Internet Marketing 2011 – Some BOLD Predictions…

2011 is here.  Whew!

What a year 2010 was.  I first want to congratulate you if you made it through 2010 as it was not the easiest of ones online nor was it the “peachiest” of economies.

I know 2010 was a tough year for me personally and I am looking forward to a clean slate in 2011.

Some major shifts have taken place on the Internet and I believe 2011 is going to be one filled with opportunity and exciting times.

Today I want to give you some insight into these opportunities and make some very bold predictions about the state of the Internet, the state of the search engines, and where you can really make some serious money in 2011.

Alight, so here are some very BOLD predictions on my part:

Google has grown up…

What can I say.  Google wiped out a lot of PPC marketers in 2010 and ultimately wiped out a lot of you.  I know for one I had to deal with some major Google set backs, and in some cases for no particular reason.

The problem was that there were certain industries where scams were all too common.  Google was hearing flack from unhappy customers that were falling victims to make money scams, dieting scams, and other erroneous offers online.   They were also acting as the “FTC puppet” which made them set their new testimonial/affiliate guidelines.

Fair enough…these programs shouldn’t be allowed to exist and truly give honest and ethical companies like ours at WA a bad name.  We do think that this was a good thing looking back and there will be a lot of opportunity within Google Adwords in 2011 as they appear to be easing up somewhat on the REAL marketers.

What about the Yahoo Search Marketing/Adcenter Merger?

What has happened to these search engines since?  Well, at first Bing saw an explosion in traffic but unfortunately for them it was short-lived.  Google continues to win the search engine war and is continuing to see their market share increase.

The good thing for us as marketers is that we can set-up campaigns in one spot for a larger traffic base.  Instead of having to have two accounts, we can now have one.  The bad thing is that MSN Adcenter is difficult to use and is not all that user friendly.  They have a lot of work to do!

The traffic within the collaborated network is excellent quality though and should not be overlooked.  If you want to scale a Google Adwords campaign or no longer have an Adwords account, Adcenter is the first place you should look.

Local marketing

The local marketing trend is hot and it is going to continue.  In fact, it is not a trend…it is more of a common reality.  Local businesses are looking more and more to get online and there are some very simply things that you can do within the local marketplace to get website ranked, listed, and earning money from local businesses.

The fact of the matter is most offline business don’t know a lick about online rankings and with a little guidance, a little knowledge sharing, and a bit of perspective that people actually don’t use phonebooks any longer…will allow online marketers to leverage the massive amount of opportunity related to local.

I think we are going to see an explosion in localized services and technology.  Companies like Groupon are going to continue to grow.  Mapping projects, iPhone apps, online payments for local biz, and much more.  Exciting year ahead in the local search market.

Subtle Hint Alert: Local marketing club coming to WA soon!

Mobile sales? A reality?

They are coming.  People have been pushing the idea that people are going to be making mobile purchases for years and this is beginning to come to fruition.  If you are not on the mobile bandwagon yet, you might want to consider at least becoming aware of it.

As a lot of purchases begin to move away from conventional search into app based search, you will start seeing a lot more mobile purchases.  Think iTunes for every corner of every marketplace.   In the next few years, people are going to be doing a lot of the product-based web searching through iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications versus through Google search.

Apps are also going to facilitate sales.  People are going to be buying more and more through Apps versus buying through a web search (the search for a product will be done and bought through an app).

If you haven’t heard of QR Codes yet, get a load of this.  These are codes (like bar codes) that can be read by phones, cameras, and QR scanners.  You can quickly generate and build your QR code online and many new smart phones come installed with readers.

The mobile bandwagon still has lots of room.  Jump on!

Selling websites…

Yes, this is not new but it is a continuing opportunity.  Building up a piece of online real estate and then selling it is a sound business model.  People don’t realize that for the price of a domain and the ease of setting up a website these days they can already be getting great rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Choosing the right domain for this will be critical but there are millions of domains out there up for grabs that are “keyword dense” and can get you targeted search term rankings, lots of traffic, with very little work.

This is also known as site flipping and the market for “buying up” web real estate will remain strong in 2011.  If you are strategic with your domain purchasing, you can acquire some valuable web real estate simply by buying domains.  There are millions of valuable domains out there still up for grabs.

Outsource your force

As the economy continues to blunder along, people are looking to work for a fraction of what they are truly worth.  Many companies out there are also seeking out qualified writers, developers, submitters, commenters, linkers, SEO’ers…you name it.

If you are in a position with some free cash you may want to look into outsourcing some of your more tedious and time consuming operations so you can focus on business growth and scalability.   You need to evaluate what your time is worth by dividing up your tasks and aiming to eliminate ones that can be sourced to someone else.

Really, why pay someone locally to do the exact same job that someone can do for much cheaper through outsourcing.  If you think this is “moving jobs overseas”, think again,  Outsourcing is being done world wide and people that are doing the outsourcing working are also world wide.

Article marketing…

The continuing trend of writing and submitting articles is going to remain strong in 2011.  This is not going anywhere.  The main reason:

The Internet is HUNGRY for quality content.    You have probably heard that content is the king…well that is partly true.  Provide keyword targeted, quality content to Google friend article directories and content submission networks can lead to quick rankings and long term earnings.

One key this year….having a website to go with your article marketing.  Gone are the days of direct linking to affiliate programs.

Writing articles is going to remain a definite path to full time, online income.

Social marketing…

Although we have not been a strong presence at any point within the social marketing world, we do understand how value can be achieved within the social marketing world.  Achieving natural Twitter followers, building your brand on Facebook, or building connections via Linked-in.

What I don’t agree with is utilizing schemes to gain a social presence.  Your following is fake and it really doesn’t carry a lot of REAL value.  It just becomes a number of you treat your following like a number.  Be real, be social, and most of all, don’t fake your way to “numbers” in the social marketing world.  It doesn’t mean a thing if your social circles doesn’t care what you think.

YOU becoming our only priority 2011

We plan to open up some new opportunities for you this year.  We are exploring some new and exciting ventures that we believe are going to have a huge impact on the way people research, the way people work, and the way people ultimately make money online.

Our member success at WA is going to remain a top priority and although this has always been our main focus, we are kicking it up a notch this year.   Last year was a crazy and tough year for many marketers with so many changes and we are going to bridge many of the technical hurdles and many of the misunderstandings and SIMPLIFY success in 2011.

I would like to personally invite you to join us at Wealthy Affiliate for a journey to success in 2011.  We are going to continue over-delivering to our members, providing new services that expedite success, and make your life as a marketer easier.  Any level of marketer welcome!

Wishing you the most successful 2011 possible.  Anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication!

To a prosperous year,

Wealthy Affiliate

PS.  Do you have your own crystal ball?  Care to make any predictions, leave your comments below.   Thanks!

Lucrative Leverage…Become A God (Like Noel)!!

Guest Post By: Cian, A Wealthy Affiliate Memberlucrative leveraging

As I tried to think of a topic to write about, one of my most favourite songs of all-time, The Masterplan, written by Noel Gallagher of Manchester group Oasis, starts playing on one of the music channels. Whilst having nothing to do with online business or internet marketing, it somehow or other strikes a chord with how success can be achieved online.

Because basically you do need a (master) plan to see the results you desire. You can’t, as the ever anonymous “they” say…”wing it”.

And at the core of every Masterplan is the concept of high level leverage, that unquantifiable resource that can can quite literally blow your mind, and increase profits ten fold without you wasting extra hours upon hours in front of a computer screen.

In a nutshell, leverage is that which enables us to get to our goals in the fastest time possible.

More often than not it revolves around the concept of not trying to do everything yourself…and seeing the bigger picture.

All the traffic generation methods like SEO, article marketing, ppc, video marketing, social media etc, are without doubt valid ways of getting relevant visitors to your site, but if you’re doing it all by yourself then you are wasting a LOT of time in the grand scheme of things.

After all, time is our most precious resource and we have to utilize it to the maximum.

For instance…

If you’re an article marketer and are seeing profits…then maybe now is the time to outsource your article writing exploits so you can grow your traffic levels at a faster rate.

Or if you’re a PPC (the most sustainable form of obtaining traffic) marketer, but hate the time it takes to create your landing pages…why don’t not make use of one the plethora of website designers out there so that instead of building one landing page a week you have half a dozen being generated daily for pennies while you chase the top dollar.

And as for SEO, hiring a professional (once due diligence is carried out), is probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made, as it releases you from the sheer mind numbing-ness that it brings.

With a shift of mindset you can start obtaining mass relevant traffic as effortlessly as possible!!

Remember folks, for growth to be attained, we more often that not must go outside our comfort zone.

So what else can we leverage? Here is just a brief sample.

(a) High Paying Affiliate Programs

How about making use of profitable affiliate programs? Instead of breaking our backs to achieve a $20 commission on a clickbank product, what about going about products that reward you as much as possible for your efforts. For instance, one great high paying program is the affiliate program in the jewelry niche, with usual earnings being $210 per sale. In most cases it takes as much effort to secure the sale of a $20 item then it does a $200 one, as price expectations differ in every market you encounter.

(b) People.

Why do everything by yourself when hundreds, if not thousands of people will do it for you as your affiliate? This is the enviable position a product owner can find herself/himself in when being at the top of the food chain. While work does go into support, product management/improvement, development/programming, affiliate management, up-sell/down-sell/continuity implementation, the opportunities are incredible, and if you have an affiliate army behind you, taking care of traffic generation, you can focus on converting that traffic into sales and building your business even further.

Alongside affiliates, you can also broker JV deals with the “big dogs” in your market and network with other knowledgeable folks (the experts).  All this fits in with the aim of slashing learning curves, making more profits and creating GROWTH.

And finally, you can leverage highly qualified individuals that have the skills which you need to succeed. Whether it be product creation, website design, opt-in reports, graphic design, video creation etc, someone else can take care of it, thus removing all barriers that may have stood in your way to success

(c) Profitable Websites.

Any profitable website has a great potential for a lump sum payment. Generally speaking a website can be sold for 10-12 times its monthly revenue, so if you buy an established website, increase its inherent value (ie. employ a few marketing techniques) then you can take advantage of this rule as it were, for a handsome pay day if you so desire.

(d) Autoresponders

Building an email list is a prerequisite these days as it allows you to convert generally at a much higher rate MULTIPLE times. Through building a relationship with subscribers by offering value, support and peerless recommendations you will see your affiliate and/or your own product earnings sky rocket.

So in conclusion, don’t focus on doing everything yourself. Create your plan, offset as much as possible when you can (without reducing quality of output) and you will see results coming in much much quicker. You may have to initially do it all by yourself before you can invest, but remember money is not the only thing you need to get what you want.

Bartering (offering one service in exchange for another) is a way to get what you need to grow without paying. For instance, if you need a website designed, offer instead of cash, to write articles for the designer, or anything that will benefit him/her which is in your realm of capabilities.

So with that being said, start thinking big and


Live Forever,


The Three Fundamental Steps of the Affiliate Marketer

Guest Post by: Sylviane N., a Wealthy Affiliate Member

If you are a reader of this blog this can only mean one of two things. Either you have already started to build your affiliate marketing business or you are thinking about it.3 Steps to Affiliate Marketing

If you are still a the stage where you are wondering if this would be for you or not or if you have just started in the affiliate marketing venture, you need to have knowledge of the steps that you should betaking to go from point A to point B.

From the time you are just starting as a complete newbie to the time that you are becoming an accomplished affiliate marketer.

I know that when I first started to get involved with the online money making venture there were a few things that I wished I would have known.

If I had it would have saved me a great amount of time and money.

With this article I want to share with you the fundamental steps that you should be taking in order to reduce as much as possible any waste of time, money and energy and be productive in order to reap the rewards of affiliate marketing as fast as possible.

By following these simple yet fundamental steps you will be going from point A (being a newbie) to point B (being a successful affiliate marketer).

Step 1 – Making a conscious decision

This might seem to be obvious for some, but making a conscious decision about becoming a professional affiliate marketer is very important. The reason why it’s so important is that if you do not take this seriously enough you will never have the will and persistence needed to make it in this business. You will be more like an observer or an amateur, not taking action. You will never feel strongly enough that you need to take steps and put them into action. And finally you will never convince yourself strongly enough that you can do it, and eventually you will drop out of the all thing in a just a few weeks or few months if you’re lucky.

If you are at that stage right now you need take steps to get fully involved in your affiliate marketing business. You need to take it seriously and make that conscious decision. You need to tell yourself things such as, I want to be able to quit my job. I want to make money online and I will do all it takes to get there. Some people have done this before me and some will after me. If this is to happen in my case it is all up to me. I am the master of all my decisions and I control all the results that I am getting, good or bad.

Two – Deciding where to learn your craft

You won’t find the knowledge you need to have to run your affiliate marketing business in any school or college. However, you will still have to learn the basic steps to be able to pick a product and start promoting it. In some cases you might even have to discover that you can actually do this all together.

I know that I didn’t even know this when I first decided to make a living online. What I mean is that I didn’t even know that I could sell product as an affiliate for free.

At this stage you need to look for a program that will be able to teach you what options you have and how to go about it to be able to build an online internet business. Some of these options are free, and as a newbie you probably will be very happy to know this. I know I would have.

It is crucial that you do find a way to learn about affiliate marketing before making too many mistakes that could cost you. This will protect you from getting ripped off wasting money with gurus promising you that you can make money with a click of the mouse. Once you’ll know what affiliate marketing is all about you’ll know that this is not so. Yes, there is going to be some work involved.

Three – Focusing, learning and taking actions

Once you’ve found your affiliate marketing education program, it is time to focus. I have found out in my few years of experience in this internet online business while helping newcomers, that lack of focus is one of the biggest issues for many.

Focusing on the task ahead and only on that will help you progress more rapidly. If you don’t focus your attention will be divided and you won’t be able to get anywhere specific. When a runner leaves the starting line his focus is on one thing and one thing only, the finishing line. At this point he is not thinking about the next race; if he did he would be sure to lose this one. See where I am coming from here? Focus on the assignment of the day, one assignment one day at the time. Avoid anything that would distract you from your daily goals.

I know learning is not a sweet to the ear kind of word for many people, but there is no better word to explain what you will be doing before you can make money as an affiliate marketer. You are going to have to learn the steps, the techniques and the process that all successful affiliate marketers have learned and applied to be able to get where they are.

Trust me learning is not a bad word; it’s just what the process from going to point A (not knowing) to point B (knowing) is called. Most times you won’t even feel the learning process at all, just like most of us don’t even remember how we learned to read. You will digest this knowledge one day at the time.

Once you know enough, it’s time to take action. This is not the time to be over thinking things and get yourself in an overdrive analytic state which will freeze you into not taking action. All the reading and analyzing will not get you any cash into your affiliate account, but action will. You don’t have to know it all and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You will get better as you go with practice and time.

There you have it. The three steps that I have learned to be fundamental for an affiliate marketer and that you need to know and take if you want to be able to get from where you are now to where you want to be as a marketer. Now, let’s take those steps into action.

Sylviane N.
A Wealthy Affiliate Member

The Affiliate Marketer’s Mindset Shift

Guest Post by: Louise M., a Wealthy Affiliate Member

As an affiliate marketer, measuring your improvements is important, comparing what you learn with what you apply, going through your to-do The Affiliate Marketing Mindsetlist daily… But these objective improvements aren’t everything. They prove you’re on the right path but they unfortunately don’t guarantee success. The way you treat the affiliate marketing “game”, how you position yourself has a real impact on the results you’ll get.

If I had to make a list of the top 5 qualities of the successful affiliate marketer, having the right mindset would definitely come first. No wonder why the big boys in business have strong personalities and inspiring success stories. They have “that little something”.

Experiencing a mindset shift as an affiliate marketer isn’t as abstract as you may think. It’s real, it’s tangible. The mindset doesn’t only define the way you think but also the actions you choose to take.

The bad news is: It’s not given by God, it’s not a super power nor magic and it’s not effortless.

The good news is: It’s a decision! And you can take it now. It’s almost like a shortcut because it puts you on a different level, a higher one. It implies bigger/faster results and more responsibilities too as you’ll become a real entrepreneur first in your mind and then “for real”. But, as Spiderman’s uncle said: “With great power comes great responsibility”. Indeed, failures are part of the ride and you’ll always be the only one to blame.

Exciting, right?

Ok, we can agree that this introduction can be pretty blurry for those of you who don’t have that “success mindset” yet. So I am going to break the mindset shift concept into 3 parts where I will explain what the mindset changes I’m talking about really imply in terms of action. And we know money comes from actions, not wishes.

From acting inside the box to interacting outside of it.

Knowing the steps to take when starting affiliate marketing isn’t the hardest part. There is loads of information out there. Getting a clear picture of how it works and picking a good training program is important. When you start, you’re taught to put each task in different boxes. Sure being organized is important, keeping things simple is essential, but seeing it as a whole can greatly help you. Having a path to follow doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond the path’s limits, twist it a little, bring something more.

When tasks are not connected to each other, they at best only provide the results you’re expecting.  This is cool, but they rarely exceed that expectation. I’ll take backlink creation as an example and blog commenting in particular.

If the tasks you have to do aren’t connected to each other in your mind you may end up doing this:

  • write a trivial blog comment (because you want to create 15 a day and don’t have time to write more than “cool post, thanks for sharing!”)
  • send a preformated link exchange request to 10 bloggers
  • send a preformated guest post request to 10 bloggers.

It’s time-consuming and less effective than if you decide to “care” about such interactions. Indeed such tasks are just interactions with people.
When I started blog commenting, I decided to take it seriously and write very few blog comments per day (4 actually) but write good, relevant, different comments.

Here’s what happened…

After writing a blog comment on a PR4 blog (my blog has no page rank and was brand new), the author of this blog visited mine, commented on it, sent me an email and asked me if he could add a link to my blog on his blog (no real benefit for his blog) and invited me to guest post on his blog anytime. That’s it!

Ok, maybe there’s a bit of luck here but I worked for this and it exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have to ask for link exchange or guest posts, the author of the blog I commented on just asked me! And it didn’t happen just once.

What this illustrates is that this business, just like any business, is made of people and you have to interact with them. Contact people, ask questions, congratulate them. I often contact companies just to say thanks for their competent customer service or something I find great about their business and you have no idea which doors interacting with people online can open. Be curious, open, and dare. It’s always worth it. Your personality, your potential has value in this online business. You can use it and you should.

Also, keep in mind that the people who can teach you the most in this affiliate marketing business actually base their business on helping others. It’s the core of their business, the mean by which they eventually sell things. Observe how they work, question their strategies, interact. This leads us to another important part of the mindset shift which is the relationship with your prospects/subscribers/customers.

From selling to connecting

There’s something very important that many marketers wish they had known earlier in their career. It’s pretty simple but it makes a huge difference and you probably heard about it before…

Stop selling. Best advice ever!
New internet marketers often have the will to sound like big companies, to sell and use the well-known promoting techniques. But affiliate marketing is different, it’s about connection first, especially as we often target micro-niches and always need to find a way to be listened to, to make the visitor stop and stay. This time frame is extremely tight.
It’s challenging for sure but articles that are blatant ads don’t stand a chance. Customers have changed, they want more quality, more honesty, and they hate to be sold something. As Seth Godin says “People don’t buy what they need. They buy what they want.”

They want to have the choice and you need to trust them. I trust my visitors. I know that if they trust me back and believe this or that product can be of any help for them, they will purchase it. They are people, not clicks or stats, and most of all, they are not an abstract mass and shouldn’t be spoken to as if they were just the cog in the wheel of your money machine!

You know by now how important targeting your visitors is. Well, I believe targeting them is about knowing them more, connecting with them. I’m still surprised to see how the online world sometimes loses its offline roots. What I mean is that, in the offline world, you wouldn’t buy a self-help book from a guy who is constantly around you in the sole purpose of selling you this book, telling you that he knows what you need and got the best self-help book on Earth for you but that you need to buy it right now or… you know what I mean.

If I can give an advice here, I would say that each time you’re not sure whether the tone you’re using with your visitors is right, transpose the situation to the offline world. See? Human relationships are not that complicated. Keep your speech simple, honest, don’t say you know what people think or feel if you don’t but talk about you and spread the word about quality products and you’ll eventually sell what you’re promoting.

Connect first. Sales will come. Affiliate marketing can be that simple.

From being a prospect to being a marketer

This I believe is the most important step in this mindset shift. It’s about how you perceive yourself, your marketing efforts, the side you decide to be on. You’re a marketer. You run a business. Ok, this business for now is just a squidoo lens, a couple of articles on several directories and one product you’re affiliated with but it’s what you’ve built so far and it will grow.

“Thinking big” can be pretty abstract for some of you, I can understand that, but it simply means defining your priorities differently and not putting limits to what you can accomplish. Priorities is what differentiate a marketer from a half-way-between-prospect-and-marketer person.

Marketers don’t look at shiny objects, don’t believe in miracles, only in themselves. They don’t Google “how to get rich doing nothing”, they do, they keep doing things. They don’t know everything, they specialize themselves in something and get help for the things they don’t master.

Do internet marketers have a secret? Well, yes. They do. They rarely say it but… they work their butt off! That’s the only secret. They are so convinced about the results they can get that they work, work and work again. With consistency. With a positive mind. With a good philosophy when they fail. They always move forward.

You need to be a marketer before getting any results, not the other way round. Isn’t it logical? You can’t wait until you’re successful to start taking this business seriously, right? You have all the cards in hand. You’re the linchpin.

Now let’s play!

Louise M.
Blog Author: The Purple Choice

What makes a keyword a GOOD keyword?

Guest Post by: Marcus

Back in 2005 when I first started online I couldn’t get this question out of my head. Every which way I turned I was told that learning how to do keyword research was an important part of the whole Internet marketing process, but even though I understood that point in theory…I really didn’t understand what a GOOD keyword was.

I’m not talking about any keyword in particular here…I just couldn’t grasp exactly what it was that made one keyword stand out more than any other – in any niche.

So I set off on a mission to find out if anyone could give me some answers, and along the way I learned plenty of stuff that made things a lot clearer. Things like…

Long tail, relevance, low competition, search volume etc…

They all struck a chord with me and definitely made the process of identifying keywords a lot easier.

I then began to question if that kind of knowledge was really necessary because let’s face it…the way keyword tools are designed nowadays, you only have to push a couple of buttons and within seconds they will spit out 100’s of potential keywords (And then some!)

But do they really help to find GOOD keywords?

Now at the risk of sounding a little cranky, I later discovered that no matter what I learned about the keyword research process…and regardless of how many whistles and bells my keyword tool had on it, I was only uncovering keywords that MAY have potential.

You see, things suddenly became clearer for me when I realized that…

A keyword only becomes a GOOD keyword when you learn how to do something good with it!

But really…just what the heck is a keyword?  Many people overlook the simplicity of it all,  and therefore fail to understand keyword research.

A keyword is simply something that people type into search engines when they are:

(a) looking for information
(b) looking to solve a problem
(c) looking to buy something
(d) bored…and again, they will be looking for info

So thanks to my collection of keyword tools I thought I had become something of an expert at spotting some amazing keyword opportunities, but in reality those weren’t good keywords that I was finding, they were just…well…keywords.

That was when I had my first ‘cart before the horse’ moment (one of many I might add), when I realized that keyword research means absolutely NOTHING if you don’t know what to do with what you find.

I’d already been busy with my hoard of keywords up until that point…ranking high in the search engines with articles on some pretty random keywords, and I regarded this as a pretty big success.

But was I able to MONETIZE them?

Well I won’t say ‘not at all’, but I will say…HARDLY.

All those hours of hard work that I’d put in – pretty much a total waste of time.

Then again, there was a major positive that came out of this whole experience, and for that reason I’m so glad that it happened. My brush with ground zero conversion rates had forced me to learn how to focus on the person behind the keyword and connect with them and their issue, rather than just hitting them with some loosely related content and hoping it would just do.

Let me tell ya…that was when EVERYTHING changed!

And it’s no coincidence that we talk a lot on here and at WA about building relationships with visitors to our websites/promotions (see Eddie and Jennifer’s posts), and it emphasizes the fact that how we use keywords is fundamental to our success online.

All successful marketers know and understand this point…but at the same time, most people struggling online DON’T.

Keywords allow us to open the door of opportunity in any market we choose, via any medium of online promotion. Understanding how to interpret and use them and understanding the person behind the initial keyword search is one of the most important skills that you could ever possess as an Internet marketer.

So if you ever found yourself wasting hour after hour scouring the Internet for those elusive keywords that you can dominate, think back to my early experiences and how I discovered that they didn’t really exist, without my own consideration for “people” behind the search. I promise that when you do, you’ll end up with more good keywords than you can possibly handle :)

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


The “Oyster” Marketing Strategy

Hey everyone,

This is a story I can completely relate to for many reasons.

Believe it or not, I used to work for an aquaculture company during my mid to late teens, with my main duty being “picking oysters”.  Although this was a back breaking job it was one that taught me a lot about work ethics and how to work quickly and efficiently.

I guess in a way it also taught what I don’t want to do for the rest of my life.  You can probably relate to this, and you may even be in a job right now that you are hoping to quit one day.

Anyways, here we are 10 years…and a roller coaster ride of a decade later. I have been able to accomplish success within the Internet marketing world through the same hard work and work ethic…in what some would call in “extraordinary fashion”.

So today I thought it would be COOL if I could combine the two industries and show you the relation between an “oyster” and “how to make money online”.  Although they are VERY different in nature, I was able to find a correlation between the two.

This is what I call the Oyster Marketing Technique

To find the relation between online marketing and the oyster business, you need to understand a few things.  First, there are 4 components to the oyster that correlate to a successful marketing campaign…the beach, the oyster shell, the meat, and the pearl.

The first thing I want to look at is the beach. Oysters grow at different rates, and flourish much better depending on the water temperatures, currents, and location of the beach.  We will call this the beach component, and this translates to the “geographic market” in the Internet marketing world.

When you look for a beach you need to really analyze all of components of that area.  You need to understand the true demographics of it.  Is is easy to deliver product from that area…are the winds so high they will blow away your oysters, is it an area known for “red tide” in which there are seasonal times you cannot sell your poisonous oysters.

The same goes for geographic locations.  Can people in that area buy the product you are selling?  Do they have enough money to purchase your product (if it is paid)?  Are the people in that area even interested in your product?  Do they speak that language?   It is important that when you choose geographic location within PPC campaigns that you understand the market.  You need to know that there are adequate and qualified people within that jurisdiction that can purchase your product.

You need to understand the beaches and understand the seasons in which the beaches produce the best harvest.

Second, we have the oyster shell.  This is the home for the oyster.  The bigger the shell, the more the meat there is within the oyster.  The longer you leave an oyster on the beach (ie, the more time you invest in it), the bigger the oyster grows and the more money it is worth.

This translates into customer value in the Internet marketing world.

The more patient and more care you give your oyster (customer), the better the opportunity you will have to earn the most money from it.  The same goes for the IM world…the more you help out a visitor, the better the customer they will be.  This definitely applies in particular to the email marketing realm.

The better you are at building the relationship and nurturing your “list”, the more success you will have and the greater the “value per customer” relationship grows.

Next, we have the meat.  Oysters tend to vary in size and although the biggest oysters fetch the most money, the smaller oyster are in much higher demand.   There are many more markets for small oysters because of their popularity within the restaurant business and “smoked” oysters business (canned).

Because of this, you can typically sell more volume, but the small oyster market has much more competition and is subject to price slashing and business lag…things that the extra large oyster marketer and the cocktail (mini) oyster market are not subject to as much.

If you are crafty as an oyster business owner however, you can find more niche marketers for the more popular size oysters.  For example, there are restaurants that don’t serve oysters that you could deal “direct” with and earn higher profit.  There are also tradeshows, different distributors worldwide, and also an online market.

In the Internet marketing world, this translates into market size, versus the niche markets.

The largest markets online reap the largest amount of sales, yet are volatile to ongoing influxes of competition.  However, within these large markets (like weight loss, like dating), you can find smaller niches.  Long distance relationships.  Dieting for women post menopause.  Etc.

Then there are the “small” markets that have very little competition, and on occasion take a little more work to get going.  But the market is always there and MOST people are not willing to do it, so you can take full advantage and corner that specific market.  These are the unique niches like “tractor canopies”, “little big man ladders”, “men’s anti-aging cream”, “yoga for basketball players”.

The meat is where the market is!

And then you have the pearl.  Pearls are very rare and in fact, in my 4 years in the oyster business, I only came across one…and it wasn’t the ideal pearl shape (perfectly round).  I guess you could call this kinda lucky (that I found one that is).

A pearl is VERY rare in the wild and is created when a spec of sand finds it’s way into the mantle folds of the oyster…at which time a calcium carbonate form builds up around it.

A pearl is equivalent to hunting for something that is not there or very hard to find…or an illusion in attempt to earn a MASSIVE PROFIT.

The pearl is what most people look for, yet the fewest people ever find.  I compare it to someone looking for the “secret to success”…when in fact, the secret is that there is NO SECRET (if that makes sense).

I mean, there really is not secret niche, no pearl that is waiting to be found on the Internet.

Sure I guess you could refer to unexplored niches and keywords as pearls, but there are so many of them out there that I could not state they are “rare”.

All you need is to research and find your ideal beach (it doesn’t even need to be the best one), find the right size oyster shell, find a market for your oyster meat…and you will be a successful farmer and in Internet marketing terms…a SUPER AFFILIATE or a MILLIONAIRE!!!

I guess I could end this within the old saying…

“The world is your oyster”!


Wealthy Affiliate

PS.  Leave feedback!  Also, I am going to be elaborating in great detail on each section (the beach, the shell, the meat, and the pearl) in the future!

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