Black Friday is No Longer the Darkest Day For Internet Marketers!

Black Friday is coming very soon and Carson and I have decided to do something for this MASSIVE Internet event.$1, ONE MONTH Trial

We are doing something crazy!

We are doing something we have never done before.  We are doing it all in the name of “YOU”!

We are giving YOU full access to Wealthy Affiliate for an ENTIRE MONTH for an unbelievable price of ONE BUCK.  This is a 98% discount!

No catches.  No annoying upsells or pitches.  And no limitations to your account access.

And we want you to be PREPARED on the day of the launch.

On Black Friday, November 25th you are going to notice a change on the Wealthy Affiliate order page.  The change is going to be  simple.  You will be able to join WA for $1, for one full month!

This offer is only going to be available for 4 Days!

Black Friday, November 25th  @ 9AM EST – Cyber Monday, November 28th @ 11:59PM EST (mark in your calendar)

It is nearing the holiday season and we are feeling generous. :)

We feel that we offer so much but people are used to being scammed.  Therefore we want you to give you a full access experience to Wealthy Affiliate, no restrictions, full access to support our entire training suite, and all the tools and services.

If you like us, you stick around and pay the low price of tuition of $47..  If you don’t, it was still $1 well invested.

There is a reason why we are still here and every other Internet Marketing community has dissolved.  There is not a single membership site that has been able to survive since 2005 and there is a reason for that.

We care.  We help people.  We continue to innovate.  We continue to evolve.

What is Included for your $1?

Everything at WA.  I could create a huge list here, but it would take up the whole page.  Actually, to make a point of emphasis, I am going to tell you exactly what you are going to get in this upcoming month when you join WA for $1.

  • 4 Live Video Training Sessions
  • 4 Live Chat Sessions (Hosted by Carson and Kyle)
  • 30 day success club, with daily actionable tasks
  • State of the Art Web Hosting (for up to 3 domain installs)
  • 3 WordPress Express website installations, install an awesome looking website in seconds
  • Access to us (Kyle & Carson) personally if you have any questions
  • Over 500 training videos, manuals and resources
  • Our database of over 60 hours of Live Video Training
  • Your own social profile, your own space, and your own WA blog
  • Our famous forum, with 447,168 posts!
  • Ability to create LIVE chats on any topic and join 100’s of active training discussion
  • INSTANT support.  If you need help, there will always be someone there!
  • Acclaimed keyword research and niche finding tool, in fact FIVE of them
  • Article Writing tool, keyword density checker
  • Link cloaking and traffic analysis tools
  • Campaign and task management tracking
  • Network with 1,000’s of other Internet marketers
  • Hot Affiliate Program finder, find the trending affiliate programs
  • Facebook and Twitter revenue generation system (click a button, earn money…really!)
  • WA Jobs, outsource your work or get paid to do jobs right within WA.
  • and this is just the start…

This is ALL included for your $1.  I know, seems unbelievable right?  No jokes, no hidden fees. $1, one month, full access to Wealthy Affiliate!

Why YOU Need to Join

It is $1 for an entire month.  If you don’t like what we offer, there is no obligation to stay.  If you do like what we offer, it will only be $47 per month after this date.  It is our way of giving you a full test drive to our service.  We know we offer a service of value, a community that cares, and a training platform that exceeds anything else available.

We also know what we offer is goes far beyond any service out there, including any University education teaching Internet Marketing for $10,000+ per year!

BE Ready, Don’t Miss Out

Don’t forget these important dates.  Come to Wealthy Affiliate on November 25th, 2011.  You will be able to join WA for $1.  Mark on your calendar, put a stick note on your computer, or put this date in your phone.  If you have ever wanted to start an Internet business, scale your existing business, or attract new affiliates to your business, then Wealthy Affiliate will be the only place you will ever need.

Again, this offer is only good from:

Black Friday, November 25th @ 9AM EST ⇒ Cyber Monday, November 28th @ 11:59PM EST

If we put an opportunity for success right in front of you, would you grab at it?  WA for $1, ONE FULL MONTH…this is your time to shine! :)



Wealthy Affiliate Co-owner

PS. Feel free to share this post with anyone that you may know that is interested in online business or making more money..  Also, if you have any comments of feedback, please post them below.

98 thoughts on “Black Friday is No Longer the Darkest Day For Internet Marketers!”

  1. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate University student and have had some nice success. I am currently working toward killing my daytime JOB to do what I love to do, online marketing. With all the tools and vast amount of information available to you is priceless. If you get stuck on something, just ask and the help is there ;)

  2. I want to thank Jimmy Wrex. I had just been ripped off by another affiliate marketing co. Then found Jimmy! He has a great attitude and his website lead me to WA. Signing up today!

  3. Is the offer only for new subscribers as i went to rejoin take advantage of $1.00 for month and it says reactivate your account at full price$47

  4. @Michael

    Yes, you will be able to learn this. We have step by step training, video training, live training discussions and in terms of support, you have access to live chat (with us and others), private messaging and full access to our forum. You will never feel alone!

  5. @Roni

    You can sign-up for our external program (see the Affiliate Program link within the footer on our homepage), or you can sign-up now for $1 and you will get all your affiliate details within your membership area at WA.

  6. This is awesome and I can’t wait !! but just a question; how do promote this if i haven’t got a promotional ID for WA yet ?


  7. Hi Carson & Kyle.

    Is this for me?
    I am a newbie to this game and I am not sure
    that I will be able to do your training justice!

    What do you think…!!!

  8. I have read all the comments and am wondering if there is any members out there that have been successful using your training. I would really like seeing some comments from successful people to, not just one’s that have joined before and are joining again. Let’s see some comments please. I don’t need details just some reassurance that your program can really help people. Thank you for the information I have reviewed so far and look forward seeing you on the other side. Let’s see some comments please!

  9. For all those who are considering the Black Friday offer, go ahead and get in on this special you will not regret it. I personaly joined in september and have not regreted it yet. I haven’t been able to accomplish a lot because of 4 weeks of hospital and six weeks of illness but I’m ready to get started again. I ‘ve been looking around the net for this type of training for over two years now and had looked at and heard a lot about W A U. So one day I decided to break down about spend the big buck on W A U and I like It . At first you may find the information a bit over whelming but you’ll get use to it real quick and start moving forward. All we have to do is keep our nose to the grind stone(as grampa use say) and we will succeed no doubt in my mind. So just go ahead and get in for a buck, try it out and make some money. If for any reason you don’t care for it you can always bow out after the first month but give it a try for a buck. Ron Townsend W A U

  10. @Thibane

    Yes, all members have full access to our affiliate program. You can definitely promote this offer to other people that you think may be interested. :)

  11. @Patty

    There is no such thing as a secret niche. When it comes to a niche, people typically chase after what they think it profitable which I believe is a big mistake. People should seek out a niche that they enjoy, are interested in, are willing to brand themselves within, and ultimatley they enjoy writing about. We can help you with all of this within WA. Look forward to seeing you on Friday! :)

  12. @Brad

    Like anything that you are learning, it can take some time to sink in. Experts don’t become experts overnight…unfortunately. We are continuing to do our very best to simplify the process of Internet marketing and that is a reason why we have started adding things like “instant chat help” and continue to offer full support to members. If you ever get stuck, someone will always be there to give you a hand. We look forward to having you back at WA!

  13. I used to be with Wealthy Affiliate and I can say from experience, it’s more then worth the monthly fee. I had to stop due to financial problems and needed to save every penny. I was a little confused at first as there is “A LOT” to learn, but lately I have been reviewing all that I learned before on Affiliate Marketing and it all kind of just clicks and makes sense now. I am looking forward to joining up with WA again! Thanks Kyle and Carson for this great oppurtunity!

    For all you hesitant people out there, it’s more then worth it! They are 100% legit and “NO SCAM” I know from first hand experience !.

  14. I’ve been reading about your site from “I’ve Tried That” and I just went on your site through his link for the $1 deal. I would like to at least join this Friday so I can read as much as I can about it. I am interested but very nervous about trying IM. Not so much the money per month but I’m unsure about understanding it all & finding that niche! Any encouragement you can give would be great.


  15. @fiona

    On the comment of being a long standing membership site – I can believe the figures. I was a member of what I thought was the best membership site on the web and then the owner lost interest after years and took every opportunity to remove us – I paid yearly and PayPal missed the payment and my websites and everything else were taken down the same day and my membership site which was my income and my business died as it was based on hosting. I was told it was an error but was never able to rejoin. The site was closed in months. This person is now planning to open a site to teach you how to run membership sites. [ROFLAO] I only left WA as I have been ill for a long time and am still getting over another operation but if you cannot afford 1 x 1 coaching this is the next best thing.

  16. Hi, I was taking a look at a lot of the comments under the Black Friday deal and I just wanted to express my thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate, especially since I see a lot of leery people talking about Wealthy Affiliate despite Kyle and Carson’s extremely generous offer. I started doing Wealthy Affiliate back in April after learning from another program that pretty much only taught me how to use By using Wealthy Affiliate by paying under the $47 option one, I’m very glad that I did because I have learned a ton about how the internet works and it has opened my eyes to everything around me that’s out there today.

    Even if you don’t make your money back by the end of the month for the $47 payment for next month after the $1 deal, you don’t make a sale, or you’re still feeling confused about how everything works, this is when it’s important to not give up hope. You have to keep aiming to make yourself better, keep picking yourself up after making a mistake, learn more and more whenever you can about how internet marketing works, and work hard for what you believe in.

    Nothing is easy starting out, yes it can be confusing with how everything works, but as long as you keep your head up and push forward, you will come out on top with the rest of the 5% of internet marketers who actually succeed. I’ve never met and Kyle and Carson in person, but I have read quite a bit about them and one thing I’m sure of is they really want you too succeed and change your life, like they have already done to people like Marcus Cox, Jennifer L, Ryan M, Steve W, Jimmy W, and Sylviane Nuccio. That is mainly why they are offering people to join for only $1.

  17. @Michael

    When you join, we are going to put you through a 30 day action plan course…you can work at it at your own pace if you like, but it essentially walks you through a proven process to get a business up and running online. We also have LIVE chat if you ever need help and you will also have full access to Carson and myself if you have any questions. Also note that there are six upcoming LIVE video webinars on various topics in the next month, and Carson and I are personally hosting 4 Live Chat sessions, all included for the $1. Check our latest blog post if you want to see what this is all about:

  18. I tried this a while back but after just a few weeks I became so overwhelmed with all the reading, and the countless links within links within links. I’m an avid reader, but just couldn’t keep up.
    So, even for the $1 offer I’m reluctant to join again because I don’t want to get caught in that bottomless pit of reading.
    Have you streamlined it, or made it any easier for complete newbies?


  19. @fiona

    By survive I mean continuing to grow, continuing to innovate, continuing to stay with the trends. Just because a site is still online doesn’t mean that is has survived. I am referencing the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is still very active, we still continue to push the envelope with our technology, with our training, and with our services that we offer. And we continue to exceed expectations with our support, creating new offerings and support models all the time. :)

  20. Your site looks interesting but it concerns me when you say “no other membership site has survived since 2005″. I don’t get it – there are tons, and they appear to survive very nicely. Not taking away from your site, but the negativity doesn’t do you justice. I’d rather hear your confidence in what you do and what you accomplish.

  21. @Thibane

    No, you will not be able to learn from 500 resources in one month. I am in my 10th year and I still do not know it all, nor will I ever claim I will. In saying this, to be highly successful online you only need to know of fraction of what is out there. There are lots of opportunities, doing a lot of different things, in a lot of different niches, using different business models. This is what makes the Internet so exciting. :)

  22. I have been wanting to join WA for quite a while now but to be honest I just didn’t have the money. I have know excuse now. I have been telling myself that as soon as I can start making some money on my own, that I would invest in you guys. This is a blessing for me and I can’t wait to get started. Thanx Kyle and Carson. Looking forward to see if WA lives up to all the praise.

  23. @Kenneth

    Yes, we have a step-by-step 30 day program that you are automatically enrolled in when you join. We also have a variety of other training models, including tutorial, courses, video, live chat, live video training, along with one-on-one personal support. We cover it all! :)

    Glad you have decided to take a chance with us (I know you will like what we offer at WA) and make sure you stop by and say hi when you join on Friday!

  24. Hey, i actually was coming to buy into this program and seen the deal coming up for 1 dollar on friday so I am going to wait. I have been considering it for months but I always back out because I joined eprofits and got ripped off their. They give basic details and no good step by step guides. So my question is, do you have any step by step guides or anything like that? I ask because I have been independently researching internet/affiliate marketing for about a year, have seen very little profit though I feel like I know alot I just dont really know where to get started. Thanks and I hope to get a reply from you.

  25. @nearsky

    You will be able to take part in the $1 trial on November 25th (Black Friday) starting at 9am EST. This runs until November 28th (Cyber Monday) at midnight. Hope this clarifies for you.

  26. @Sandra

    No, you cannot purchase the product through your own affiliate link. You will not get credit if your purchase through your own affiliate link. I recommend joining through another affiliate that has helped you with reviews along the way, or to join directly through our website. Thanks.

  27. @Ty

    I can assure you that we are not BS. I can definitely see where you are coming from and where your reluctance to join stems from, I know what is out there and what sort of scams are going on. We are in no way assoicated with any of the guru crap out there…and we have never promoted another program besides WA. There is a reason, nothing out there (I believe) can compete with what we offer…even at $47 or $97. Offline Universities cannot keep current and cannot keep up to an online education. If you were to spend 4 years educating yourself at WA and taking action on what you learn, you would own a very succesful business in 4 years. I can almost guarantee that. Something that converntial cannot offer. Maybe a piece of paper, but likely not a job (in particular in this economy).

    We look forward to having you on board at WA!

  28. I have been receiving emails from WA for a couple of months now and I have been on the edge of trying WA but always backed away because I have been through the BS to many times but now that you are offering it for $1 I am going to squeeze everything I can out of that month! The way I see it is that if I can make $47 in that first month I will put that back into WA, if not I will drop the service and take away what I can from it. That being said I am very hopeful that this will be a great system.

  29. @Jacqui Ann

    Unfortunately there is no such thing as a PUSH BUTTON business. It will require time investment and hard work on your behalf. There are ways to build a business online these days without a website, but it is highly recommended. Big MONEY fast is not something you should be focusing on, it simply won’t work that way. BIG MONEY through hard work and dedication does. You are not going to make a million bucks in your first months, but the potential is endless online if you remained focused on your goals.

  30. @Pat

    The Wealthy Affiliate pages and order page will be updated to reflect the $1 trial on Black Friday! :) You can just send people to the regular page. We offer lifetime cookies, so if they come back at anytime and join, you wil get credit for it.

  31. Hi,

    Just became an affiliate for WA and I am just getting into the affiliate game.

    So my question is: How do I make the $1 offer to people and have them sign up under my affiliate link?

    If I put my affiliate link in the copy it brings them to the regular sign up page.


  32. Hi Carson & Kyle,
    Unemployed and 62 can’t find a job but I am trying to buy a motel with the most protemtial of making it a wonderful place. The guy who is selling is giving me a hard time because I haven’t come up with the money to purchase. Our town needs this, but not only do I need to make big money fast I also need to do this to have money monthly. When ever I sign up for something it always call for a website which I don’t have the money for at the moment and I always feel caught. I have been trying for a few years now and I can’t give up, it has to happen.
    I need money now so I am also looking for a daily paying job.
    Ready to work, need to make money to pay that $47. Thanks for the month and $1.

  33. @Sandra

    No you cannot join under your own link. I suggest joining under another affiliate when you decide to join or directly through our website.

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