An “Inside” Look at Black Friday – Wealthy Affiliate Style!

In case for some crazy, estranged reason you needed more incentive to join Wealthy Affiliate for $1, for an entire month, then I am going to let you in on a few closely guarded secrets.Black Friday @ WA - An Inside Look

And I am typically not very good at leaking secrets, but in this case, I happily will.

So you know exactly what you are getting yourself into right?

If you have taken a look at our site, you will know we offer all members…from the training, the tools, the services, to the support…I could go on and on.

BUT we haven’t detailed exactly what is coming up. That is why I wanted to touch base with you today and let you know EXACTLY what you have to look forward to when parting with your hard earned $1 dollar.

Unbelievable Live Video Training w/ Full Q & A Sessions!

Live Video Training - Wealthy Affiliate

LIVE @ WA on November 24th Video
Topic: Everything Google +, Business pages, and Authorship

Google +.  Is it a waste or should you be taking advantage of it.  If you don’t have at least one foot in the water, you may be missing out on driving more business, more traffic, and building your brand even further. This live video training will be targeting….

LIVE @ WA on November 28th, 2011
Topic: A COMPLETE Walk through of Wealthy Affiliate

This is a special training module specifically dedicate to the Black Friday Folks! WA is BIG, POWERFUL and a VASTLY AWESOME place.  We want to simplify the system for you, show you where you find all the training you need, where to start, where to go, how to get help, and how to leverage all of the components of Wealthy Affiliate to your maximum benefit.  You are not going to want to miss this one. :)

LIVE @ WA on December 2nd, 2011
Topic: The New World of Backlinks, 2012 Style

Backlinks are useless.  If you are using backlink services, you are wasting your time.  If you are paying for backlinks in any shape or form, you are wasting your money.  There are only a few quality ways to get backlinks left and they are likely not what you think they are.  Article spinning, backlink membership sites, backlink services, auto comment submitting, and pinging are ALL outdated techniques that can adversely affect your Google rankings.  Be here for this live training!

LIVE @ WA on December 9th, 2011
Topic: Create your own damn brand!

Fumble around the Internet for another minute without considering your brand and you are wasting a lot of potential.  Your brand is important.  Not just your business brand, but your personal brand.  We want to show you exactly how you can set up your online business for branding success..from start to finish.

LIVE @ WA on December 16th, 2011
Topic: Social Local

I’m local. Your local. We all contribute to social local.  There is a huge business in building local businesses social profiles.  There is also a huge business in marketing yourself through social channels to reach a local audience.  If you are a local marketing expert or you want to learn about the social local opportunity, chime in for this one.

LIVE @ WA on December 22nd, 2011
Topic: Getting Graphic with it

Graphics, text, font, and overall site appeal can make the all the difference in the world.  We are going to show you how you can quickly create your own graphics, where to find quality graphics, which colors work best and way, and provide you with some cool worksheets you can follow when you creating your websites and blogs!

LIVE @ WA on December 30, 2011
SECRET (I can’t tell you this)

LIVE @ WA on Jan 6th, 2011
Topic: Another SECRET (I also cannot tell you about this one)

Live Chat Discussions With Kyle & Carson

Live Training Discussions with Kyle and Carson

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
Topic: Hidden gems within WA

WA is vast and many people overlook much of the system they can really benefit from.  Many people don’t know about many of the aspects within WA that you can harness to earn far more money than you can imagine.  This discussion is going to be awesome and going to really show you how incredibly valuable WA is to your Internet Marketing LIFE!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
Topic: The Future of Social

Social is here and social is here to stay.  A few years from now we are not going to be referring to social with a name, it will be LIFE.  There are many facets of social marketing that are quickly changing and we want to point you in the direction of what works now…and have an open discussion on what Social holds in the future!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
Topic: OUR SECRET to 10 Years of online success

You will not want to miss this one! There is a lot that people don’t know about Carson and I and I truly believe there is a lot you can learn from us.  We are going to reveal why WE think we have been able to succeed for a sustained period of time in this completely open discussion.  Ask us what you want, find out what we have learned about failure, and what ultimately has lead us to years of success and the creation of SEVERAL multi-million dollar businesses.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011
Topic: Content, content, content (how to get it ranked)

Most people are doing content wrong.  This likely includes you. If you are still writing for keywords, backlinks, and trying to appeal to Google, then you have it all WRONG.  In this discussion we are going to rip apart Google Panda, the changes that have taken place in the past year, and give you a working “content business model” that will work for YEARS to come.  Panda approved!

Do you have to pay extra for these LIVE video training sessions @ WA, or the personal and interactive live discussions with Carson and I?


These are included as part of your $1.  Man, I have never seen a dollar go so far in my life.  Have you?

Remember, no obligations to stay at WA.  If we suck, tell us!  If we are awesome, stick around.  Nothin’ more to it.

So here we are.  You with $1 in your hand (likely in your Paypal account or on your credit card)…and us guys here at WA.  We have parted with what I think is $1,000’s in real, tangible value in exchange for your one dollar.

A spectacular deal and one that you will NEVER see again.

Black Friday $1, One Month Trial - Wealthy Affiliate

We are offering something GOOD…feel free to share the GOODNESS!

Also, I know many of you that have friends, family, people you like, and maybe even people you don’t like that would be interested in taking part in this offer.  You can share this in many ways:

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  • Tell someone about it (yes, there is communication outside of computers)
  • Send it out at work, just make sure your bosses don’t come down on you.  I am not responsible for you getting fired.
  • Or just keep it to yourself, completely up to you :)

Again, this offer may seem to good to be true.  It is real and it is the LAST time we will be running this.  Access for an entire month to the #1 Ranked Internet Marketing Training/Tools/Service/Support for $1. Unheard of really.

Our goal in the upcoming month is to help you realize your potential, help you to start and grow a business, and prepare you for the year ahead in Internet marketing.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owner

Co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate

PS.  If you have any comments, questions or just want to say what’s up, leave your comments below. ;)

42 thoughts on “An “Inside” Look at Black Friday – Wealthy Affiliate Style!”

  1. Hi guys, I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate way back in 2008. I was buying lots of stuff trying to hurry up and make a million dollars “by 3:45 next Thursday” LOL! ;)

    It broke my heart (I mean it, it really did hurt!) when I was forced to cancel WA. The only thing that hurt that bad again was when I came back a year or so later and the price had jumped from $39/mo to $97/mo. YIKES! :P

    Never the less, in the mean time I haven’t given up and I’ve managed to build a blog and achieved a Page Rank-3 (I’ve become addicted to SEO stuff)…. And now I have a Local Business SEO Client and so far I’ve got him from page 15 to the lower part of page-1 for “his chosen” key-phrase. YAY! :P

    Said all that to say this:
    I noticed that you guys also have Local Business SEO training?!! Cool! So for $1 I’m In Dudes!!! And if I get another local client, or my income is boosted as a result of WA in 30 days or less, I’m staying in too!! Cool? :)

    Thanks guys, see ya on the inside!

    Gary Anderson II
    aka- @GanderCo

  2. @Ana

    We have the step by step training. A lot has changed and improve within WA in the last couple of years…as the Internet has also change vastly. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are automatically enrolled in 30 Day Success Club, which is a step-by-step task based course that walks you through everything you need to know and gets you up and running with a website, getting traffic, and building a valuable web entity within 30 days! :)

  3. @Bruce

    We are located in PST, but we base all of our webinars and promotions on EST as this has seemed to become the standard. We take time zones into consideration when doing everything and we always offer REPLAYS of everything because we understand that any given time will not work for some people.

  4. Hello,

    I have considered WA several times in the past, yet for whatever reason, just never checked it out. Considering the plethora of individuals trying to persuade me via the inbox, I suppose now, would be an opportune time to give it a shot :) Is the WA calender day based on US eastern time? Thanks in advance, and God bless

  5. Hi Kyle,
    I’ve been a member for a while and recently lost my bearing. :( Can I resubscribe and avail of the $1 offer? Thanks.


  6. I joined WA a few years ago when I was working in Japan and could afford the monthly fee. A total beginner tech-wise, I was completely overwhelmed with all the info. What I along with some others I’ve read here need is a BASIC, STEP-BY-STEP training that takes us from getting ideas for a site, choosing and registering a domain name, building the site including designing, choosing affiliate programs, maintaining the site, learning how to do marketing content, etc., etc.

    This is basic stuff. And I haven’t the faintest idea what to do. I have no idea whatsoever how to use social media. I’m just learning the formatting for Facebook. I’m not sure how they use FB for marketing, I’ve only seen people socialize on it. Terms like Digg it, etc., are foreign to me.

    Basic stuff. Do you teach all this?

    Ok, with that out of the way, I need to make sure the $1 is really just $1 for the first month and that it can be easily cancelled if I’m not learning what I need to learn within the first 30 days (no, I don’t expect to make money the first month, but I’d need to have my first site started and first affiliate programs chosen, etc.).

    I left WA due to financial disaster in which I’m still mired due to severe underemployment. I know now that my own business is the only thing that will save me. I’d need to know I’m learning what I need to learn NOW.

    Thank you,

  7. @Bud

    Travis and Jennifer are great people! Glad you are going to take advantage of the offer and I look forward to meeting you today!

  8. @stanley

    This really depends on the person, some people are able to find success within the first month whereas others it can take a bit longer. This is usually the result of the hard work and persistence that someone puts into it. We teach people how to create businesses online, we will never claim that there is a push button system that can earn you $1,000’s per month. The companies that sell this idea are scams. We do teach you how to earn $1,000’s per month, but this will take effort on you part. Ex. I earned $70 gross (not profit) the first month, I think I did not net any money, but I spent hours on it. By month 6 this was up to $10,000/mth…because I stayed dedicated to it.

  9. Hey Guys,
    Just thought I’d drop a line to let you know how great your offer sounds. I am sending my dollar today. Thanks also to Travis Sago and Jennifer Ledbetter (Pot Pie Girl) for keeping me interested in WA.

  10. @Amanda

    I have no idea what could have happened here?? That really sucks that this would have happened, but there is a password retrieve right on the login page and you also create your password in the sign-up process. If you do decide to sign-up and ANYTHING like this happens again, you can contact me personally at:

    And let me know. I will give you a hand!

  11. @Tom

    ALL webinars offer a replay and we do switch up the times on them. If for some reason you cannot make one, it it usually available for you to replay (as many times as you like) within an hour or so after the recording.

  12. @kyle
    looking forward to working with you guys in full, hope when i start the 47 dollar program with WA, i will be entitled to step by step training?

  13. The live training sounds great , but I work from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm EST every day but Sunday. Will they be recorded for rebroadcast. Thank You !

  14. The $1 trial is really very attractive. However, I concerned about the previous bad experience (in Aug11) happened again. I joined WA and rejoined on 23Jul under the $2 trial. Then I could not login after a certain period of time (still within the first month). Emails were sent to and from Cara (your support staff) but still could not give me a concrete solution. I tried the re-subscription as told but was not workable. She told me she had passed the case to you for investigation but no response so far. What I felt is that your support staff cannot answer directly to what I asked. I was quite disappointed about your support services. I then cancelled the membership on 23Aug11. With the login problem still unsettled, I doubt it will happen again. That can cause a big impact to me if I have set up all my websites, blog etc via WA.

  15. @Mark

    Yes, we do have 30 day step-by-step training now and we also have instant live chat if you need help and you also have full access to us within WA. If you ever feel overwhelmed or stuck, someone will be there to give you a hand (including me). Hope to see you at WA!

  16. @John

    Our training usually takes place at 8pm est…we do offer replays for all webinars however, so you can view any of the live training sessions afterwards.

  17. This sounds great! It’s too good to pass up. But, I live half way around the world from you. At what time will the training be and will it be recorded for easy access.

  18. Thanks guys! I’ll be taking you up on your offer. i was in a few years ago but found it overwhelming with so much info. I prefer watching videos to reading ( aged eyes-:) and if much of the lessons are on video, I’ll most likely stay in this time. Looking forward to the training and wishing everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving day and folks that don’t, have a Happy and safe day.

  19. Look, the reason why I quit WA almost as soon as I joined it is because I am a complete beginner to this area, and as soon as I joined, I was immediately overwhelmed with considerably more information than I could possibly use.

    I can easily afford a dollar, but I don’t like having my time wasted. I am thinking about trying again because there is some hint of a 30-day step-by-step program geared towards beginners that might address my concerns, but this stuff about four live training videos on subject matters that I’m not familiar with just sounds like more overkill.

    If it isn’t possible for me to come into this program with a completely blank slate and follow some sort of step-by-step system to greater familiarity with affiliate marketing — which also enabled me to filter out everything that I don’t need to know about yet — then it would be a waste of my time to try again, and you would be wasting your time in emailing me about it.

  20. @Ty

    I can assure you that this is not an empty promise, but I can definitely understand where you are coming from (it is hard to know the good from the bad out there)! We look forward to working with you at WA and make your you say hello within a chat when you join! See you Friday…

  21. I have had my eye on this program for about 6 months now and the way I see it the stuff I have already learned from you guys is worth $1 so I will be all over this on Friday, I am excited to get inside and see what kind of damage I can do! I think the main reason I waited this long is because I have heard so many empty promises and payed for so many stupid systems that I could strangle someone but for $1 why not give it a try!

  22. @Huseyn

    This sounds like the story of many people out there. Frustrated by all of the programs and products out there. Which one is legit and can actually help? Our track record speaks for itself, but the Black Friday offer is letting anyone have a sneak peak into WA will give you the opportunity to see what we are all about. We care about our members and continue to improve our offering at Wealthy Affiliate. :) Hope to see you on Friday Huseyn!

  23. I don’t have luck. I paid hundreds of dollars to make money online and i only have made 30 dollars and only here in The Netherlands. Please help me. Success.

  24. Looking forward to learning how to improve my website and also to get traffic to my website. Thanks Kyle and Carson for the opportunity to get affordable help.


  25. Hello Kyle and Carson,
    I am noting all your presentation dates, don’t want to miss any of them. You guys seem so “with it”
    I can’t wait to hear your pearls of wisdom…. saturated with promotional messages coming from every direction, I just delete them. By the same token, I can’t hardly believe I’m reading all the daily mail you send me…you may be the answer to my prayers!

  26. @John

    CPA via PPC, just isn’t happening these days like it used to. This was a cut-throat business model as it was as it was hugely based on volume and slim margins. There are many affiliate programs and companies you can promote if you get denied or rejected by some of the companies. We can help you with all of this within WA…just send me a PM or join the chat.

  27. @Marvin

    You will be able to get access to these chats within the View All Chats. As you know, you can go through past chats and view the dilogue. So YES, you will be able to access these chats if you miss them.

  28. I wanted to know if I miss these live chat talks will I be able to get a copy
    of what was discussed.

  29. I like your WA some. I’ve been in it four years ago and last month I tryed it again. There’s a bunch of information I’ve been through, but I won’t go through that stuff. You or Carson told me that You did NOT think I should Affiliate Market Credit Cards or CPA. Some other Coaches said it is okay and better. Also, I was Declined to get two different Advertisers for the that I was using to go through your 30 WA. I thought I should have got an Advertiser and a website sooner that you were training us. Well, sorry about all these problems. But, maybe I can do better.

  30. I am super excited about this opportunity guys. I am really looking forward to this. Can’t wait til Black Friday, as this will be the only deal I can afford…

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