How I Find Keywords – Raw and Uncut

People over-complicate finding keywords…making the process much more difficult than it has to be.  The problem I believe is that there are so many different keyword tools out there providing people with “bogus'” data andHow I Find Keywords - Me Using Jaaxy metrics that you really don’t even need.  People get lost in the world of keyword translation.  Because of this, I want to walk you through the process of finding keywords in a raw, uncut and unfiltered manner.

You ONLY need to care about 2 Things!

When I am doing research, I really only want at two keyword data points. Traffic and Competition.   That is it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Without traffic, there is no point in getting rankings in search engines. If there is too much competition, there is no point in getting rankings in the first place.


So ideally I want a keyword that has a good amount of traffic (the higher the better) and low competition (the lower the better).  But what metric should you look at first, traffic or competition.  This is a horse and carriage sort of scenario.

Here is How I Efficiently Find Keywords

First, I take a keyword in which I am looking for keyword ideas for (whether it be articles, website content, etc), and I dump it into Jaaxy, the keyword tool that I use.  In this case I will put in the keyword “bass fishing”, something that I know very little about andI am not very good at, but I want to show you how easy it is to find awesome keywords, regardless of the niche.  When you do keyword research, you need a “keyword tool” to get at the keyword data you need and I happen to own Jaaxy (Get 30 searches FREE) and I think it is it the best thing since sliced bread, so that is what I use.

Here we go, lets have a gander of my first set of search results…

Jaaxy Search - Bass Fishing

Personally, I look at COMPETITION first.   It is the most important thing to me.  If I can’t get rankings in Google easily, then there is not point in care about traffic.  You will notice that I have added check marks beside particular QSR rankings. QSR (Quoted Search Results) is a metric native to Jaaxy that tells you exactly how many competing pages there are in Google.  This is the most important piece of information.  If there are very few pages in Google under a search term, that is a good thing.  That means little competition for me

Note: Google no longer provides this information and no other keyword tool gets at this piece of data as efficiently as Jaaxy does!

Competition should be your focal point. I personally aim for under 400 QSR, the closer to 0 the better. In this case all of the keywords with green check marks are under 400 QSR.

What is a Good Amount of Traffic?

Traffic numbers have this unnecessary influence on people’s decision.  I don’t pay a ton of attention to traffic, to me the most important aspect is that the keyword gets SOME traffic.  Competition should be much more important to you than any traffic or trend value.

Here is why.

If you get a #1-3 ranking in Google under a search term that gets 50 clicks per month, you are going to probably get a good number of clicks to your page.  If you get a ranking on page 2 or 3 within Google under a term that gets 1,000’s of clicks per month, you are not going to get much traffic, if any.  People simply don’t click past the first page of the search results, hence my reasoning for focusing on Competition first, Traffic second.

I usually recommend aiming for over 50 clicks in Jaaxy, the higher the better obviously (assuming it has limited competition).  From my initial search, here are some great keywords that I would add to a keyword list for later use, all are definite KEEPERS and will be quite easy to get great rankings under.  You could write an article, create a blog post, create a web page, or upload a video targeting any of these and get prime time rankings!

Top Keywords - Jaaxy

The keywords with under 100 QSR are pure “brilliance” when it comes t keywords that you can get ranked.

“bass fishing victoria”, 164 traffic, only 14 qsr (would average 100 clicks/mth with top 3 ranking)
“bass fishing for dummies”, 93 traffic, only 55 qsr (would average 50-60 clicks/mth with top 3 ranking)

I have literally spent a minute and one search to find these great keywords, in a niche I know nothing about.

A Keyword Research Blitz

In less than 5 searches, I am going to find as many easy ranking keywords using Jaaxy as possible, just to prove the how easy keyword research is when you only have to focus on Traffic and Competition.  Here are 5 random searches that I did.

Search #1: Bass Fishing Lures

Bass Fishing - Keyword Research Blitz

Search #2: Basketball Gear

Basketball Gear - Keyword Research Blitz

Search #3: Best Diet Plans

Search #4: Growing Organic Tomatoes

Growing Organic Tomatoes - Keyword Research Blitz

Search #5: Why is My Computer Slow

Why Is My Computer Slow - Keyword Research Blitz

66 low competition, high traffic keywords in 5 searches!  Not bad for a few searches that literally took me a minute to do.   This is the exact reason that keyword research is one of those things I don’t worry about, I find keywords at will.  If I want 1,000 keywords, I can get them.  If I want 1,000 1st page rankings in Google, I can also get those! :)

Imagine What You Could Accomplish in 30 Searches!

Now, I challenge you to do what I have just done, except I am going to get you to do this with 30 searches…using Jaaxy!

Get 30 Free Searches Now!

I know many people have been very interested in Jaaxy lately, and I wanted to let you know that we are giving you 30 free searches with Jaaxy. This is full access with no catches…check it out and use it for 30 searches and perform the same sort of keyword research I have done on these niches here.

Seriously, NO CATCH. 30 free searches including all the functionality that our paid members receive. If you decide you like Jaaxy and think it is a tool you will want to use on a regular basis, then you can decide if you want to get access to unlimited searches.   If not, we are going to show you how you can earn more search credits.  Either way you are a winner!

Get 30 Free Searches Now!

I hope you have enjoyed this article.  Please leave your comments and feedback, I always love to hear them.  Also, feel free to share this post with anyone that you want (via the social buttons on this page).

Take it easy,

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Co-founder of
Co-founder of


What is OUR SECRET to 10 Years of online success?

OK, let me set this post up here….Live Training Discussions with Kyle and Carson

Every week at Wealthy Affiliate, we have weekly discussions about certain topics related to online business, Internet marketing, and sometimes they are just wide open and can be about any random topic.

This week’s topic happened to be on “OUR SECRET to 10 Years of online success”, a subject that is obviously very near and dear to Carson and myself. Also a topic that comes as second nature to talk about.

Today I wanted to share a bit of the dialogue that went on in this discussion, as I think you would find some value in it. Remember, Carson and I created success from nothing. From $0. From no knowledge. And well, here we are 10 years and many successful businesses later…

So here it is, our discussion for you to read, enjoy, and critique (please note that I left the conversations raw and unedited, there may be some spelling/grammar mistakes).

“OUR SECRET to 10 Years of online success” Live Discussion Excerpts

WA Member Question: Did you also struggle with simple things like setting up domains and hosting?

Kyle’s response: Absolutely, you are not just born with technical skills. When we started out, website development was much harder than it is now. You needed to know HTML, you need to know how to manipulated templates, you needed to know how to create your own graphics. The actual process was probably 10x longer than it is now to create a website, if only there were CMS like WordPress when we started out, things would have been much easier.

The thing about technical stuff is that once you do it once or twice, you know it. You don’t lose it. You don’t forget it and you will be able to do it going forward without having to worry about relearning anything….and you can also help others.

WA Member Question: Hey Kyle, I know building a website was different back then, but most of your success came from paid traffic correct? (google adwords) I know google adwords was much much different back then.. they are very strict now..

Kyle’s response: Yes, correct. A good deal of my earnings were a result of paid traffic back 2002-2005. At the core, SEO would have been just as appropriate a technique and many people were doing that and doing very well, but Carson and I were focused on techniques that worked for us. When we started Wealthy Affiliate we had experience in SEO and building lists, but our expertise was primarily in the PPC, web development and “helping people” line of business.

The underlying strategy for success online has not really changed. The ideologies have not changed.

You have a person and you have a product. As an affiliate your job is to connect these two items. As an advertiser, your goal is to get traffic and you do this through creating quality content that search engines like (which is a result of people liking it). The mediums have changed though. They were far more PPC and SEO based back then, now there are far more mediums to do this as people are much more connected. Social, building leads, engaging in content, apps, etc. The principles have not changed, the mediums for which it is delivered has…and in my opinion, the opportunity has grown as far more people are connected now.

WA Member Question: I am just confused, because it seems like you need to know so much…and there are so many different ways to achieve success.

Kyle’s response: Once you figure out YOUR formula, you can scale. When Carson and I worked independently of each other, we did very different things. Sure we were in the PPC and SEO worlds (primarly PPC at first), but our strategies, our apporach, and our niches were much different. What we did is we took what worked for us, and then we continued to build on that.

People get far too distracted. They buy new ebooks to learn new techniques, when most of the time these are written by people who just “theorize” about whether or not it will work. They are making money off of selling the book and if you asked them to implement what they teach, they would be screwed.

I focused on what I knew, what I learned through failing and succeeding, and built off of that. Everything can be turned into a process once you have a formula down, and any process can be scaled. :)

WA Member Question: How do you approach failure? How often do you fail?

Kyle’s response: I fail all of the time. I believe that learning how to fail and accept failure is critical to success within any business. How you address failure is what will lead you to much more success in business.

I only know what I can know, so sometimes “trying” new things is the only way to learn. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If it works, that is great…and I take mental note. If it doesn’t, I know what not to do next time. Knowing what not to do is sometimes far more powerful as knowing what to do.

WA Member Question: How did you go about finding products to promote that you were passionate enough about?

Kyle’s response: If you are passionate enough about your niche, you will be just as passionate about the products within it. You can give people the option as does any store out there, as some people like lower cost, but not as good products where some people want the “premium” products and are willing to pay the premium price to get these. You just need to understand that everyone is not going to want the exact same type of product…that is why stores like Walmart are so successful, because they let people decide on options within the exact same product niche.

Things are much easier and better for you online, as you can create relationships with people and offer insights into products, services, and programs.

WA Member Question: So what would you say the 10 secrets of today are? not what worked 10 years ago, 1 year ago, 1 month ago, 1 week ago, or even yesterday, but what works today that is not over saturated already?

Kyle’s response: First, the secret is that there is no secret. People who tell you otherwise are just trying to sell you something, like their debunk product.

Secondly, what worked 10 years ago for the most part still works today. The principles that is. People have not changed that much, the mediums in which they communicate, share and buy things have changed. I think that if you approach this like a business and not a scheme, then you will be setting yourself up for success. People that think this is “push button” and they get sucked into the idea of that are bound to fail.

Your success comes down not to the niche that you choose, it comes down to how you approach the niche. Your drive, passion and persistence within a niche makes it successful. I hate it when people say “I am going into the weight loss niche because lots of people are making money with it”. Sure there are, there are lots of people making money within every niche. That doesn’t mean it is necessarily a good idea for you to. If you are not interested in it, you will not be able to connect with an audience. That connection and that passion will be very evident in everything you do.

The thing that has changed the most over the 10 years is the transparency online and the emphasis that this is truly a people business, not a snake oil salesman biz.

WA Member Question: Read somewhere that with all businesses we are actually in the business of marketing …., not necessarily in the business of selling shoes or e-books etc, I think that the main thing is to market whatever it is with integrity.

Kyle’s response: I agree, market with integrity. I like it. When it comes down to it, a long term business is built off the brand they create, not a singular product they launch. In the online world, this could just as easily be your personal brand.

WA Member Question: Since google is very strict now.. what paid methods do you recommend?

Kyle’s response: Google is fine for PPC if you are promoting your own product/service, if you are an affiliate they are far harder on you, in particular within the Search Network.

There are actually many opportunities for ad buys out there. Singular websites are willing to sell you ads if you contact them. Why not approach a site that is ranked under “search term a”, one that you want to get traffic from, and offer to pay them for an ad on their site. I think you will get a decent response.

There are also places like Facebook ads, LinkedIn which are popular, but again moreso for driving people to your business. That is why I promote the idea of creating a business, you could be in the business of helping people within a certain niche, and this will act as a business. If you potray yourself as a vaccuum salesman as the first impression, then people are less likely to do business with you and this includes Google, Facebook, and your website visitors.

WA Member Question: 10 years is a long time, ever think about changing businesses?

Kyle’s response: No, at first I didn’t know I WAS a business, I was just doing something that I enjoyed doing and earned me money. Over the years I learned a lot about business, through trial and error, through failure and through successes.

As for changing businesses, that is a tough questions. I think we have evolved so much in the last 5-6 years alone (as has the Internet) that I do not feel like we are doing the same thing as we did then. Next year I will probably feel completely different about the business we are operating as well. That is what makes this so interesting, appealing and exciting to us.

Yeah, that is the Internet. Change is inevitable, but change is exciting…and change is happening to everyone around us. The conventional way we live, think, learn and earn money is shifting…so people better get used to it.

WA Member Question: 10 years though, are you happy like this? I mean you’re here every single day

Kyle’s response: Yeah, still happy buddy. Change and growth are the two things I find most interesting…and creating technologies and services that help people. :)

Growth doesn’t mean money necessarily either. It could be user based, it could be new technology, it could be seeing new ideas materialize, it could be an entire different business.

If I wasn’t happy, I can honestly say I would be doing something else.


There you have it, some of the snippets from the dialogue discussed amongst myself and members at Wealthy Affiliate.

We enjoy doing these every week and if you are interested in connecting with us, we would love for you to partake in the upcoming one. There is only one pre-requisite, you have to be a member of You can join here! :)

Here is what we will be talking about this upcoming week.

Live Discussion Date: Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Topic: Content, content, content (how to get it ranked)

Most people are doing content wrong. This likely includes you. If you are still writing for keywords, back-links, and trying to appeal to Google, then you have it all WRONG.Get ready for us to RIP APART Google Panda, analyze the many “content related” changes that have taken place in the past year, and give you a working “content business model” that will work for YEARS to come! Panda approved!

Hope to see you then!

Take care,

Co-owner of

Understanding the Prosperous Intenet economy…

People are utterly confused as to how the Internet works, in terms of earning revenue.The Internet Economy

Have you ever had an offer sent to you that says “get a free iPad”, or “click join underneath me so I can earn money” or “join this program and get paid by clicking stuff”?  Maybe you have even at one point in time sent off these emails to your unsuspecting friends, family and coworkers in attempt to coerce them into making you money….

Whatever the case, this IS NOT the Internet economy.  These are schemes and are very fractional components of the Internet and ones I personally do not like to be associated with or recommend.

Somehow over the years, people have grown to think that this is the path to earn money on the Internet, however, these are schemes that are driven in a similar way to those that Bernie Madoff constructed to fool people out of billions of dollars.

The Internet Economy is far from this…

It is the up and coming economy of the world, where the trading, the transactions, and usership, and the ability to set up your own business enterprise have become part of the scope.

So what is the Internet economy?

Every economy is comprised of a few components.  People.  Products and Services.  Money. Trade.

The Internet economy is no different.  It has all of these components and you can be within any of these, or a service that provides or contributes to any of these components and become quite successful.

Perhaps you are thinking that the Internet transactions are no where near that of the offline world.  Well, use that is true.  But it is still big and it is still growing.

The Internet economy is now worth trillions however.

Just think of a product or service that you may be involved with, perhaps it may even be your current method of employment.   It more than likely has an online division or an online component that is critical to its current success, if not, it will be instrumental to the sector growth of that niche.

Internet Has Reach EVERY Business
Even farming has become part of the Internet Economy

Every business that is offline can leverage the Internet.  Many do, a lot however STILL haven’t taken advantage of this.  Within this niche there is the potential for an Internet JOB.*

*I have decided that from now on I am not going to call anything on the Internet a job.  Although it could be classified as a job as you may or may not be doing work for another business or company, it is actually a business.  You determine your own success, and how much success you can achieve.  Because of this I am going to refer to it as “Internet Solution Opportunity” or ISO for short.

Most business can in fact bring a whole division of their business online.  Many haven’t and have died because of it.   Look at some of the biggest bookstores that have gone out of business, most recently Borders in the United States.

They were fools.  They had the upper hand…they had the framework, the partnerships, and the computer systems that just needed to be turned into a web store and a web application and there may be no today, the world’s largest book seller and the the offline bookstore killer.

Borders Going Out Of Business

But this also pisses some people off.  They think that Amazon is a job killer, when in fact they are a huge job creator. The technology behind their store has created an incredible amount of jobs.  Their current workforce is over 43,200 employees!

This is just the half of it though…

Their domestic and International shipping has created jobs.  And their store framework that any seller can plug into has been a hit and has made many local mom and pop shops far more successful.

And what about the Internet Solution Opportunities?

Hidden under the most obvious service that Amazon provides (a huge Internet store), is one of the greatest suppliers of online based opportunities.

First, they have the largest affiliate program in the world.   Amazon has over 2,500,000 affiliates actively promoting their program. As an affiliate of Amazon , you can promote any of the millions of products within their network without owning any of them, having to deal with the support or shipping…basically you just need a place to put their links and you can earn money.

You can join the Amazon Associates (Affiliate) Program Here

This has created UNLIMITED ISO’s. Almost EVERY single product that is for sale can be sold within Amazon and affiliates of Amazon generate over 40% of all Amazon sales.

Secondly they have a true job network, called Mechanical Turk.  For a small price you can outsource the tasks you don’t want to do, or for that same amount of money, you can earn money doing little tasks like “clicking”, “submitting forms”, “submitting links”, “writing”, or “proofreading”.

You can earn seed money for your starting your online business using Mechanical Turk or you can “scale” your existing business by outsourcing your arduous tasks for quite cheap.

Lets look at another offline business the Internet Economy has killed!

Remember going to the movie store to pick up a movie when you are bored on a Friday night?  What about now?  You are likely paying a small subscription fee and getting instant access to 10,000’s of movies from the comfort of your home.

Thus the departure of Blockbuster and the arrival of  Netflix now boasts massive earnings, and Blockbuster is well, out of business.  I am not going to elaborate on this in the same way as Amazon, but Netflix has also created a boat load of online based opportunities.  A number of these are online through the affiliate program, through their popularity of movies online, through online movie review sites and informational sites…etc.  I digress.

This is a sign that humanity is exercising the benefits of the Internet.  It is more instant, it is more affordable, it is more connected, it is more interesting, and anything can be accessed from pretty much anywhere.  I personally think it is incredible.

The fact that once “monopolized” industries are moving to Internet based economies where affiliates all have the opportunity to earn their share of the revenue is a critical component of the “business world” going forward.  There are millions of independent “affiliate marketers” in this world, many of them earning a full time income online.

There is an affiliate program for just about every single niche you can imagine, even some that you may not be able to even comprehend.  IT is here, it is the way of the future, and the Internet is a job manufacuture that will continue to destroy large scale offline business and create millions of new opportunities and millions of new “Internet Solution Opportunites” for people like you and I.

Drop your feedback below!

Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owner

Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owner – Top Affiliate Marketing Training Community

Why Doesn’t The Internet Just Die Already!

There is a lot of doom and gloom out there right now, isn’t there?Is the Interent Dead?

The Internet is dead. The web won’t last. There is no opportunity online. You have probably heard the likes.

These are all what we call “fear” tactics or fear mongering and I want to spend a few moments explaining why the Internet is as healthy as it has ever been, it is just a little bit different, that’s all.

Unlike most industries that evolve in very long cycles (think of the industrial revolution that took a century), there are mini-revolutions that take place on the Internet all the time. It seems that in the past couple of years these life cycles have been speeding up drastically.

Technology is changing quickly. The way we market is also changing fairly quickly. At the same time, the WAY WE market to people and the reasons people buy is staying pretty static.

Basically, what is happening is there are NEW delivery models and platforms that you can utilize to get our your brand, to get traffic, and to create business.

New places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus are becoming prominent. People are using their mobile devices much more for research and to communicate, socialize and entertain themselves.

And then there are apps blowing up like crazy. These are all channels that are creating more connectivity, not necessarily stealing existing connectivity.

Simply put, opportunity is increasing because people are online more and there are more ways for people to be online.

I don’t typically like to get too data hungry (because people often times make up estranged conclusions from fairly simple data), but there are some traffic related, usership stats for the Internet across many platforms. These stats conclusively tell us that the Internet is growing fast…REAL FAST.

There are currently 2.1 Billion Internet users world wide, an average penetration of 2011 30.2% based on the population.  This is  a 400% increase from 2000!


One thing that the Internet has killed is the newspaper industry.   Many of the largest news publications have either followed the new age rules and offer their content online or they have become obsolete.  In saying this though, check out how many people are using their computers to gather news and information online.  A very high percentage.

News Sites Stats

The idea that people are not using desktop COMPUTERS any longer to search, inform and buy things is pure crazy talk.  The way we use the traditional Internet is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Out of the mobile traffic, a good deal of it is being done from the iPad.

Non Computer Stats

I am an avid iPad user and I can say that I use it primarily for information and I make the occassional purchase from it.   I can do a bit of writing when I hook my bluetooth keyboard up to it, but for the most part it is an information device.  By no means do I use my traditional desktop or laptop less, I am just online far more (which is feeding the technology A.D.D. that I have!)

And what the heck happened to using email to communicate?

Who would of thought just a couple of years ago that the new generations preferred method of communication would not be through email. In fact, 19-35 year olds are moving completely away from email altogether.

What are they using then?

I have many friends that use Facebook purely as their communication medium. They use the messaging platform in place of their old email. They are also sharing information at record levels and making product recommendations via these networks.

If Facebook isn’t used, many people are sending SMS (texts) whether they are communication related, sharing videos, links or blogs, or simply killing time chating with friends.

Does this mean the list building and email marketing is dead? NO. It means that we now have more opportunities. Email marketing and building lists has become more diverse. You can now build lists within social networks and extend your reach to record levels there (and get much higher readership). Cool right?

Will the conventional Internet die?

With all the mobile and tablet talk, Internet marketers are freaking out that traditional Internet and search is going to disappear.

I have a tough time believing so. I have a tough time using a phone to do anything other than check my email, read a bit of news (if I feel like squinting), playing games, texting and of course phoning people. I would never try to be productive on a phone simply because that is not a reality.

What about tablets?

I am writing this post from my iPad on my wireless bluetooth keyboard. Tablets are quite functional and I can see a lot of people do work from coffee shops or on their patio (ME), but it cannot replace the desktop or laptop.

Why are we so excited about such tiny computers? Maybe because they are a novelty, but to be honest with you I am far more productive working from my laptop or desktop. There is always going to be a high percentage of people using desktops and I can’t see much change in the next 5-10 years.

Internet marketing is “marketing on the Internet”. You need to remember, if someone is connected to the net, regardless of the device it is creating more opportunity to Internet marketers. The more devices that connect, the greater the reach and the more WAYS that we can market.

It is not a bad thing. People like to freak out or marketers like to freak you out into buying their product out of fear (ex. The Internet is DEAD).

People also worry that search is going to completely disappear? Let’s look at a couple potential scenarios?

(1) Everything is an APP

One day we may all have our very own apps. These apps would be our personal space, profile, information and communication center that would could carry around with us on one to many devices. These apps would allow us to get the new we want and ONLY the news we want, perform all of our communications from one spot, create and sell things within our apps, and potentially have others share and import our apps.

Would this world remove search. It would for news as it would be delivered instantaneously. It might for people visiting Google as well, but they would still have to leverage data from one platform or another and they would still be in a position to be marketed too. People would use traditional search frameworks like far less and use an embedded Google type search within an app, but the information being delivered would be very similar.  It still has to be pulled from somewhere and the information will still be delivered and initiated via websites.

(2) Everything becomes a social network…

Instead of people going to Google to search for things, they would go to Facebook or Twitter. Well, this is already happening but it is more in the form of Q & A sites. Q & A sites might disappear, but chances are slim that your social circle will know the answer to an obscure question.

What about product recommendations. YES, people use their network of friends to get advice, but do you really trust your social circles advice (outside of your REAL friends). I don’t typically stop my research on a product or service after querying my friends on Facebook. I continue my search online and look for credible experts so I can come to my own conclusion.

People will always search for product information. People will always search for reviews. Social networks will never be able to replace a comprehensive personal product investigation (we are all sleuths when it comes to making purchasing decisions deep down inside).

(3) People still search the same way, just on different devices

This is the most likely situation.  People are simply going to have more devices to search from. Take a look at the following chart.

Phone Stats

People are using the Internet on the go more than ever.  Most people use their mobile devices and tablets exclusively on mobile networks, connecting to the net while they are waiting in line, while they at work, while they are exercising…not just at coffee shops anymore!

We will continue to be more and more connected.  With the uprising of the general popolus and dethroning of facist politicians taking place in many countries and more recently the riots in the UK, our connectivity is proving that we as a mass network have become a force AND we are more connected than we ever have.

People are searching, posting, communicating, building content, and sharing content from their “current” location.  That is only going to continue to grow and I truly believe the Internet opportunity online is going to continue to grow as well.  It is just going to be different.  Evolution is always quicker than revolution.   People will continue to search.  People will continue to buy.

Don’t panic or fear the Internet dying.  Fear it growing too quickly that you can’t catch up!

Kyle Co-Owner

PS.  What are your thoughts on the Internet? I would love to hear them!  Please leave any feedback or comments below and feel free to share this article via the “social” buttons at the top. :)

If I get one more email from a guru…

There I was. It was March 20th, 2011 and I was putting in a late night shift at my computer (a fairly typical occurrence) when I received an email that pissed me off, triggering me to react.Another day, Another Guru Promo

The information in the email gave me very little hope that companies have any incentive to be  good citizens,  and instead, view all people as a potential profit.

The first email was from one of the online GURU’s (yes I subscribe to some of them).  I will paraphrase it because it was long winded…it basically said:

The Internet is DEAD.  There is no longer money to be made on the Internet.   Google is gone, affiliate marketing is gone, and so are the conventional ways to build a business.

Then they went on to promote their typical scammy looking product.  Big house, fancy cars, and an even bigger sales pitch on their SECRET loophole technique.   All you had to do is push a button, flip a coin, and eat a big dinner and you would earn a million bucks.

Yeah freakin’ right…

BUT…believe it or not, this was not the email that really ‘irked’ me.

This email was followed by 6 or 7 other GURU’s promoting the same product, claiming the same end results, and they all argued that their promotion was the most original thing they have ever seen.  Some of them even claimed to have earned a boat load of money using the promoted techniques.

This is pretty typical within the Internet marketing industry, but I think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

Being in the industry, I know how these people work.  The problem is:

  1. These people are called JV (joint ventures) marketers, yet they typically don’t know what the product they are promoting even is.
  2. These people are given incentives to promote the product.  They may not only earn money when you purchase their product, but the particular GURU that launches the product also has to reciprocate the next time GURU B launches their product.
  3. These products are typically written by ghost writers and/or are simply rehashed information.  It is very rare that the person launching the product created it or ever EARNED money using the techniques they teach.
  4. They don’t support their product in an ongoing fashion, rather they launch 2-3 products per year and they don’t care if the hype lasts more than a month.  Usually these products have a shelf-life of weeks, not months.
  5. The claims are lies.  They are ridiculous and ludicrous.

Point #5 got me thinking…

“How many people actually get sucked into these push-button, get rich quick schemes?”

We own Wealthy Affiliate (an Internet Marketing community), and if you are a member you know that we promote hard work and proven techniques to achieve success. One thing we have never done is promote someone or something else, in particular another guru or another guru’s “producut.”   You will only see us promoting our service because we believe in our offer, we support our offering, and we offer a service superior to anything else online.

How could we ethically promote another GURU’s $2,000 product, when someone could be a member at WA for 4 years for the same price?!  How could we even ethically promote a $97 e-book when we offer a full suite of services, free websites & hosting, training, live videos, a full fledged community, and our 1-on-1 support for $47?

We can’t.

As I sat there looking at all of these emails,  my eyes glossed over and I wondered,  how many people actually fall for unbelievable claims like this?

I could have easily created a survey, but that may or may not have gotten the truth. Instead I wanted to base my proof on how subjective people are to these offers by running a test.

I had a plan…

It was March 20th and I knew April Fool’s day was just around the corner.  Often when April Fool’s Day comes around people are too caught up in their busy lives to remember to watch out for surprises, so if you don’t have a prank planned, you are vulnerable to being pranked.

I had a good idea for a prank - to create a product offering that promised people the world without having to work for it… reminiscent of what many of the gurus are pushing.

In fact, I wanted to guarantee something that was beyond belief.  One Million Dollars in one week.

Here is the site if you want to take a look for yourself.
The website I created

Guess what happened?

A good chunk of people thought the offer was real.

  • In less than 24 hours 10,000’s (tens of thousands) of people clicked the BUY NOW button.
  • Over 140 people were kind enough to leave feedback on the FAKE Order page about experiences they had or simply said “I knew you guys wouldn’t promote something like this”.
  • People got Fooled!

This proved to me that people are falling for these scams all over the place.  People are being scared into buying things.  People are being mislead into buying things.   People are getting scammed!

I hate to see this, but I guess this is the world we live in.   People fall for these scams over and over again (which I personally find crazy).  It happens because it is the “dream” that people are buying into.  Success takes hard work and if you are not willing to work towards it, then you won’t find it.

And that is what we preach and will continue to teach.

Remember what your parents always told you.  Don’t talk to strangers AND if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Trust your instincts, not GURU’s.

A Member & Owner of, NOT A GURU

Kyle & Carson on Facebook

PS. Instead of offering your typical comments on this post, it would be great to hear your stories about how you have been ripped off in the past.

Video: Online Marketing Quick Start

Hey Everyone,

Many of you may know this, many maybe not.  Since December 2010 we have been offering all members of Wealthy Affiliate LIVE training each and every week.  The topics vary from week to week.   If you are a member and are unable to attend the live training, we offer an instant replay where you can check out the past weeks live WABinar’s.

Today I wanted to provide you with an example of the LIVE training we offer.  Click the video image below to view it!

Video: Online Marketing Quick Start

We have several awesome videos slated for the upcoming weeks and months.

Honestly, the Internet has been changing so quickly over the last year or so, video training has been one of the best ways for us to deliver Internet marketing techniques that work now, not a year ago!

Here are just some topics that we have covered recently:

-SEO in 2011, how to conquer the search engines
-Using social media to drive your business
-Site Flipping part 1 & 2 (Earn a profit by building mini sites)
-Effective Workflow With Outsourcing & Schedules
-Getting Google Top Rankings With WordPress Express (NINJA Strategies)
-Building Scalable Website with Joomla
-Keyword Research, Campaigns and Understanding LSI
-Writing High Converting Content for the Web
-Tracking Traffic, Keywords and Stats with Free Google Tools
-HTML Basics for Affiliates
-Understanding Web Hosting, Website Development & FTP
-Affiliate Walkthrough Part 1 & 2
-Leveraging Email Marketing and Building Massive Lists
-How to Find Profits in Local Marketing
-And Many More Awesome Training Webinars!

The video database is growing each and every week (members get access to attend 4 LIVE training modules per month!) and we are getting a huge member attendance to these videos.

Hope you enjoyed this video.  Feel free to tweet, like it, email it, and as always, leave your feedback below via the comments!


Kyle - Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate
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Making Money Online Without Helping People – What Vegas Taught Us in 2011

This is Kyle from WA!  How are things rolling along for you in 2011?  I hope they are going well and if you are still struggling with to make money online with your business, I know of a place.

Carson and I just got back from our yearly conference in Las Vegas where we invite down some of our top affiliates each and every year to talk shop.  Believe it or not, this is not a conference about us “telling people what is going to happen this year”, it is a round table discussion about the past years’ trials and tribulations and a discussion about many different ways to grow business in the upcoming year.

Kyle Marcus and Carson in Vegas
Kyle, Marcus & Carson in Vegas

There are no “product offers”, “JV offers”, or “bragging” going in.  It is pure ideas.  It is pure strategy, and the term “ninja” even came up a few times (thanks for that Travis).

Anyways, I wanted to give you some insight into what we were discussing this year and how we felt we could improve Wealthy Affiliate as a community (not just the business aspect) to help even more people succeed online.

The common theme this year was that in order to make money online, you need to create a business…not a product.  People get so fixated on becoming a Clickbank merchant.  A product owner.  Trying to sell people stuff (often times junk) online.

Internet marketing is a people business.  Those that thrive, those that last long-term and those that truly create something special are doing so with a business in mind.

So, before you even consider joining another program.  Dropping your hard earned cash on another product online, you need to consider a few things.

(1) What is your business?  Who are the people that you are aiming to help?  What is your motive?

If your answers reflect this….

(1) I don’t need a business.  (2) I am not going to help someone, I want to make money.  (3) My motivation is Money.

…start packing your lunch because you are going to be working a 9-5 job for a few years yet.  If you answers looked like this…

(1) Not sure yet, but in a niche I enjoy and am passionate about (2) The people within my niche. (3) My motivation is to help people and grow a business.

You are well on your way to success.

A small shift in your mindset and one that likely goes against all the guru crap floating around out there….telling you to rip people off….sell more faster…charge more money…sell your rehashed info product for $2000 (or more)…that sort of thing…


Steve Jobs doesn’t make money ripping people off.  Maybe the iPhone is a little overpriced, but he does offer a quality product that helps people with their personal lives.

If you take the core of any successful business out there that has longevity and a true core of loyal followers, you will find out that at the root of their BUSINESS they are in one way or another helping people.  This means making people lives easier, better or simplifying tasks that were otherwise more difficult.

This year transfer your ideologies from making money towards helping people and you will see much greater results.

Have a great week and we will be in touch very soon!

An active member of Wealthy Affiliate (and half owner)

PS.  What are your thoughts are earning money online?  Can you do it without helping people?  If so, what is the point?