Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru

I know this is not my first rant, nor is it going to be my last. There are lots of SCAM products out there, lots of GURU’s that are ready to Top Ten Ways to Tell if You Are a Gurutake your money, and lots of “make money fast” offers.

Want to know why this frustrates Carson and I so much?

It is not that we have to compete with these people for business. It is not because we feel that their products or services are superior. It has nothing to do with the amount of money they make.

The reason is that people ASSUME simply because they have been scammed in the past, that we are a scam. The crooks out there are ruining it for the rest of us that actually want to help people out, help people succeed…

It has to do with the fact that “consumers” become completely JADED from the whole niche. They have been lied to, they have been ripped off, they have been promised things they never received, and they have basically been bent over by an entire slew of GURU’s.

Because of this, I wanted to provide you with a list to give you “tell tale” signs that you may be dealing with a guru. These are characteristics that most gurus have and if you see anything that fits this list, you should be VERY weary. And for those of you out there with make money products, I hope you don’t make it into my Top 10.

Here we go, in David Letterman “fashion”…

Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru!

(10) You brag day in and day out about money or a launch you did 3 years ago…

(9) You launch a clickbank product per year and you use clickbank screen captures from your last product launch to sell your new product.

(8) You are part of a “mastermind”, “joint venture”, or “super millionaire” group.

(7) You promote a new product every week to your list.

(6) You promote a new product every week and you don’t know what it is?

(5) When you consider upselling and downselling your product before you care to think about your CUSTOMER.

(4) You create a “make money” product before you know how to make money.

(3) When the name of your product name or website has “fast”, “project”, “push button”, “cash”, “super”, “millionaire”, “quick”, “instant’, “crusher”, “launch”, “commission”, “system”, or “clickbank” in it.

(2) You claim that a product can help you earn $100,000+ in a month.

(1) When you think you are a GURU.


There are positives for us here though…

When people join WA, they are ecstatic. The realize we are real and we actually care about our members. They feel as though they have finally found something that works and is a save haven from GURU’s.

You have a question for us, you get an answer. We are INSIDE WA every day, chatting with people using our instant chat, building resources, and behind the scenes, building new technologies and services that will only continue to increase what WA offers.

One of the main questions we always get is “why we don’t promote other people’s products like all of the other GURU’s out there?”. My response is simple.

We cannot ethically promote anything out there.

Trust me, if we could find something that was high quality, and was as cost efficient as WA, and provided the same sort of value that we do, we would promote it. Seriously.

However, all of the $1997 products, the $5,000 mentoring packages, and the 10,000’s of $27, $47 and $97 products out there pale in comparison.

Have you been taken by a guru in the past?

If you are a member of WA and you are reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are not a member, I would love to hear about your experiences thus far.

Our goal in 2012 is to make the Internet a safer place!

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. We will be in touch in early Jan. Lots of exciting stuff coming!


Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owner


If I get one more email from a guru…

There I was. It was March 20th, 2011 and I was putting in a late night shift at my computer (a fairly typical occurrence) when I received an email that pissed me off, triggering me to react.Another day, Another Guru Promo

The information in the email gave me very little hope that companies have any incentive to be  good citizens,  and instead, view all people as a potential profit.

The first email was from one of the online GURU’s (yes I subscribe to some of them).  I will paraphrase it because it was long winded…it basically said:

The Internet is DEAD.  There is no longer money to be made on the Internet.   Google is gone, affiliate marketing is gone, and so are the conventional ways to build a business.

Then they went on to promote their typical scammy looking product.  Big house, fancy cars, and an even bigger sales pitch on their SECRET loophole technique.   All you had to do is push a button, flip a coin, and eat a big dinner and you would earn a million bucks.

Yeah freakin’ right…

BUT…believe it or not, this was not the email that really ‘irked’ me.

This email was followed by 6 or 7 other GURU’s promoting the same product, claiming the same end results, and they all argued that their promotion was the most original thing they have ever seen.  Some of them even claimed to have earned a boat load of money using the promoted techniques.

This is pretty typical within the Internet marketing industry, but I think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

Being in the industry, I know how these people work.  The problem is:

  1. These people are called JV (joint ventures) marketers, yet they typically don’t know what the product they are promoting even is.
  2. These people are given incentives to promote the product.  They may not only earn money when you purchase their product, but the particular GURU that launches the product also has to reciprocate the next time GURU B launches their product.
  3. These products are typically written by ghost writers and/or are simply rehashed information.  It is very rare that the person launching the product created it or ever EARNED money using the techniques they teach.
  4. They don’t support their product in an ongoing fashion, rather they launch 2-3 products per year and they don’t care if the hype lasts more than a month.  Usually these products have a shelf-life of weeks, not months.
  5. The claims are lies.  They are ridiculous and ludicrous.

Point #5 got me thinking…

“How many people actually get sucked into these push-button, get rich quick schemes?”

We own Wealthy Affiliate (an Internet Marketing community), and if you are a member you know that we promote hard work and proven techniques to achieve success. One thing we have never done is promote someone or something else, in particular another guru or another guru’s “producut.”   You will only see us promoting our service because we believe in our offer, we support our offering, and we offer a service superior to anything else online.

How could we ethically promote another GURU’s $2,000 product, when someone could be a member at WA for 4 years for the same price?!  How could we even ethically promote a $97 e-book when we offer a full suite of services, free websites & hosting, training, live videos, a full fledged community, and our 1-on-1 support for $47?

We can’t.

As I sat there looking at all of these emails,  my eyes glossed over and I wondered,  how many people actually fall for unbelievable claims like this?

I could have easily created a survey, but that may or may not have gotten the truth. Instead I wanted to base my proof on how subjective people are to these offers by running a test.

I had a plan…

It was March 20th and I knew April Fool’s day was just around the corner.  Often when April Fool’s Day comes around people are too caught up in their busy lives to remember to watch out for surprises, so if you don’t have a prank planned, you are vulnerable to being pranked.

I had a good idea for a prank - to create a product offering that promised people the world without having to work for it… reminiscent of what many of the gurus are pushing.

In fact, I wanted to guarantee something that was beyond belief.  One Million Dollars in one week.

Here is the site if you want to take a look for yourself.
The website I created

Guess what happened?

A good chunk of people thought the offer was real.

  • In less than 24 hours 10,000’s (tens of thousands) of people clicked the BUY NOW button.
  • Over 140 people were kind enough to leave feedback on the FAKE Order page about experiences they had or simply said “I knew you guys wouldn’t promote something like this”.
  • People got Fooled!

This proved to me that people are falling for these scams all over the place.  People are being scared into buying things.  People are being mislead into buying things.   People are getting scammed!

I hate to see this, but I guess this is the world we live in.   People fall for these scams over and over again (which I personally find crazy).  It happens because it is the “dream” that people are buying into.  Success takes hard work and if you are not willing to work towards it, then you won’t find it.

And that is what we preach and will continue to teach.

Remember what your parents always told you.  Don’t talk to strangers AND if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Trust your instincts, not GURU’s.

A Member & Owner of, NOT A GURU

Kyle & Carson on Facebook

PS. Instead of offering your typical comments on this post, it would be great to hear your stories about how you have been ripped off in the past.