OEP evolution. You can now interact with other members, engage in any training that interests you, get help on any topic from the experts, and ask questions or post your ideas in an open discussion and get feedback.

You have a “Personal Feed” within the community where you can follow anyone that you like.  People that are you interested in. People that have knowledge that you want. People that are your friends. People that you aspire to be. Follow their journey online within their LIVE STREAM of activity!

An Actual Live Chat
An Actual Live Chat Snapshot

Support Like No Other.

Myself and Carson (the founders of Wealthy Affiliate) are an active part of the community every single day, sometimes too often. We have been known to burn the midnight oil, helping members until the early hours in the morning within Live Chat and within our Training dialogues.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can contact us personally, privately, or within one of the many socially (and open) outlets.  No question goes unanswered and no question is a “bad” one.  We have learned a lot in our 10 years (each) in the business and likely have an answer or insight into almost any question you may have. :)

The support does not end there…

You have access to EVERYONE else within the Open Education Project, meaning you can contact people with expertise in any area.  There are some awesome people within WA and you realize this out very quickly.  Our Live Chat is active ALL day, so regardless of your location in the world there will always be someone there to communicate with.  If not, leave us a message and we will give you a hand.  Simple enough right?

You are seconds away from discussing your business with us personally!

Your Business Homebase.

Whether you are running an offline business, an online business, or looking to start a business, you have a homebase for your business at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a place where you will learn what you need to know to start a business, find more business, and scale a business.

Make Wealthy Affiliate you home.  Make it your place to network with others. Make it your place to educate yourself.  Make it your place to teach.  Make it your place to research.  Make it your place to build.  Make it your place to succeed.  Or make it all of the above or any variation that you want.  That is the special part about WA…you have everything at your fingertips, so whatever your needs or wants are, you can access it simply by logging in.

No more seeking out the next e-book.  Buying the next course.  Watching the next annoying sales video.  Buying the next tool.  You have everything…which leads me to the next thing you need to understand.

You DO NOT need anything else!

My last point, and the one that Carson and I are most passionate about.

When you become a member of WA, and you DO NOT need to ever buy another product or service again. Seriously.

Wealthy Affiliate - The MENU
Have a Peak at Our Menu (everything included)

Want training?  You have all the training you need within the OEP. You want support, done…unlimited support. You want to network and create relationships in the business world? This is a day to day part of life within the OEP. You want to help others? You can do this as well, and you will be rewarded greatly within OEP. You want access to tools that will save you a ton of time with research? Included. You want to build unlimited websites without needing to know code…you want state of the art hosting, you want email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and to host many sites (that you could potentially sell)? Yes, included.

There honestly isn’t anything you need other than Wealthy Affiliate, and I say this with utmost confidence.

$47/mth. That is it. No catches. No extra expenses. Everything included so you can just focus on creating your business online, earning money, and earning lots of it!

So, today we would like to invite you to take a look at OEP. This is going to continue setting off a shift in the Internet Marketing industry, one in which is going to continue keeping Wealthy Affiliate as the top place to learn and share Internet business information.

If you are not a member and are still wasting your money on training elsewhere (University & College included), you need to reconsider. The Open Education Project is all you need!

Join The Open Education Project here!


If you are a member, you can now log into the brand new Wealthy Affiliate University! Enjoy!  As always, If you have any questions or feedback please leave it in the comments below.


Kyle (& Carson)

Founders of WealthyAffiliate.com

Note: We do not want you sacrificing groceries to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. If you simply cannot afford the small tuition to enter WA, that is OK. We have released free training over the years and here are a few of the “free courses” we have launched that you can enrol in for, FREE!

30 Day Challenge
Internet Wealth Guide 2.0












Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME – The Newest Membership Pricing Model

People have been wondering what is going on “behind the scenes at WA”. Although I cannot let you in on the full details yet, I can tell you that it is going to be massive. Really massive.

WA Lifetime Membership
Card May Look Bigger in Rear View Mirror

So massive, that we want to give you the early bird special of the Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME Membership. This is probably the most INSANE offer we have ever done, and it is going to truly offer an unbelievable amount of lifetime value.

But before I get started, I want to warn you that it is very expensive. VERY. But there is a reason for this, we are limiting the lifetime memberships to only 100 people.

Yes, very exclusive and you will be getting the exclusive treatment.

Before we get to the price, here is what we are going to be offering to lifetime members of Wealthy Affiliate.

(1) Full, uninhibited access to Wealthy Affiliate for the rest of your life, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(2) Full, uninhibited access to Jaaxy, the top keyword research tool, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(3) Full, uninhibited access to WordPress Express and Unlimited hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, the most powerful web hosting offering in the world, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(3) You are invited to our all expenses paid Las Vegas Conference every year, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(4) 1% Stake in the company (become a shareholder)

And for the ULTRA BONUS, something that is totally unheard of in the industry.

Kyle or Carson will fly to your house one day per year for a personal training seminar, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Babysit your kids?
We don't like whiny children though...

Yes, we will roll up to your house, we will hang out with your family, babysit your kids, walk your dog, and most importantly we will help you with your Internet marketing campaigns.

So let’s get to the price.

What do you think this would be worth to you? Most of you are probably thinking, this is the most unbelievable offer in the world!

Really, you could go to school for 4 years, and $80,000 later you have a piece of recycled paper. No job, flipping burgers at the local diner. That is bull.

With Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME you are getting way more than that. You are getting training for a lifetime.

Would you be willing to pay a ONE TIME FEE of $500,000?

A bit much right. We think so too, that is why if you act today we are going to slash this price drastically, in fact by 50%.


Think of the business you are going to create out of this. You have your entire life to work out your business and you have access to the top training online, how could you not succeed?

The high ticket price is why we are limiting the membership, many people simply will not be able to afford this and we understand that. Actually, I want to do something for you now. Because I have gotten your attention up to this point, I want to offer you an INSTANT one time offer…

If you contact me within the next 48 hours I am going to offer you a Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME membership for $100,000.

Yes, another 150 grand off. Wicked awesome deal. I don’t know how anyone could refuse our offer…you would be crazy to miss out on this one.

How to send payment:

Email me at:


With the subject line: LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP

And then send me the details of how you want to get me this payment. We accept all forms of payment, including gold, old houses that you don’t want, cash (please make sure the bills are no smaller than $20’s), and we will even accept a vehicle in exchange (nothing worth less than a Aston Martin please).

We accept old houses as payment :)

But before we leave…

There are a few last provisions that I want to make you aware of. Read this fine print.

If you live over 100, we have the ability to cut off your membership. You have lived well past the average at this point and we can only support the average, please you are probably going a little crazy at this point anyways. Sorry.

If your house belongs on the show hoarders, we will be forced to meet with you at the local public library. Sorry, we are both OCD when it comes to cleanliness.

If you have read this far, you are an April Fool. Haha.

Finding Local Keywords, What a RUSH!

Local marketing is very big topic these days. If you have not heard of it, then I will give you a brief overview.Finding Local Keywords

Basically, being a good local marketer is the ability to be able to help local businesses get rankings online. A good deal of the opportunity in local marketing starts at the point of keyword research and domain research as local business are willing to pay a good deal of money for your help.  Keywords can help you accomplish this,  in particular you will be able to help local companies get:

  • Relevant Local Traffic
  • Top Google Ranked Websites
  • Their Sites Index and Ranked

Today I am going to walk you through easy ways to find local keywords that you can get ranked under, what keyword metrics to look for, how to get rankings, and why local companies are so hungry these days!


OK, let’s get right into the keyword research…

Finding Local Keywords

Imagine you have a local business in Phoenix, Arizona. You are operating a business in a very competitive niche, the pizza business. You could sure use some help getting some rankings in Google under the terms that are relevant to your niche.

This is where you come in to the rescue (in this case, I will).

Here are some thing that I want to look for:

(1) Keywords that get a decent amount of traffic
(2) Keywords with very little competition that I can ranked under

Once I have met this criteria, I can easily get content indexed within the search engines, and likely 1st page listing in Google with relative ease.   Once I have rankings, I have profit potential. :)

The first thing I want to do is run these keyword with my favorite keyword tool, Jaaxy. If you don’t have access to Jaaxy, I suggest you sign-up for the FREE trial (full access to system, and 30 searches for free).

I am going to start by typing in the most obvious keyword, “phoenix pizza”.

Find Local Keywords - Phoenix Pizza
Green Check Marks indicate easy ranking keywords.


Already, I have some awesome, low QSR keywords.  Remember, if you read my last post on finding keywords,  QSR means “Quoted Search Results”, which is the actual number of pages you are competing with in Google.   When you research competition, this is really all you are concerned with and you want to aim for keywords with under 400 QSR.  The closer the ZERO, the better.   I have indicated the keywords that meet this criterion with the .

That was just my first search.   There are many other searches that I could do to reveal more keywords targeting pizza joints in Phoenix.  Here are a few…

  • best pizza phoenix
  • phoenix pizza delivery
  • top pizza places in phoenix

And here are a few keywords that meet my “competition” criteria by typing in best pizza phoenix.

Find Local Keywords - Best Pizza Phoenix

Then I may want to target some of the different regions in the Greater Phoenix Area (you can do some research to uncover these or if you are from the location, it will be easy to come up with the regions in your area).

  • scottsdale pizza
  • gilbert pizza
  • chandler pizza
  • mesa pizza
  • goodyear pizza
  • surprise pizza
  • tempe pizza

Here is a search for “scottsdale pizza”…

Local Search Marketing - Scottsdale Pizza

Within a few minutes research, I am in the local pizza business.  I basically have enough keyword ammunition to start a localized campaign and to start getting rankings under keywords that MANY local pizzerias would be interested in.  In fact, maybe I should start a pizza business in Phoenix, I could definitely get a good deal of traffic from the web!

I have uncovered a large amount of potential keywords within initial searches. The ultimate mix is high traffic, low competition. However, the very first metric I always look at is competition.  Jaaxy is the only keyword tool that provides this data point and literally will save you an hours off of your day to day research.

Again, I aim for less than 400 QSR, the closer the ZERO the better.  Lot’s to choose from within my few initial searches.

I typically aim for keywords with some traffic. Note that Jaaxy provides much more realistic data than other keyword research tools and even Google’s keyword tool because it uses data from all search engines. It then processes this data through the “traffic accuracy algorithm” to give you more realistic data.

Anyways, I try to aim for more than 50 searches. My motto is that it is “better to be ranked first page under a keyword with very little traffic, than 2nd page under a keyword with lots of traffic”. Therefore, competition should be the first metric you look at when doing keyword research, then traffic. Not the other way around.

Don’t overlook keywords that get very little traffic though.  For example, “phoenix pizza places” only gets 16 searches per month.  But say you get a #1 ranking in Google and your listing gets 50% of those searches (8 searches per month).  This would also be valuable to a pizza company as every order they get averages $30 or so dollars.  If this one keyword only gets them a couple leads per month, that is still $720 in business per year.  That keyword still has value.

How to Get Local Keyword Rankings

Although I am not going to run through the entire process of “how SEO works”, I am going to explain how the local marketing aspect of SEO functions and give you some insight as to how you can attain high rankings in Google with relative ease.

Before I get started, I want to show you visually how Google ranks “local” content within their first page results.  Here is what it looks like when I type “pizza delivery phoenix” into Google.com.

Google Rankings - Pizza Delivery

You can see in the BLUE, the paid ads.  Those are through Google Adwords.  In the LIME GREEN, you have Google Places which are essentially Google’s internal business listings (as a business you can get listed in there with some work), and then in RED, we have the natural search rankings…the rankings in which we are going for.

You cannot see the, but there are also natural search rankings below the last Google Places ranking (7 more natural rankings on the first page).

There are also local keywords that don’t have Google places rankings.  If I were to search “24 hour pizza delivery”, Google doesn’t recognize this as a local listing and therefore fills up the page with natural listings.

Google Natural Search Rankings - 24 hour pizza delivery

Just a little tip to consider.  Search Google before you create your content.

So on to the “getting ranked” part.  To get ranked in Google naturally under local search terms, you need to create content.

Here are 5 different types of content that you can create to get ranked:

(1) Write an article and submit to an author site (like StreetArticles.com)
(2) Write content on your relevant website (that you own)
(3) Write content on a free website creator that gets rankings (tumblr.com, wordpress.org, blogger.com)
(4) Create a video and submit to YouTube
(5) Create social content withing Google +, Facebook Groups, etc.

If I were to write a blog post on my website (has to be related to pizza), write an article and submit it to a site like Street Articles, I could attain 1st page rankings rather easily here for most of the keywords I found. I am competing with very few sites and a targeted content piece would likely float page one under any of these terms with relative ease.

Once you are ranked, you have power within the local market.   Keywords are all at the core of the success.

Imagine All the Local Keywords You Could Uncover in 30 Searches!

Now, I challenge you to do what I have just done, except I am going to get you to do this with 30 searches…using Jaaxy!

Get 30 Free Local Searches Now!

I know many people have been very interested in Jaaxy lately, and I wanted to let you know that we are giving you 30 free searches with Jaaxy. This is full access with no catches…check it out and use it for 30 searches (local or otherwise) and perform the same sort of keyword research I have done here.  You could create an entire local marketing campaign off 10 searches, let alone 30!

Seriously, NO CATCH. 30 free searches including all the functionality that our paid members receive. If you decide you like Jaaxy and think it is a tool you will want to use on a regular basis, then you can decide if you want to pay a small charge for unlimited access.   If not, we are going to show you how you can earn more search credits.  Either way you are a winner!

Get 30 Free Local Searches Now!

Hope you found this blog posting helpful and informative.  As always, please leave you feedback or questions if you have any.

Take it easy,

Kyle - Wealthy Affiliate

Co-founder of WealthyAffiliate.com
Co-founder of Jaaxy.com

PS. Feel free to share this post with anyone you like (or you can click the Share buttons on the left side of this page)




How I Find Keywords – Raw and Uncut

People over-complicate finding keywords…making the process much more difficult than it has to be.  The problem I believe is that there are so many different keyword tools out there providing people with “bogus'” data andHow I Find Keywords - Me Using Jaaxy metrics that you really don’t even need.  People get lost in the world of keyword translation.  Because of this, I want to walk you through the process of finding keywords in a raw, uncut and unfiltered manner.

You ONLY need to care about 2 Things!

When I am doing research, I really only want at two keyword data points. Traffic and Competition.   That is it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Without traffic, there is no point in getting rankings in search engines. If there is too much competition, there is no point in getting rankings in the first place.


So ideally I want a keyword that has a good amount of traffic (the higher the better) and low competition (the lower the better).  But what metric should you look at first, traffic or competition.  This is a horse and carriage sort of scenario.

Here is How I Efficiently Find Keywords

First, I take a keyword in which I am looking for keyword ideas for (whether it be articles, website content, etc), and I dump it into Jaaxy, the keyword tool that I use.  In this case I will put in the keyword “bass fishing”, something that I know very little about andI am not very good at, but I want to show you how easy it is to find awesome keywords, regardless of the niche.  When you do keyword research, you need a “keyword tool” to get at the keyword data you need and I happen to own Jaaxy (Get 30 searches FREE) and I think it is it the best thing since sliced bread, so that is what I use.

Here we go, lets have a gander of my first set of search results…

Jaaxy Search - Bass Fishing

Personally, I look at COMPETITION first.   It is the most important thing to me.  If I can’t get rankings in Google easily, then there is not point in care about traffic.  You will notice that I have added check marks beside particular QSR rankings. QSR (Quoted Search Results) is a metric native to Jaaxy that tells you exactly how many competing pages there are in Google.  This is the most important piece of information.  If there are very few pages in Google under a search term, that is a good thing.  That means little competition for me

Note: Google no longer provides this information and no other keyword tool gets at this piece of data as efficiently as Jaaxy does!

Competition should be your focal point. I personally aim for under 400 QSR, the closer to 0 the better. In this case all of the keywords with green check marks are under 400 QSR.

What is a Good Amount of Traffic?

Traffic numbers have this unnecessary influence on people’s decision.  I don’t pay a ton of attention to traffic, to me the most important aspect is that the keyword gets SOME traffic.  Competition should be much more important to you than any traffic or trend value.

Here is why.

If you get a #1-3 ranking in Google under a search term that gets 50 clicks per month, you are going to probably get a good number of clicks to your page.  If you get a ranking on page 2 or 3 within Google under a term that gets 1,000’s of clicks per month, you are not going to get much traffic, if any.  People simply don’t click past the first page of the search results, hence my reasoning for focusing on Competition first, Traffic second.

I usually recommend aiming for over 50 clicks in Jaaxy, the higher the better obviously (assuming it has limited competition).  From my initial search, here are some great keywords that I would add to a keyword list for later use, all are definite KEEPERS and will be quite easy to get great rankings under.  You could write an article, create a blog post, create a web page, or upload a video targeting any of these and get prime time rankings!

Top Keywords - Jaaxy

The keywords with under 100 QSR are pure “brilliance” when it comes t keywords that you can get ranked.

“bass fishing victoria”, 164 traffic, only 14 qsr (would average 100 clicks/mth with top 3 ranking)
“bass fishing for dummies”, 93 traffic, only 55 qsr (would average 50-60 clicks/mth with top 3 ranking)

I have literally spent a minute and one search to find these great keywords, in a niche I know nothing about.

A Keyword Research Blitz

In less than 5 searches, I am going to find as many easy ranking keywords using Jaaxy as possible, just to prove the how easy keyword research is when you only have to focus on Traffic and Competition.  Here are 5 random searches that I did.

Search #1: Bass Fishing Lures

Bass Fishing - Keyword Research Blitz

Search #2: Basketball Gear

Basketball Gear - Keyword Research Blitz

Search #3: Best Diet Plans

Search #4: Growing Organic Tomatoes

Growing Organic Tomatoes - Keyword Research Blitz

Search #5: Why is My Computer Slow

Why Is My Computer Slow - Keyword Research Blitz

66 low competition, high traffic keywords in 5 searches!  Not bad for a few searches that literally took me a minute to do.   This is the exact reason that keyword research is one of those things I don’t worry about, I find keywords at will.  If I want 1,000 keywords, I can get them.  If I want 1,000 1st page rankings in Google, I can also get those! :)

Imagine What You Could Accomplish in 30 Searches!

Now, I challenge you to do what I have just done, except I am going to get you to do this with 30 searches…using Jaaxy!

Get 30 Free Searches Now!

I know many people have been very interested in Jaaxy lately, and I wanted to let you know that we are giving you 30 free searches with Jaaxy. This is full access with no catches…check it out and use it for 30 searches and perform the same sort of keyword research I have done on these niches here.

Seriously, NO CATCH. 30 free searches including all the functionality that our paid members receive. If you decide you like Jaaxy and think it is a tool you will want to use on a regular basis, then you can decide if you want to get access to unlimited searches.   If not, we are going to show you how you can earn more search credits.  Either way you are a winner!

Get 30 Free Searches Now!

I hope you have enjoyed this article.  Please leave your comments and feedback, I always love to hear them.  Also, feel free to share this post with anyone that you want (via the social buttons on this page).

Take it easy,

Kyle - Wealthy Affiliate

Co-founder of WealthyAffiliate.com
Co-founder of Jaaxy.com


Struggling to write articles? Take up the 30 in 30 challenge

If you’re a rookie at internet marketing and  trying to get your own website up and running one of the most challenging aspects can be drivingWriting Articles visitors to your site.  One accepted way to do this is to write articles and submit them to an article directory such as Street Articles with a couple of links to your site embedded within the text which some readers will choose to click on.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well it is if you enjoy writing and find the whole process of generating ideas, carrying out keyword research and writing good content that people want to read, it’s easy.  However,  lots of people find it quite daunting, worrying about what to write, the quality of their writing and how to spark the interest of readers.

If that resonates with you,  you should stop worrying because help is at hand through Wealthy Affiliate. One of the many services available to members is taking part in a challenge to write 30 articles in 30 days.

Yes that’s right 30 articles in 30 days – more if you can manage it.

Does that excite you?  If so great.  Read on.  But even if you’re immediate response was  to say ‘No way!’  still carry on reading.

I’ve taken part in a challenge (more than once) and I wanted to share with you the top ten benefits that I think are to be gained from signing up to take part.

Top 10 benefits of 30 in 30 Challenge

1.    A well written 30 day programme

These challenges are delivered by email on 30 consecutive days with step by step instructions on the tasks for the day.  Everything is written in non technical language which can be understood by everyone including those with little experience.

2.    Good back-up resources

There is a comprehensive range of back up resources (written or video) that show you how to do particular things eg how to buy a domain name and how to set up a website.

3.    Lots of hand holding available (if needed)

Alright there isn’t literally someone holding your hand, but the fact is that there is lots of support and encouragement.  Encouragement comes from Kyle and Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate) in the daily emails that drop into your box for 30 consecutive days as well as the support that is available from them and other members of Street Articles through the active and engaged community where you can build your network and connections with other authors. (No one will make you feel foolish).

4.    Establish the habit of regular keyword research

Although a lot of people only do keyword research when they have something specific to write about – taking part in a 30 in 30 challenge will help you get in the habit of carrying out regular keyword research. I spend about 20 minutes a day and find that the research I do is invaluable in writing articles or blog content every day.

5.    Increase your writing speed

Before I tried my first challenge it used to take me about 6 hours to write one article – sometimes longer.  I was always worried that what I was writing wasn’t good enough.  However, if you write regularly you can’t help but increase your speed.  After my first challenge I was down to 2 hrs and now on average it’s 30 minutes maximum to write and 15 minutes to proofread and correct mistakes.

6.    Can significantly increase traffic to your website

Now if you’re hoping that I’ll say by how much – I can’t.  No one could.  But the fact is that if you write good content that readers enjoy and as you build a relationship with them you will find that your CTR (Click Through Rate) from your articles to your website will increase.  I emphasize writing quality content and writing content within a niche you enjoy writing about as it will lead to much higher reader retention.

7.    Obtain high rankings in Google

Through improving your keyword research skills  and choice of keywords you will find that you can gain high rankings within Google.  I have a lots of #1 rankings for my articles and some of them have now been #1 in Google for over 6 months.  My success is due entirely what I have learnt from taking part in the challenge and continually improving my skills.

8.    Establish your expertise as a niche writer – You may in the future want to outsource some of your  article writing, but by taking part in the challenge you will understand what goes into writing regularly and successfully and it helps to establish your expertise in a single niche or several niche areas.

9.    Boost your confidence

I defy anyone not to feel more confident about article writing by taking part in a challenge.  At the end of 30 days some people manage to write far more than 30 articles and others like myself fall short of the target.  Did I get despondent?  Not at all.  The second time I tried the challenge I far exceeded the target because of what I had learnt the first time round.

10.    Increase your knowledge

I don’t know about you, but I believe in lifelong learning.  The great thing about taking part in a 30 in 30 challenge is that you learn so much not just about the art and discipline of writing articles on a regular basis but lots of additional information and networking with other Street Articles authors.

30 articles in 30 days.

Believe me the benefits of taking part far outweigh any doubts you may have about your writing skills.  Are you up for the challenge?

You can join the FREE challenge here!

Good luck!

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A Self Centered New Year? We Are Changing Things Up!

Each and every year, most people throughout the world sit down and create a list of one or more New Year’s Resolutions for themselves.Self Centered New Year? We Are Going to Change Things Up

This is a logical approach. This is what we have been told to do and over the years we have just grown accustomed to think of a New Year as a reason to set new goals.

There is a major problem with this and we think it is a systemic issue in our society. Sure some of us need to shed a few pounds, earn a bit more money, quit smoking, or make more time for themselves, but these are all SELF CENTERED GOALS.

And these are perfectly OK, however they are not “world changing” like something we are going to be sharing with you could be…

Does you losing 15 pounds or does you getting a better job have a positive impact on anyone but you? Perhaps. Maybe we should rephrase this.

Are your resolutions this year going to POSITIVELY impact the life of someone that you DO NOT know?

If your answer is no, then we want you to at least consider our new way of addressing a New Year. You don’t have to take action on it, but at the very least, can you please spend a second and read what we have to say?

Thanks for your time…we genuinely appreciate it.

The WE New Years Resolution

This year we are going to be doing something completely different. Instead of my usual “ME” goals that are typically self centered, and based around self improvement, we are going to be moving my goals to “WE”, meaning others.

Our goal this year instead of changing something that we are doing, we want to have a positive impact on a few people’s lives that we don’t even know.

Someone that has no idea we may cross their path now, but they will be better off because of the relationship.

We want to change at minimum one person’s life for the better!

Helping someone else this year instead of helping yourself could be instrumental in changing the world in a positive way.

We are living in a world of constant war, economic pressures, negative news, and an abundance of other negative “stuff”, that the positives are overlooked. In fact, people tend to do less “positive” because they feel that as a single person, they cannot make a difference.

Collectively we believe WE (including you) can though!

If you could simply help one or two people in a positive way each and every day or even throughout the year, think of the viral effect of this.

People that get helped in a selfless way (without incentive), tend to be in a better mood. They tend to pay their help forward. It becomes viral in a sense.

It is similar to the coined phrase “paying it forward”, however it starts with helping someone that is in need. It means helping change someones life for the better.

We could all in some degree benefit from change, but what if we helped each other achieve this change. Sometimes it is much harder to change yourself, whereas others can have a changeful impact on your life with relative ease.

We know this is ambitious for me to collectively think that this could change the world, but even if we are the only ones that takes part in this, then we know it has made an impact.

So here it is, our New Years Resolution is about OTHER PEOPLE this year. We think that going forward we are going to do this and we think you should consider doing it as well.

Our “WE” New Years Resolutions

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #1: Sponsor at least one local child that is suffering or lacks some of the basic necessities (food, clothing, gifts)

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #2: Sponsor at least one person in poorer countries who do not have the resources to get their own food, shelter or health care

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #3: Continue pushing the existing community to help 10,000’s (hopefully 100’000’s) get an education in the Internet, to better their lives from a knowledge, financial, and long term perspective.

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #4: Have a positive influence on people’s lives on a daily basis. A positive attitude is contagious in the same way the a negative one can be negative. I am going to challenge negative people with kindness, regardless of the situation.

The part that is exciting about this, is that two worlds are going to connect.

The Impact This Could Have…Imagine…

This can and will become viral if you get involved and get those involved around you. Here is a breakdown the impact that you could have…

If 1,000 people have a positive impact on improving someones lives, these 1,000 people that benefit from this may go on to impact another 1,000…which in turn could equate to 1,000,000 people over time.

Could you imagine if 1,000,000 people went out of their way to have a positive impact on 1,000,000 other people’s lives.

Could you imagine if every single person in a country went out of their way to help ONE person in one way or another.

Could you imagine if this was just something that we did naturally within the world. What an unbelievable place this would be to live, to grow up, to raise families and to co-exist with others.

We are going to hold myself accountable!

We are going to hold myself accountable to achieving what I said I am going to achieve and I will be reporting back on all of it later on in 2012. I would love for you to take part and do the same.

We are also not going to flinch at the idea of having to use my own money if need be. There are tax incentives to donating money, but sometimes this forces us to donate to charities that are loaded with administrative entities that suck up a good deal of your donation. We are going to go to ground ZERO if we have to and deliver my help to the person, not the organization.

We are going to make sure if it takes money (it doesn’t necessarily need to), that it is not going to some big corporation, rather the actual person that needs it. The resources and the benefit go much further this way.

Self Improvement, My Thoughts…

Self improvement is something that you should always be doing and should not be waiting until January to do anyways. If you are overweight, don’t pack your face until the New Year. Make a change now. If you don’t like your job and you need to make a change, do it NOW. Don’t wait.

If you need to quit a bad habit, improve a skill, become more educated, or focus more of your time on your family, DO IT NOW. Don’t wait for some silly date on the calendar to make this change, that seems ridiculous.

We are hoping that you take part in this and if you are willing, please leave a comment on “How you plan on helping others out this year”. Let’s make this the year of the “WE”, not “ME”.

We also hope you can help me spread the word here. If you know of anyone that may be interested in helping others, can you please share this (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blog, Email). The more people that take action on this, the better place this world will be for all of us.

Let’s make this world a better place, one person at a time!

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Kyle & Carson
Founders of  Wealthy Affiliate

PS. We also hope we can positively change your life this year in one form or another.  All the best in 2012!

Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is this community all about?

I know this is not the typical approach of a review, but who said that “typical” is the right way to do things.Wealthy Affiliate Review - Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

I know there are a lot of people out there with a lot to say about WA, positive and negative and I wanted to invite everyone here to help create the most elaborate Wealthy Affiliate review on the net.

I am Kyle and I am the co-owner of WealthyAffiliate.com.

It may seem strange that Carson and I are approaching a review of something we own, but we think that this would be the most powerful way to deliver our thoughts on our services, what we like about Wealthy Affiliate, what we know we need to improve upon at WA, and where we are headed with the Wealthy Affiliate community.

And of course, your AWESOME feedback will definitely help this review out, so please be sure to leave your comments if you are an active member of the community or have been an active member of WA at some point in the past.  It will also give you (if you are a non-member) insight into what you can expect and what type of people are members at Wealthy Affiliate.

OK, cool, without any further jabber, here it goes…

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Mean to Us

Most people don’t know this because they do not have an idea of our vision and as an outsider, it may appear that Wealthy Affiliate is just another one of those “make money products”. However, it is far more than that.

Wealthy Affiliate has been a full time investment, passion, and has driven us to help 10,000’s of people since 2005, when the community started as a simple keyword tool site. Since then, we have allowed it to evolve in a flexible manner based on what our “members” want from us.

Believe it or not, many of the decisions along the way have lost us a good deal of revenue in the name of providing more value to the end user. Yes, we do treat WA like a business, but our considerations for improving our service, providing new tools, resources, technologies and training are driven by what will make the community better, not what will make us MORE MONEY.

We don’t do product launches. We don’t promote other people’s junk. And we don’t make crazy claims. Wealthy Affiliate is the only community that we believe in and are passionate about, why would we promote something else.

I am always connected to the community, in fact…you can find me and Carson hooked into WA from your nearest Starbucks on our coffee breaks.

Wealthy Affiliate @ Starbucks
Wealthy Affiliate meets Starbucks

How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You

Wealthy Affiliate is training. WE are tools. We are services. We are support.

But more than that, Wealthy Affiliate is a community. It is like any other educational platform, you go to school, you have friends to hang out with, you have your teachers that can provide you with lectures, you have labs (tests) that you can do (taking action on what you learn), and if you ever get stuck, there will be MANY people there to give you a hand.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is not a product, rather an open community, it evolves with the times. When something changes in Google or when a new shift in the way we do online business happens, you will know about it. We will invite you to discussions to talk about it. And we will create tools and training to help you with it.

People ask “Can Wealthy Afffiliate Help me succeed online?”.

My answer. YES. That is why we created it and that is why we have maintained the longest standing and most successful service within the Internet Marketing niche.

We teach you techniques that work now. Other people regularly share techniques that work for them. We have close to 1,000 total resources, so we cannot say we teach ONE thing, because we teach 100’s of different techniques you can utilize to earn money online.

Where Wealthy Affiliate Lacks

We believe there are always going to be areas that we lack, but that is exciting to us. We would only be lying to ourselves if we said that we were the best at everything or that we “know” everything. We simply cannot.

What we do do however, is when we realize a weakness or someone brings it to our attention, we actively work to improve upon it. We have the resources and the technical knowledge to do just about anything when it comes to making the WA community better, and we are always working on new developments in the background to make Wealthy Affiliate a better place.

One recent example is Instant help. People were complaining because sometimes there was a delay in getting responses via the forum or through Private Messaging (we respond to every single question we are sent within WA and have done so since 2005!).

That led us to develop our WA Chat system, an instant way for people to communicate within WA. Now people can log into the Wealthy Affiliate members area for their first time and watch conversations going on, join in on conversations, and most important, get answers to their questions RIGHT AWAY!

In 2012 we are going to be improving on some more of our weaknesses. One is instant notification of new techniques and training, keeping our resources updated to the minute, and improving the social interaction within Wealthy Affiliate. Oh ya, and improving the speed, tools, and existing services that are already included in Wealthy Affiliate. It is going to be a busy but exciting year for all members!

Is it Really a Full Support Community?

This is something that people don’t understand that I want to clarify.

Carson and I are ACTIVE within Wealthy Affiliate every single day. I am writing this over the Christmas Holidays after spending the first 3 hours of

Active Within Chat
Me chatting at WA throughout the day! :)

my day communicating within WA Chat, responding to Private Messages, adding a blog post within WA, and commenting on some new training that was just created.

Over the years we have written “millions of words” in support and helped people that never thought success was possible to achieve success online. Ultimately, we are there to facilitate your learning and to share our experiences with you.

What we don’t do is DO the work for you. People that succeed online are those that are DOERS…people that take action. And when they get stuck, they ask questions. That is where the community at WA can come in and help.

There is also incentive to partake in the community. In 2012 you can earn an opportunity to meet Carson and myself in Las Vegas, paid by us simply by partaking in the community experience, sharing your experiences, and helping others out in the same way they help you.

Wealthy Affiliate is going to continue to evolve into a far more social animal, a community that spurs ideas, activity, and leads to greater collective successes!

The Technical Engine Behind Wealthy Affiliate

The technology driving the Wealthy Affiliate community is a very sophisticated and powerful engine…something that has been 6 years in ongoing development. With a vast programming team improving on our services and rolling out new updates almost daily, our services, tools and overall technology at WA are only going to continue to get better.

Here are some of the things that we offer all members NOW:

State of the Art Web hosting - State of the art architecture and redundancy. Our hosting runs live back-ups with full redundancy. It runs on the fastest servers available and we limit the number of domains that go on our servers to 20% of that of regular web hosts, allowing for quicker website loading times and greater efficiency.

3 Step Website Installation - Building a website is NECESSARY, but very easy using WP Express within WA. Literally 3 steps and less than 5 minutes of your time you can install a website. Platinum members get unlimited installs, some people run their entire local marketing business using WA hosting and manage 30+ client websites within WA.

Tools for interacting efficiently and building a following - We have a variety of systems within WA that allow you to create and build relationships with fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate, many of which are currently operating million dollar online businesses in many different facets.

Training infrastructure, delivering YOU what you are looking for - Our open source training model allows people to create resources as they see fit, interact within the training, and to comment on training inadequacies. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is diverse and covers a wide range of topics, but of utmost importance, it is current.

Leveraging research tools to increase your reach - We continue to build onto existing research and keyword tools within Wealthy Affiliate, improving their practicality for the “new age” of the Internet. This includes understanding Google competition, understanding social metrics, and being able to decipher other web pages in an efficient way.

I could spend another 5,000 words explaining systems that are within WA, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. I just want to say that if you can dream of it and you can request it, we can provide it and WE WILL provide it.   Here is a quick snapshot of the main menu within WA as a quick example..

Resources, Services, Community, Training at Wealthy Affiliate
We offer a lot, in fact 6+ years in the making!


WA is never stagnant and every year we roll out no less than 50 updates within the community. This upcoming year is going to be no different.

Your Wealthy Affiliate Review

Carson and I would love for you to provide your feedback, comments and opinions on the WA community. Be honest with your reviews. If we have helped you, let us know. If you see a weakness, let us know. Your review of Wealthy Affiliate means a lot to us!

WA has and will continue to evolve in 2012. It is going to be our most exciting year with the biggest changes yet!

Live Training Discussions with Kyle and Carson

Kyle (& Carson)
Wealthy Affiliate Owners

Extravanganza Bonus Ringing in 2012!

Kaboom…New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package

We are welcoming a brand new year. 2012 is here folks which means some very exciting things.

First off, some exciting things for you. If you join Wealthy Affiliate before January 7th, 2012 at MIDNIGHT we are going to be giving you a fantastic bonus package.

On top of the massive amount of awesomeness you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate, we are also going to be giving you access to our New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package.

Here is what you get in the New Years Extravaganza 2012 Bonus…

(1) Traffic Explosion 3.0. This is the third iteration of a guide that I created initially about 9 months ago when I landed my initial 10,000 clicks in a few days using a simple “charlie sheen” technique that only took me 15 minutes! It has since evolved to get my article views over 90K, and I have diversified in the 3.0, including some brand new techniques that will work like a “traffic charm” in 2012.

(2) 1,000 Frickin’ Low Competition Keywords.  I hunted high and low for some awesome keywords…and I found A LOT of gems. People try to tell you that there are not many keywords out there left, but I can honestly say I have just brushed the surface. These are keywords that can likely get you rankings in MINUTES in Google and other search engines. These will work unbelievably well with the traffic techniques I give you in Traffic Explosion 3.0.

(3) 500 Keyword Rich Domains - Ever wanted a domain that could get you IMMEDIATE traffic and rankings in Google? It is possible to do with top two and three word .com and .org domains. We have spent a considerable amount of time coming up with 500 of these, high traffic, low competition keyword rich domains. You can buy these and instantly resell them for a profit, you can leverage the traffic you get from them and earn money, or you can put a site up….get it ranked, and flip it for even a higher profit!  Keyword rich domains like this are typically sold for $50+ each!

If you are reading this and you are an existing member of Wealthy Affiliate already, don’t worry, you will get this bonus as well. It will be released within the members area on January 7th!

If you are not a member yet, Sign-up here to make sure you get your very OWN New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package!

OK…let’s talk about 2012 and what it is going to mean to us and what it is going to mean to you…

2012 in Wealthy Affiliate Land

Big things are going to happen, and this is going to be quite apparent in the way WA molds to conform to the new age of Internet. We have many plans in the works for 2012 that is going to allow for brand new innovations, brand new opportunities, greater member networking, and ultimately many more successful members.

Our goals it to HELP people first and foremost. I ranted in one of my most recent posts about GURU’s and the products out there that are teaching misinformation…and believe me, there is a lot of it.

A few things that you NEED to SUCCEED in 2012 are:

(1) A website
(2) An understanding of content
(3) Understanding the concept of sharing
(4) Branding and passion in a niche you LOVE
(5) Transparency

And a community that “cares” on your site. One that offers you all the support you need until you can find success. One that helps build your foundation so you can do whatever you like online and get rewarded for it. One that provides you all the tools you need to create this and all the training you need to understand it. That community is Wealthy Affiliate.

The years of “fun” marketing and building REAL online business are here. The blackhat marketers & the gamers are going to be left in the dust, and those that prevail are those that are passionate about what they are doing and enjoy talking about their business.

Things that you no longer need to care about and should avoid are:

(1) Backlinks
(2) Auto-blogging, auto-submitting, auto-anything for that matter
(3) Using broken old article directories like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase
(4) Spinning Content
(5) Squeeze Pages
(6) Review websites
(7) High Page Rank Websites
(8) Creating your own Clickbank product

Some of those may come as a shock to you, but as I said, there is a TON of misinformation out there.

If you are getting backlinks still, good luck getting rankings in Google. This is likely hurting you more than it is benefiting you. Anything auto or spinning, is unhealthy…and there are a ton of misconceptions about websites, web pages, what to put on them.

New Years Extravaganza 2012 Bonus

Are you ready for success in 2012? I hope so!

Again, If you join WA before January 7th, you are not only going to be joining the top online business community online, you are going to get the New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package!

Before we leave you today, here is a quick update of the upcoming “members online” LIVE video training coming in January:

January 6th, 2012: FREE Traffic Methods – Leveraging the MANY free traffic outlets online

January 13th, 2012: Being a Vendor vs. Affiliate – Which one is for you?

January 20th, 2012: The Business of Local – The Global Local Business

January 27th, 2012: Pimpin’ Out Your Pinterest! – Taking advantage of the latest social community

Enjoy your holidays and Happy New Year!

Kyle (& Carson)
Wealthy Affiliate

Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru

I know this is not my first rant, nor is it going to be my last. There are lots of SCAM products out there, lots of GURU’s that are ready to Top Ten Ways to Tell if You Are a Gurutake your money, and lots of “make money fast” offers.

Want to know why this frustrates Carson and I so much?

It is not that we have to compete with these people for business. It is not because we feel that their products or services are superior. It has nothing to do with the amount of money they make.

The reason is that people ASSUME simply because they have been scammed in the past, that we are a scam. The crooks out there are ruining it for the rest of us that actually want to help people out, help people succeed…

It has to do with the fact that “consumers” become completely JADED from the whole niche. They have been lied to, they have been ripped off, they have been promised things they never received, and they have basically been bent over by an entire slew of GURU’s.

Because of this, I wanted to provide you with a list to give you “tell tale” signs that you may be dealing with a guru. These are characteristics that most gurus have and if you see anything that fits this list, you should be VERY weary. And for those of you out there with make money products, I hope you don’t make it into my Top 10.

Here we go, in David Letterman “fashion”…

Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru!

(10) You brag day in and day out about money or a launch you did 3 years ago…

(9) You launch a clickbank product per year and you use clickbank screen captures from your last product launch to sell your new product.

(8) You are part of a “mastermind”, “joint venture”, or “super millionaire” group.

(7) You promote a new product every week to your list.

(6) You promote a new product every week and you don’t know what it is?

(5) When you consider upselling and downselling your product before you care to think about your CUSTOMER.

(4) You create a “make money” product before you know how to make money.

(3) When the name of your product name or website has “fast”, “project”, “push button”, “cash”, “super”, “millionaire”, “quick”, “instant’, “crusher”, “launch”, “commission”, “system”, or “clickbank” in it.

(2) You claim that a product can help you earn $100,000+ in a month.

(1) When you think you are a GURU.


There are positives for us here though…

When people join WA, they are ecstatic. The realize we are real and we actually care about our members. They feel as though they have finally found something that works and is a save haven from GURU’s.

You have a question for us, you get an answer. We are INSIDE WA every day, chatting with people using our instant chat, building resources, and behind the scenes, building new technologies and services that will only continue to increase what WA offers.

One of the main questions we always get is “why we don’t promote other people’s products like all of the other GURU’s out there?”. My response is simple.

We cannot ethically promote anything out there.

Trust me, if we could find something that was high quality, and was as cost efficient as WA, and provided the same sort of value that we do, we would promote it. Seriously.

However, all of the $1997 products, the $5,000 mentoring packages, and the 10,000’s of $27, $47 and $97 products out there pale in comparison.

Have you been taken by a guru in the past?

If you are a member of WA and you are reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are not a member, I would love to hear about your experiences thus far.

Our goal in 2012 is to make the Internet a safer place!

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. We will be in touch in early Jan. Lots of exciting stuff coming!


Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owner

Co-owner WealthyAffiliate.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kyle.wealthyaffiliate