Finding Local Keywords, What a RUSH!

Local marketing is very big topic these days. If you have not heard of it, then I will give you a brief overview.Finding Local Keywords

Basically, being a good local marketer is the ability to be able to help local businesses get rankings online. A good deal of the opportunity in local marketing starts at the point of keyword research and domain research as local business are willing to pay a good deal of money for your help.  Keywords can help you accomplish this,  in particular you will be able to help local companies get:

  • Relevant Local Traffic
  • Top Google Ranked Websites
  • Their Sites Index and Ranked

Today I am going to walk you through easy ways to find local keywords that you can get ranked under, what keyword metrics to look for, how to get rankings, and why local companies are so hungry these days!


OK, let’s get right into the keyword research…

Finding Local Keywords

Imagine you have a local business in Phoenix, Arizona. You are operating a business in a very competitive niche, the pizza business. You could sure use some help getting some rankings in Google under the terms that are relevant to your niche.

This is where you come in to the rescue (in this case, I will).

Here are some thing that I want to look for:

(1) Keywords that get a decent amount of traffic
(2) Keywords with very little competition that I can ranked under

Once I have met this criteria, I can easily get content indexed within the search engines, and likely 1st page listing in Google with relative ease.   Once I have rankings, I have profit potential. :)

The first thing I want to do is run these keyword with my favorite keyword tool, Jaaxy. If you don’t have access to Jaaxy, I suggest you sign-up for the FREE trial (full access to system, and 30 searches for free).

I am going to start by typing in the most obvious keyword, “phoenix pizza”.

Find Local Keywords - Phoenix Pizza
Green Check Marks indicate easy ranking keywords.


Already, I have some awesome, low QSR keywords.  Remember, if you read my last post on finding keywords,  QSR means “Quoted Search Results”, which is the actual number of pages you are competing with in Google.   When you research competition, this is really all you are concerned with and you want to aim for keywords with under 400 QSR.  The closer the ZERO, the better.   I have indicated the keywords that meet this criterion with the .

That was just my first search.   There are many other searches that I could do to reveal more keywords targeting pizza joints in Phoenix.  Here are a few…

  • best pizza phoenix
  • phoenix pizza delivery
  • top pizza places in phoenix

And here are a few keywords that meet my “competition” criteria by typing in best pizza phoenix.

Find Local Keywords - Best Pizza Phoenix

Then I may want to target some of the different regions in the Greater Phoenix Area (you can do some research to uncover these or if you are from the location, it will be easy to come up with the regions in your area).

  • scottsdale pizza
  • gilbert pizza
  • chandler pizza
  • mesa pizza
  • goodyear pizza
  • surprise pizza
  • tempe pizza

Here is a search for “scottsdale pizza”…

Local Search Marketing - Scottsdale Pizza

Within a few minutes research, I am in the local pizza business.  I basically have enough keyword ammunition to start a localized campaign and to start getting rankings under keywords that MANY local pizzerias would be interested in.  In fact, maybe I should start a pizza business in Phoenix, I could definitely get a good deal of traffic from the web!

I have uncovered a large amount of potential keywords within initial searches. The ultimate mix is high traffic, low competition. However, the very first metric I always look at is competition.  Jaaxy is the only keyword tool that provides this data point and literally will save you an hours off of your day to day research.

Again, I aim for less than 400 QSR, the closer the ZERO the better.  Lot’s to choose from within my few initial searches.

I typically aim for keywords with some traffic. Note that Jaaxy provides much more realistic data than other keyword research tools and even Google’s keyword tool because it uses data from all search engines. It then processes this data through the “traffic accuracy algorithm” to give you more realistic data.

Anyways, I try to aim for more than 50 searches. My motto is that it is “better to be ranked first page under a keyword with very little traffic, than 2nd page under a keyword with lots of traffic”. Therefore, competition should be the first metric you look at when doing keyword research, then traffic. Not the other way around.

Don’t overlook keywords that get very little traffic though.  For example, “phoenix pizza places” only gets 16 searches per month.  But say you get a #1 ranking in Google and your listing gets 50% of those searches (8 searches per month).  This would also be valuable to a pizza company as every order they get averages $30 or so dollars.  If this one keyword only gets them a couple leads per month, that is still $720 in business per year.  That keyword still has value.

How to Get Local Keyword Rankings

Although I am not going to run through the entire process of “how SEO works”, I am going to explain how the local marketing aspect of SEO functions and give you some insight as to how you can attain high rankings in Google with relative ease.

Before I get started, I want to show you visually how Google ranks “local” content within their first page results.  Here is what it looks like when I type “pizza delivery phoenix” into

Google Rankings - Pizza Delivery

You can see in the BLUE, the paid ads.  Those are through Google Adwords.  In the LIME GREEN, you have Google Places which are essentially Google’s internal business listings (as a business you can get listed in there with some work), and then in RED, we have the natural search rankings…the rankings in which we are going for.

You cannot see the, but there are also natural search rankings below the last Google Places ranking (7 more natural rankings on the first page).

There are also local keywords that don’t have Google places rankings.  If I were to search “24 hour pizza delivery”, Google doesn’t recognize this as a local listing and therefore fills up the page with natural listings.

Google Natural Search Rankings - 24 hour pizza delivery

Just a little tip to consider.  Search Google before you create your content.

So on to the “getting ranked” part.  To get ranked in Google naturally under local search terms, you need to create content.

Here are 5 different types of content that you can create to get ranked:

(1) Write an article and submit to an author site (like
(2) Write content on your relevant website (that you own)
(3) Write content on a free website creator that gets rankings (,,
(4) Create a video and submit to YouTube
(5) Create social content withing Google +, Facebook Groups, etc.

If I were to write a blog post on my website (has to be related to pizza), write an article and submit it to a site like Street Articles, I could attain 1st page rankings rather easily here for most of the keywords I found. I am competing with very few sites and a targeted content piece would likely float page one under any of these terms with relative ease.

Once you are ranked, you have power within the local market.   Keywords are all at the core of the success.

Imagine All the Local Keywords You Could Uncover in 30 Searches!

Now, I challenge you to do what I have just done, except I am going to get you to do this with 30 searches…using Jaaxy!

Get 30 Free Local Searches Now!

I know many people have been very interested in Jaaxy lately, and I wanted to let you know that we are giving you 30 free searches with Jaaxy. This is full access with no catches…check it out and use it for 30 searches (local or otherwise) and perform the same sort of keyword research I have done here.  You could create an entire local marketing campaign off 10 searches, let alone 30!

Seriously, NO CATCH. 30 free searches including all the functionality that our paid members receive. If you decide you like Jaaxy and think it is a tool you will want to use on a regular basis, then you can decide if you want to pay a small charge for unlimited access.   If not, we are going to show you how you can earn more search credits.  Either way you are a winner!

Get 30 Free Local Searches Now!

Hope you found this blog posting helpful and informative.  As always, please leave you feedback or questions if you have any.

Take it easy,

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