A Self Centered New Year? We Are Changing Things Up!

Each and every year, most people throughout the world sit down and create a list of one or more New Year’s Resolutions for themselves.Self Centered New Year? We Are Going to Change Things Up

This is a logical approach. This is what we have been told to do and over the years we have just grown accustomed to think of a New Year as a reason to set new goals.

There is a major problem with this and we think it is a systemic issue in our society. Sure some of us need to shed a few pounds, earn a bit more money, quit smoking, or make more time for themselves, but these are all SELF CENTERED GOALS.

And these are perfectly OK, however they are not “world changing” like something we are going to be sharing with you could be…

Does you losing 15 pounds or does you getting a better job have a positive impact on anyone but you? Perhaps. Maybe we should rephrase this.

Are your resolutions this year going to POSITIVELY impact the life of someone that you DO NOT know?

If your answer is no, then we want you to at least consider our new way of addressing a New Year. You don’t have to take action on it, but at the very least, can you please spend a second and read what we have to say?

Thanks for your time…we genuinely appreciate it.

The WE New Years Resolution

This year we are going to be doing something completely different. Instead of my usual “ME” goals that are typically self centered, and based around self improvement, we are going to be moving my goals to “WE”, meaning others.

Our goal this year instead of changing something that we are doing, we want to have a positive impact on a few people’s lives that we don’t even know.

Someone that has no idea we may cross their path now, but they will be better off because of the relationship.

We want to change at minimum one person’s life for the better!

Helping someone else this year instead of helping yourself could be instrumental in changing the world in a positive way.

We are living in a world of constant war, economic pressures, negative news, and an abundance of other negative “stuff”, that the positives are overlooked. In fact, people tend to do less “positive” because they feel that as a single person, they cannot make a difference.

Collectively we believe WE (including you) can though!

If you could simply help one or two people in a positive way each and every day or even throughout the year, think of the viral effect of this.

People that get helped in a selfless way (without incentive), tend to be in a better mood. They tend to pay their help forward. It becomes viral in a sense.

It is similar to the coined phrase “paying it forward”, however it starts with helping someone that is in need. It means helping change someones life for the better.

We could all in some degree benefit from change, but what if we helped each other achieve this change. Sometimes it is much harder to change yourself, whereas others can have a changeful impact on your life with relative ease.

We know this is ambitious for me to collectively think that this could change the world, but even if we are the only ones that takes part in this, then we know it has made an impact.

So here it is, our New Years Resolution is about OTHER PEOPLE this year. We think that going forward we are going to do this and we think you should consider doing it as well.

Our “WE” New Years Resolutions

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #1: Sponsor at least one local child that is suffering or lacks some of the basic necessities (food, clothing, gifts)

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #2: Sponsor at least one person in poorer countries who do not have the resources to get their own food, shelter or health care

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #3: Continue pushing the existing community to help 10,000’s (hopefully 100’000’s) get an education in the Internet, to better their lives from a knowledge, financial, and long term perspective.

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #4: Have a positive influence on people’s lives on a daily basis. A positive attitude is contagious in the same way the a negative one can be negative. I am going to challenge negative people with kindness, regardless of the situation.

The part that is exciting about this, is that two worlds are going to connect.

The Impact This Could Have…Imagine…

This can and will become viral if you get involved and get those involved around you. Here is a breakdown the impact that you could have…

If 1,000 people have a positive impact on improving someones lives, these 1,000 people that benefit from this may go on to impact another 1,000…which in turn could equate to 1,000,000 people over time.

Could you imagine if 1,000,000 people went out of their way to have a positive impact on 1,000,000 other people’s lives.

Could you imagine if every single person in a country went out of their way to help ONE person in one way or another.

Could you imagine if this was just something that we did naturally within the world. What an unbelievable place this would be to live, to grow up, to raise families and to co-exist with others.

We are going to hold myself accountable!

We are going to hold myself accountable to achieving what I said I am going to achieve and I will be reporting back on all of it later on in 2012. I would love for you to take part and do the same.

We are also not going to flinch at the idea of having to use my own money if need be. There are tax incentives to donating money, but sometimes this forces us to donate to charities that are loaded with administrative entities that suck up a good deal of your donation. We are going to go to ground ZERO if we have to and deliver my help to the person, not the organization.

We are going to make sure if it takes money (it doesn’t necessarily need to), that it is not going to some big corporation, rather the actual person that needs it. The resources and the benefit go much further this way.

Self Improvement, My Thoughts…

Self improvement is something that you should always be doing and should not be waiting until January to do anyways. If you are overweight, don’t pack your face until the New Year. Make a change now. If you don’t like your job and you need to make a change, do it NOW. Don’t wait.

If you need to quit a bad habit, improve a skill, become more educated, or focus more of your time on your family, DO IT NOW. Don’t wait for some silly date on the calendar to make this change, that seems ridiculous.

We are hoping that you take part in this and if you are willing, please leave a comment on “How you plan on helping others out this year”. Let’s make this the year of the “WE”, not “ME”.

We also hope you can help me spread the word here. If you know of anyone that may be interested in helping others, can you please share this (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blog, Email). The more people that take action on this, the better place this world will be for all of us.

Let’s make this world a better place, one person at a time!

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Kyle & Carson
Founders of  Wealthy Affiliate

PS. We also hope we can positively change your life this year in one form or another.  All the best in 2012!

12 thoughts on “A Self Centered New Year? We Are Changing Things Up!”

  1. Over 2011 I managed to help hundreds of people survive emphysema and COPD. Effective alternative treatments are available on my web site and are detailed in my book, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema.”

    This year’s goal is helping 100,000 people suffering with this disease survive! I am working hard to network this idea and the word is getting out there. 100K is a giant undertaking but I believe God is with me on this so I believe the battle is already won!

  2. Thanks for the word of encouragement. I am planning to join WA at the beginning of next month, when am planning to start a news blog and I would like to get a real time experience by joining to get it right at first.

    I have this question:

    I would like to know if it will be ok to supplement original news content on my news site with news from other news media. I will not edit the content from the third parties nor assume responsibility for stories provided, and the news media will retain copyright of their materials. The aim is to get fresh news from areas that I would not be able to make a news reporting from and augment my news coverage.

    1. Will that appraoch be termed a duplicate content, considering the Google rules ?

    2. Do you think I would be able to achive it with rss? Any idea on how I can do this?


  3. I am proud to anounce that WE at W.A. are going to donate 20%of our earnings to the poor. Yes we said20% to the poor of the world, I know it hurts US a little and it is a tall goal, But WE CAN DO IT. I KNOW WE CAN! OH YEAH! WE CAN. THANKYOU VERY MUCH! TRAKFAST98

  4. This concept is worthy of everyone, but there is a problem with people’s time management. Most people have no idea what time it is.

    I see so many people who are late to work because they expect every trip to work to be smooth and without interruption. Yet, they do not take into consideration the weather (snow, rain, sunny), traffic conditions (why listen to traffic reports, don’t they know who “I” am) and/or just getting ready to leave (do I have money, lunch, papers, kids to school, etc.)

    The resolution to become more considerate and courteous would affect the world in a very positive way. I do not want people to “know who I am”.

  5. It is a great initiative of yours. I truly appreciate it.

    This action results from a process of personal growth in which we
    1) experience the challenges in life
    2) become humble
    3) learn to appreciate own blessings
    4) enjoy spreading the blessings to others.
    Giving and receiving is to maintain the flow. And flow supports life, life of joy and fulfillment. There is no giver without receiver, so we need to practice both: appreciate what we get and bless the others with our gifts.

    As for myself I will continue what I’ve been doing: 1) supporting financially a few people in my circle and 2) offering coaching and advice to people in need that cross my path. These two actions have already made a big difference for a number of people. I want to continue that.

  6. Thanks Kyle & Carson for bringing this to the forefront. I use to deliberately setup to bless someone who was less fortunate than myself. So how, I got away from doing this. I really gave me a ‘real’ feel good moment.

    I’ve noticed that I need more of those kinds of moments in my life, therefore, I will join you in “Let’s make this the year of the “WE”, not “ME”. And, at the end of this year 2012 I’ll report back just how I was able to help someone else along the way.

  7. Great article Kyle.

    This really gives one a true perspective of what “We” can do to improve this world.

    Thanks for this article and the inspiration.

    Michael Breskin

  8. This article is awesome, I want to share a little story here.

    Three years ago my wife and I started a small Christmas outreach program for the poor children in the Philippines where we live. We give Christmas to some children who would never get a Christmas otherwise. At first we were so happy and proud of ourselves for doing something.

    After awhile it started to bother us that we are only helping these kids once per year, I even felt guilty that I was so pleased with myself for thinking that what we did was enough.

    Most people don’t know this but my wife and I decided shortly after the first time we did this that we would figure out a way to bring help to these kids and to their families. Help is a broad term so let me explain what we have talked about.

    We decided that we will start a full time outreach program but that just feeding someone was not enough. We have to figure out a way to help these people help themselves. People who are deserving of a helping hand don’t want a guilt driven hand out.

    They want and they need a means of supporting themselves. What’s the saying? give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, Teach that man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    Our goal is to teach people how to fish. I believe that this method keeps you from wasting your money on people who just want a hand out, I for one would rather give this money to people who will do something with it.

    Life is hard in this country for many people, the crazy thing is that most of these people want to do something but they are just very limited.

    The minimum wage here is something like $3 U.S. a day and they work 12 hour days 6 days a week. I mean these guys really work, I mean believe it or not my employees came to me about 2 weeks ago asking if they could work on Sundays to earn more money.

    I mean I about fell over lol, who asked to work more?

    Something else that I wish people knew about here is that unlike many more developed countries they don’t seem to have any truancy laws or at least no enforcement here because if the parents can’t afford the child’s books, the child does not get to go to school.

    Making changes that impact the world is not some new years resolution to us, it’s a matter of looking into your heart and realizing that you have a moral obligation to do more. We don’t just talk about it we live it every single day. We are our brothers keeper

    We have never taken any of the money that is donated to us to do our outreach program, and we never will, in fact we take a lot of our own money to do this…if you get right down to it it is mostly our own money that funds this.

    We do what we can to help and the real blessing to us in doing this is not that we get to feel good about ourselves but it’s really changed the way I treat people on a daily basis

    I may not be the most knowledgeable person inside Wealthy Affiliate but I will always take time to help someone even if it means I have to give up time that I could be working on my own website, now I do this because that’s the choice I made. I don’t expect anything in return, I get an amazing amount of help and support in return but I would do it anyway.

    Great article, I am on board with you 100%. Yes I want to change the world before I die. All we have in this life is our legacy, I intend to leave one that will inspire others to do great things.

  9. That is an awesome approach Jamie. Good vibes as you say are contagious, more than we probably think. Being negative is also contagious and sometimes it is very easy for everyone to get caught up in negativity if that is all they here. Thanks for doing what you do and keep hitting the “streets” with your efforts. Wishing you a successful 2012!

  10. Great minds think alike once again brother Kyle. I make it a point to bless at least 3 people each day directly. I don’t throw my valuable time/$$ at the United Way or any of those other organizations that have such out of balance overhead expenses and executive compensation. I hit the streets and also bless people worldwide online daily. I personally don’t partake in New Year’s resolutions. I am constantly improving myself and the world each day. Nothing can compete with good vibes and hard work combined with the power of UNITY.

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