Struggling to write articles? Take up the 30 in 30 challenge

If you’re a rookie at internet marketing and  trying to get your own website up and running one of the most challenging aspects can be drivingWriting Articles visitors to your site.  One accepted way to do this is to write articles and submit them to an article directory such as Street Articles with a couple of links to your site embedded within the text which some readers will choose to click on.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well it is if you enjoy writing and find the whole process of generating ideas, carrying out keyword research and writing good content that people want to read, it’s easy.  However,  lots of people find it quite daunting, worrying about what to write, the quality of their writing and how to spark the interest of readers.

If that resonates with you,  you should stop worrying because help is at hand through Wealthy Affiliate. One of the many services available to members is taking part in a challenge to write 30 articles in 30 days.

Yes that’s right 30 articles in 30 days – more if you can manage it.

Does that excite you?  If so great.  Read on.  But even if you’re immediate response was  to say ‘No way!’  still carry on reading.

I’ve taken part in a challenge (more than once) and I wanted to share with you the top ten benefits that I think are to be gained from signing up to take part.

Top 10 benefits of 30 in 30 Challenge

1.    A well written 30 day programme

These challenges are delivered by email on 30 consecutive days with step by step instructions on the tasks for the day.  Everything is written in non technical language which can be understood by everyone including those with little experience.

2.    Good back-up resources

There is a comprehensive range of back up resources (written or video) that show you how to do particular things eg how to buy a domain name and how to set up a website.

3.    Lots of hand holding available (if needed)

Alright there isn’t literally someone holding your hand, but the fact is that there is lots of support and encouragement.  Encouragement comes from Kyle and Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate) in the daily emails that drop into your box for 30 consecutive days as well as the support that is available from them and other members of Street Articles through the active and engaged community where you can build your network and connections with other authors. (No one will make you feel foolish).

4.    Establish the habit of regular keyword research

Although a lot of people only do keyword research when they have something specific to write about – taking part in a 30 in 30 challenge will help you get in the habit of carrying out regular keyword research. I spend about 20 minutes a day and find that the research I do is invaluable in writing articles or blog content every day.

5.    Increase your writing speed

Before I tried my first challenge it used to take me about 6 hours to write one article – sometimes longer.  I was always worried that what I was writing wasn’t good enough.  However, if you write regularly you can’t help but increase your speed.  After my first challenge I was down to 2 hrs and now on average it’s 30 minutes maximum to write and 15 minutes to proofread and correct mistakes.

6.    Can significantly increase traffic to your website

Now if you’re hoping that I’ll say by how much – I can’t.  No one could.  But the fact is that if you write good content that readers enjoy and as you build a relationship with them you will find that your CTR (Click Through Rate) from your articles to your website will increase.  I emphasize writing quality content and writing content within a niche you enjoy writing about as it will lead to much higher reader retention.

7.    Obtain high rankings in Google

Through improving your keyword research skills  and choice of keywords you will find that you can gain high rankings within Google.  I have a lots of #1 rankings for my articles and some of them have now been #1 in Google for over 6 months.  My success is due entirely what I have learnt from taking part in the challenge and continually improving my skills.

8.    Establish your expertise as a niche writer – You may in the future want to outsource some of your  article writing, but by taking part in the challenge you will understand what goes into writing regularly and successfully and it helps to establish your expertise in a single niche or several niche areas.

9.    Boost your confidence

I defy anyone not to feel more confident about article writing by taking part in a challenge.  At the end of 30 days some people manage to write far more than 30 articles and others like myself fall short of the target.  Did I get despondent?  Not at all.  The second time I tried the challenge I far exceeded the target because of what I had learnt the first time round.

10.    Increase your knowledge

I don’t know about you, but I believe in lifelong learning.  The great thing about taking part in a 30 in 30 challenge is that you learn so much not just about the art and discipline of writing articles on a regular basis but lots of additional information and networking with other Street Articles authors.

30 articles in 30 days.

Believe me the benefits of taking part far outweigh any doubts you may have about your writing skills.  Are you up for the challenge?

You can join the FREE challenge here!

Good luck!

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Google Instant Technique – Using Google Instant to Find Hidden Niches

Are you feeling tapped out these days with your research techniques?  Google Instant Technique

Maybe you are or maybe you aren’t.  Either way though, I know we all get tired of using the same keyword tools and techniques to find niches, keywords, and concepts that we can utilize in our day to day marketing campaigns.

So, today I am going to give you a new technique.  One that I like to call the “Google Instant Technique”.

This is a technique that anyone can do, it is free, and it is done using a normal Google search.

First though, I am going to give you a bit of background behind Google Instant, including what it is, when this feature was added to Google, and the reasons it is so powerful.

Google Instant was launched on September 08, 2010 to speed up the time it took someone to implement a search.  As you are typing a search into Google, predictions are automatically made as to what may potentially be your next letter or word.

Google has stated this has sped up the average search query time from 9 seconds to 3 seconds for people that use Google Instant.

What it also doing is encouraging people to choose one of the search queries that Google Instant provides.  In other words, Google is influencing what people enter in the search bar by giving them suggestions now.

This effects you as a marketer and as an author of content because now you want to be targeting terms that Google is suggesting instead of just targeting high search keywords.

Here is an example as I typed in “map…”

Google Instant Maps
As you can see, Google has “instantly” delivered some of the top queries and has given us some keyword ideas.   These are likely Google’s most commonly search terms “as of late”.

You need to remember, Google gets billions of searches every day, so they are the “kings” of search data.  They know what is current, what the most common terms are that are typed into their search, and ultimately, what the hottest trends are.

What if you could leverage these trends within a Google Instant search to your own benefit?

You CAN. I am going to show you exactly how!

There are three techniques that I specifically use the Instant function for, and they make up my Google Instant Technique. The first thing you need to do before you can utilize these techniques is to get Google Instant if you do not have it already:

Technique #1:  Typing in “review” related words

The Internet is becoming more widely used for finding “reviews” or comparing one item to another.  These are also excellent keywords for authoring content and getting rankings within.

This technique is very simple.  Start off your search by typing in “review of” and then you will trigger a list of the most recent searches.

google instant review technique

If you continue typing in content “review of sy” as an example, you will get further search results and ideas for keywords that start with “sy”, like “systems”.  People are always looking for quality reviews of products and if you can provide them with one, you can highly benefit from it.

Technique #2: Typing in Questions

Man…do people ever have a lot of questions.  In fact, there are over 500,000 questions that have been published at alone.  I believe that there are likely 10’s of millions (yes, you read that right) of questions that people type into Google all the time.

There is an easy way to reveal a lot of these questions, again, Google Instant.  Here is a list of questions I was getting when I typed in “where to buy”….
google instant where to buy technique
Where to buy kindle was at the top of the charts.  However, you can elaborate on this quite easily.  I continued typing by adding “where to buy kindle in”.  Here are the results:
where to buy kindle in...
I quickly got 5 more results.  In less than 20 seconds I had 10 quality “question” type search phrases, with tons of other opportunities to expand my search.  You could then author content (at related to these terms and get instant rankings in Google.   Does research get any easier than this?

Technique #3:  Starting broad, search the next letter

This last Google Instant technique works wonders for finding an abundance of long tail search phrases.  It is also very simple to implement.

You first start with a keyword topic.  In this case, I started with something that was very current in the news “japan earthquake”, however this could be anything.   I then precede this phrase by typing in a letter in the alphabet, in this case “a”.

Here is what I am referring to…

google instant alphabet techniqueGoogle instant will yield results that include the term “japan earthquake” with the next word starting with a.   In this case I have 5 excellent new keywords I would have likely never thought of.

japan earthquake and tsunami
japan earthquake animal rescue
japan earthquake aftershocks
japan earthquake area
japan earthquake alert

These are all trending search terms that can be leveraged as a writer.  You can then move on to the next letter, or any letter for that matter.  I naturally went on to do this exact same process, but with the letter “b” this time.  Here are the results:
japan earthquake b

Another 5 “long tail” search terms.   Not bad for another couple of seconds of research!


There you have it.  Three fresh techniques that you can utilize to find high quality, highly relevant, and popular search terms.

Hope you found these techniques helpful and enjoy using them within your research and writing activities.

Have a great day,

Wealthy Affiliate