WA Live is Here – Wealthy Affiliate Has Just Gone INSTANT

We have an announcement…Wealthy Affiliate LIVE Chat

After months of development and many requests from members, LIVE CHAT is our latest addition to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Instead of me being overly biased and saying it is the best thing since sliced bread, I would rather give everyone a sneak peak into the new LIVE chat system which is a component of WA Live interface which is going to continue offering more LIVE additions in the future.

Our two WA LIVE membership benefits started in November 2011 when we rolled out LIVE Video Training.

Every week we offer all members the ability to learn interactively through LIVE video on various topics which change each and every week.  This is the most current video training on the web and as a member you can watch all the past LIVE video training within our archives. :)

And our Brand Spankin’ New System…


The ability to chat in an instant way is something that members have requested for some time now.  Until now, members have used the forum, WA space, or Private Messages to communicate via Wealthy Affiliate.  These are all effective methods of communication and we do have one of the most active Internet Marketing Forums on the Internet, however the time has come to make things far more instant.

WA LIVE - New Instant Help Dashboard
The NEW Instant Help/Chat Dashboard

Technology has come a long ways in the last couple of years and we are going to fully integrate the Chat system throughout WA communication landscape. I am going to outline how the LIVE Chat system works and show you some of the benefits…

Benefit #1: Create your own “topic” related discussions

Interested in sparking conversation about the latest marketing technique, social network, niche, or Google change?

You can simply create your own chat within Wealthy Affiliate.  Instantly choose and name your topic and you will launch your chat.  From there you can invite other members to take part and start engaging in different topics.

We can see many discussions solving many of the most complex problems online. With instant collaboration collides with 1,000’s of people looking to accomplish the same thing (make money online), big things happen.  Carson and I are also going to be very actively involved in all discussions.

Benefit #2: Get Instant Help

We have always taken pride in helping members in a one-on-one fashion and having the most interactive IM community online, however WA Chat is going to take this to another level. Any questions that you may have whether it be technical, hosting or marketing related, you can instantly create your own chat to query people (including us), or you can join the general chat right within the WA dashboard.

Help is there whenever you need it.  Whether it is 2am in the morning or 6pm at night! :)

Benefit #3: Build business networks

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could communicate live with very successful Internet marketers.  What about up and coming marketers?  What about people that are working within the same niche as you?  What about people with different skills that you could trade services with?

Instant chat is going to allow you to build business networks through “user integration” into the system.  Every chat has a list of the most active users in which you could connect with directly within the Chat via private message or you can befriend them via your WA Space network.

Benefit #4: Get the most current advice & training

The Internet moves quickly. If you have been around the last couple of years, you will know very well there is no standing around if you want to succeed online.  LIVE Chat is going to allow instant communications about current topics and events.  When Google makes a change, you are going to know (there will be live discussion about it).  If the FTC makes a ruling, we are going to be discussing it.

The Internet moves quickly and being able to discuss it in a LIVE fashion is going to keep you on top of your game.

Benefit #5: Chat with Kyle, Carson and other WA Experts LIVE

People have always wondered if we really offer the 1-on-1 support like we say we do.  The short and the long of that answer is an emphatic YES!  The cool part of the new chat system is that we know have another medium where people can connect with us, join us in discussion, receive instant help and advice from us, and it will allow us to reveal our thoughts and opinions on things that are taking place on the net.

WA Live - Chat Directly With Kyle & Carson

All members get access to LIVE Chat, which also means that all members get instant access to us!


We have just rolled out a dashboard module that allows you to get “Get Answers to ANY Questions” via our Help Me plugin.  Simply enter your question, click submit and you can expect an answer to the questions in a much more timely fashion.

Bonus: Join Kyle & Carson for Some upcoming WA Live Discussions:

Date: Thursday, August 18th, 2011 (ALL DAY): Google Rankings / Panda Update(s)

Been hit by Google this year? Hate Google?  Want to succeed with Google in today’s Internet, not yesterdays?  We can help!

Join us for a live discussion on Google Rankings next Tuesday!

Date: Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 (ALL DAY): Everything “Internet Marketing” Chat

Bring your questions and bring your knowledge to a live discussion about Internet marketing, what it means to you, what has changes, and what you need help with.  We will be available Thursday Aug 18th for a communicate LIVE discussion about all topics related to IM.

This is just the start!

We have many slated updates, integrations, and further improvements to the chat system.  This is also going to be built into new systems that allow for more instant communication, including the likelihood of mobile and tablet app integration.

Lots to look forward and many success stories are going to derive from the newly added chat capabilities at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wanna chat about your Internet Business?  Join us within the walls of WealthyAffiliate.com today.


Kyle (& Carson)
The Wealthy Affiliates

Part 7 – …And a Keyword Tool Overhaul

For the past 6 weeks Kyle and I have been chatting about the new infrastructure of WA Platinum and a lot of the new features it will have. We haven’t had a chance to mention tools just yet…. but… Now is that time, and yes, we’ve given one of our most used tools a complete face lift!

Come WA Platinum, all members will have access to our brand new keyword research tool. This next iteration of our KW tool offers strong search capabilities by directly accessing Google keyword databases and delivering keywords that will take your business to another level.

Searching and discovering new keywords is an integral part of building a successful campaign, so we’ve taken things a step further to offer WA members a more organized research experience.

The Platinum keyword tool allows you to stay organized by offering you the ability to build keyword lists, save, edit , and export them all in an easily-to-navigate interface. This gives you the opportunity to do your research over time and come back to your saved lists to continue working on them “later”. Believe me when I say that this tool makes your life a whole lot easier.

You can organize your lists into campaigns within the keyword list system as this is fully integrated into the KW research that you do. We want the KW tool to be the one place that you need to go in order to mine for those HOT keywords. So.. keeping that in mind we’ve integrated the Competition spy tool so that you can quickly and easily spy on competitors while you do your keyword research. With the click of a button you can setup a new campaign to see what other advertisers feel are top converting keywords.

Functionality isn’t the only part of the tool we’ve worked hard to improve. Speed has been drastically improved and you can now pull huge sets of data in the time it took you to read this sentence! As you can probably guess, I’m pretty anxious to get this tool out there and in use!

From better training, to improved interface, speed and efficiency, networking, and tools, WA Platinum will be the one place that everyone needs in their Internet marketing arsenal.

We’re excited to move the entire community over to the new system, and excited to keep spilling the beans about what you can expect come Launch day of Wealthy Affiliate Platinum.



Part 6 – New Wealthy Affiliate, New Ways to Earn….

What’s up…

Today is the day…well, maybe not the actual day of the launch of Wealthy Affiliate Platinum, however it is the day that I explain how there will be more earning opportunities than there ever has been within WA….and because of WA Platinum!

Before I explain what is new, maybe I shall go over what is old…


(1) The way WA Gold works now…or does not get used…
(2) The way members earn within the ShareZone and the forum…
(3) The way members get the training they need to earn more money…
(4) The way in which new opportunities are announced & discovered…

And now, how WA Platinum is going to take the old system and improve upon it.


(1) First off, the WA gold system is going to be much faster. At this point, the system is terribly inefficient and it can take some time to get reports on where you earned gold and when. Our aim within Platinum is to continue making gold more integrated into day-to-day activities and make it more enticing and intriguing to give gold to others.

At this point, people are not sharing gold in the way they should be simply because they are not reminded about their gold. Our aim is to make gold much more of a currency and to have this currency transferred more to the people that deserve it within WA Platinum.

(2) Within Platinum, members that develop quality resources are going to get rewarded. Gold is going to get distributed much more within Wealthy Affiliates new training center. Great resources are going to get much more exposure and members that see value in member created resources are going to be much more inclined to share gold.

There are also going to be two brand new components. Contributors and Moderators, both which will lead into Gold earning opportunities, not just from other members but from the Wealthy Affiliate system itself.

(3) Better training equates to better learning…which equates to more earning potential. Actually let me rephrase this once again, more elaborate and diverse training will lead to more diverse ways to earn money online…which will lead to even more successful members.

A critical component of WA Platinum is the training… members are going to learn more, learn better, and understand things in much more detail. One of the biggest concerns of ours is members being overwhelmed and not having enough advanced stuff… both of which we tackle with our new system. There will be no excuses for not succeeding!

(4) An easier interface to update and one that is a lot smarter, means that news and opportunities will be delivered to members in a much more timely fashion. If a holiday is coming, a resource could be created around this holiday outlining the opportunities. If Google makes a big change and we need to notify members, we can do so. Or if we see a huge opportunity brewing, we can get the word out there as to how members should leverage this opportunity to make money.

The system is easier to use for everyone…which means exact congruency between the state of the Internet and the information within Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition to all of this, a more advanced training facility will naturally lead to smarter marketers, more current marketers, and more successful marketers.

Carson and I have spent a good deal of time not only creating Wealthy Affiliate Platinum, but planning it out so it would be best suited for member success.

Go back to our old, yet still current motto…


This is truly a principle we have instilled in our day-to-day activities and one you will see that we follow with almost anything that we create. We want you to succeed and Wealthy Affiliate Platinum is going to lead to much greater member success.



Talk soon,


Part 5 – You’re Not Here to Make Friends… Or Are You?

WA Platinum has undergone some major framework changes that allow for a more interactive experience for all members. We have ripped apart and thrown the current WA spaces into a blender and come up with an entirely new system.

So, are you here to make friends?

WA is not a social network.. Nope, no way, now how… it’s an Internet marketing training program. We’re not out to re-create facebook, however, having friends in the industry is an IMPORTANT part of your skill development. WA Spaces Platinum offers a much improved system that allows you to network with your buddies, keep track of their actions, blog, post comments, and generally communicate much more effectively.

Kyle and I are a team, but we’re not the only dynamic duo or trio here at WA.

Getting in touch with and forming alliances with other WA members will improve your learning and give you a network of people to work with as you build your online business.

The more active you are within WA Platinum, the better (and faster) you will achieve success. Some people work well on their own and don’t use anything but our training resources and tools. However, if you are like me and Kyle, having a buddy network of people to bounce ideas off or ask questions to makes Internet marketing a lot easier.. Let alone fun!

WA Platinum is going to be your “Virtual Office” with brand new functionality to allow for better networking.

Just wait until you see the completely revamped, optimized, and speedy WA Spaces Platinum system.

Here are just a few aspects of WA Spaces Platinum that you have to look forward to:

* Better image management (cropping allowed)
* Ability to follow conversations with Buddy Chat, reply, and manage posts
* Fully functional blog with the ability to comment
* New “network” system to keep track of your buddies and their actions within the system
* Ability to “block” others from posting on your space

Lots more information about WA Platinum coming next week!

Keep your eyes peeled!


Part 4 – No more KINGS of the castle?

We are removing ourselves as the “kings of the castle”.

Frankly, Carson and I think that becoming users within our system is going to create a much better experience for us… and you. We are going to see how the resources benefit people, we are going to have more insight into how the new Platinum system works, and improvements to Wealthy Affiliate are going to take place much quicker.

Although we are currently highly active within Wealthy Affiliate every day (for a considerable amount of hours), we still feel that we can get more of a user feel if we use WA for everything…and use every component of it for our day-to-day business.

This doesn’t mean we are compromising support, this just means we are becoming users in the same way you get to see the system. This is going to help us gain a deeper perspective of improvements. Sometimes looking at WA from a higher level business standpoint we miss out on some of the more intricate improvements we can make to improve the experience for WA’ers.

We know we are not perfect and we want to find and analyze all the imperfections of the system first hand.

WE will be using every aspect and working closely with members to improve the system flow, the system tools and resources, and future upgrades.

We have never thought we were better than anyone just because we own Wealthy Affiliate, and this is proving it. We can put our “ego’s” aside and become users of the system like everybody else. This is actually quite exciting!!

WA members will now be able to rank our resources. Edit them. Tell us they are great, or not so good. You can add to our resources.. make them better.. and contribute to the BEST training platform available for Internet marketers.

Want to be #1? Well, get ready for “Member Rank”.. This is a new system that we have incorporated into the Platinum framework. A sophisticated algorithm will rank you as a member of WA.. Carson and I might get bumped off as the top users in the system by someone else! Could you be the most influential member here at WA?

So what about the support guys????

We WILL still be offering a very high level of personal support and coaching. We won’t sacrifice the support we have offered over the years. By pulling out, we do not mean removing ourselves. In fact, this will lead to more active roles within the community, quicker upgrades, better improvements, and a much greater place for everyone.

A new “US”. No more Kings of the Castle. We want to be the guys digging the ditch for the moat….LOL!



Part 3 – The Platinum Framework is…

… Lightening Quick & Super Scalable

“Speedy” is a term that we throw around when talking about the newly improved WA Platinum framework. We are big users of the Internet and know that a quick and responsive platform makes for a better experience!

For those “techie” people out there. WA Platinum utilizes some of the most cutting edge technologies to deliver your learning content to you faster! Our programmers have been working on a framework that is not only super fast, but scalable too. Nearly all systems in Platinum have been re-vamped to make use of these technologies. You will see, and notice a big difference.

What does this mean for your experience? Well, how about super fast “search” capabilities. We’ve worked long and hard on our search algorithms to make sure that when you look for a training resource, you get what you want in a split second. How about WA Spaces.. it’s a little on the slow side right now isn’t it? Yes we also agree with that statement 100% but we have some big surprises for you in that department.

The Training Center is one major area where you will spend a lot of your time, and this new platform is completely re-designed from the ground up to make it uber quick to work through your learning material.

Speed and efficiency isn’t the only technical improvement we’ve made to WA Platinum. We know that a large community needs the ability to adapt to the market and scale to brand new techniques, strategies, and methods. Platinum has the ability for the community to make it evolve, grow, and stay current.

What if someone wanted to learn about a brand new technique in a completely different category that doesn’t exist at WA? Well, all members will have the ability to request learning resources and have them created in a timely manner. Not only that, we have a system that allows WA to grow in a direction that the community wants as a whole. Take my word for it, this is a big deal!

As soon as Platinum is released it is going to have a mind of its own and will become the “ONLY” place to go for Internet marketing training. The way we’ve structured the Training center makes each section a complete school. No, not just a few tutorials or video’s, a complete learning environment on it’s own where you can focus on one technique at a time. Think of WA Platinum as a multi-university with complete training in many different categories!

Will you be there to experience the evolution? We hope so because it excites me to think about the day we flip the switch and move over to the new system!

Kyle has some surprising news to tell you next week, so stay tuned!


Part 2 – Improved “Platinum Interface”

Yawn, boring…blah…

That is the feeling I get when I look at the existing Wealthy Affiliate interface (Carson feels the same way). I think I have a mild case of attention deficit because every time I log into a system I want to see something new, something that is visually appealing and something that is dynamic.

Our existing system does a pretty good job of this with the modules you can add to your dashboard and the regular updates we add, but this was not adequate when we sat down and planned out the NEW WA Platinum interface. Pretty good is not good enough for our standards!

We not only had to plan out how it looked, but also spent a good deal of time planning out the underlying algorithms that would help make it a much easier, intuitive and semantically sensitive environment for members of WA!

So what are the things that we need to address?

Easy to find, Easy to learn

First off, as a system grows it can become more and more disorganized. Although we have done the best with what we have to work with at Wealthy Affiliate, there are still some drawbacks. Finding content can be difficult for someone coming in fresh (that has no requisite knowledge of our system)…

We get that! So what we have done is improved the ways content is organized, the ways the menu’s are structured, and the search functionality within WA!

A Smart Help, Who Would Have Thunk!

When you need help…where is it? We do have a Help tab in our main menu but this is no longer become adequate. We are creating a help system in WA Platinum that is going to facilitate the ease-of-use within WA for everyone. Help is going to become centralized and context sensitive. Say you were within Rapid Writer and you need help on how to spin an article, you will just have to click the Help button. The help will know what page you are on and deliver the exact information (in the form of a video or tutorial) that you need.

Web 3.0

Ever heard of Web 3.0? If you haven’t, that is where our system is headed. We want to deliver content to you that you are interested in. If you like PPC and are constantly using PPC resources and tools within WA, we want to make your WA experience more relevant to your needs and interests. We are not rolling out our full version of web semantics right away, but you may start to notice that things that you want will be right there for you!

This also means more control, ability to categorize your favorite stuff at WA, and ways to get to your resources quicker.

So Fresh, So Clean…

Yeah, that is right. A new look will be coming to Wealthy Affiliate Platinum. As with anything we launch, we like to come out with a fresh, hip and current look. WAP will not only look different, there is going to be more working space, the ability to customize your look and for those of you that think our font size isn’t quite right, a way for you to adjust this. WAP is going to allow you to create an interface you can make your own.


Wealthy Affiliate is going to continue evolve, but our new interface and new look will provide an exciting environment for everyone to work, hang out, network, and learn within.

This was my “insider” on the new interface, new look, and some of the new functionality that is going to be coming to Wealthy Affiliate. We have many more updates, so please keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you want to drop some feedback, reply to this post. We love to hear from everyone.



Part 1 – A New World For WA

It’s been a crazy and frantic 2009 for Kyle and I because one of our biggest innovations is coming to fruition…and it has taken a lot of hard work and planning. Over the past couple of weeks we have been hinting that there is big news coming to Wealthy Affiliate. I’m here to let you in on what is going to be happening and the journey that you are about to engage in.

Before I get into the details I’ll let you know what we are going to be doing over the next 8 weeks here in the forum. The news that we’ve got for all Wealthy Affiliate members is so BIG that we can’t get it all out in a single day. We will be posting in our Wealthy Affiliate Journal in the forum once a week so that you can get a feel for the pure scope of the project that we are working on.

At this point I am going to say three words to you….


Let that sink in for a second….

In late September, 2009, Wealthy Affiliate is getting its third MAJOR update and is moving from WA 3.0, to WA Platinum. Over the next 8 weeks we are going to provide you with details about our brand new system. If you are not excited now, you should be. We have both been working with the new system getting it ready for quite some time and I still get excited each time I log into the completely remodeled and cutting edge framework (more on that later).

To kick start our release I want to tell you about a brand new system that we’ve created from scratch that is unlike anything you have EVER seen in the world of Internet marketing (or online education for that matter)

WA Platinum = More Success & Knowledge

A bold statement right? Well, over the years Kyle and I have always had a different outlook than the “other” marketers out there. We set out with intentions to create the BEST Internet marketing training facility in the world. WA Platinum is THE system that will facilitate our journey and take us there.

Getting started and finding the information that you want is the most important aspect of the completely redesigned Platinum. Every member is going to know exactly where to go to get the training they need. “How do I get started”, or “How do I learn about…” are questions that will not be asked again.

Our brand new training center will replace all other similar systems in WA 3.0, integrating our learning to a central (and searchable) location. For instance, if you want to learn about email marketing, you will know exactly where to go, and upon getting there you will be instantly immersed in a content rich environment to teach you about the topic.

No, we aren’t just reorganizing our existing resources!

WA Platinum is a smart system, it has a brain of its own. It knows what you want, what is the best way to teach it to you, and how to deliver it. When you’re learning about a specific topic you’ll know exactly which other training resources you should check out next. Not only that, you’ll know what others are learning from at that exact moment, what helped them, and what didn’t.

Content is going to flow through the gates of the Training Center on a daily basis, utilizing a technology that Kyle and I have spent the past year developing. WA Platinum will no longer grow solely based on OUR ideas.. It is smart and grows by its self delivering the highest quality training resources to your computer screen.

We realize that the need for training on topics WA does not currently offer is growing. We also know that the need for training on topics that DO NOT exist yet is something we had to tackle with WA Platinum. This is all addressed within the new Training Center and new infrastructure we have developed.

I’ve kept this post pretty vague due to the pure scope of our new training center and the backbone technology behind it. As a member you just need to be aware that greater integration = more resources, more resources = more training, more training = more knowledge, and more knowledge = more success…

In September 2009 WA will be the ONLY place that an Internet marketer needs to go to fulfill their hunger for knowledge, tools, support, and success! Be here and you’ll wake to a breath of fresh air in the world of Internet marketing education and training.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of the Wealthy Affiliate Platinum release notes!

Talk soon,


A Special Wealthy Affiliate Offer…

Today is the BIG day.

A day for all the aspiring and successful Internet marketers…

This day marks the day that we launch…

Wealthy Affiliate Accreditation!

We are offering a one week introductory offer to anyone that is looking to become an expert in the following areas:

(1) Article Marketing & SEO
(2) Pay Per Click Marketing (Google Adwords, YSM, MSN)

Many people struggle online because they are either misinformed or have information overload. They may have some of the right knowledge and some of the wrong knowledge, but when they are mixed, failure is inevitable.

We have spent the last 4 months and 100’s of hours developing our newest accreditation courses! They are task based and will walk you through everything you need to know to succeed with these marketing strategies.

They are based off of the EXACT processes we have followed to earn millions of dollars over the course of the last 7 years online.
How much?

If we were like everyone else out there, we would charge an arm and a leg for these courses. The time alone we invested into these courses is worth $1000’s alone, not to mention these courses are the exact (yes, exact) step-by-step processes that we have followed to make millions.

These courses could easily sell for $1000…as people are going to make much more than this off of the knowledge the gain from theme.

However, we have decided to offer each accreditation course for only $67 during the first week of the launch. Each course includes at least 11 lessons that will walk you through everything from the

These courses are only offered within Wealthy Affiliate, so yes; you do have to be member of Wealthy Affiliate before you can get access to them. We have created a special page where you can sign-up to become a member as well as get access to one or more of the accreditation courses.


==> http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/course_ppc.php

Article Marketing + SEO Course = $67 (ONE WEEK ONLY OFFER!) ==> http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/course_article_marketing.phpHow are these courses different from WA and why do you need to pay for both?

Although we do have a load of resources within WA, including a vast number of tutorials, videos, and other resources…these courses are an all in one package.

We were initially going to launch these courses outside of WA…but decided to offer it exclusively to WA members. Why? Well, we want WA members to succeed and we want to continue feeding the success engine with powerful resources like these.

95% of the things we come out within WA are free, but this is an instance where we have to charge a nominal fee for the course. If you follow through these courses and complete the tasks, you will succeed. That $67 will soon become a very insignificant investment!

You are also investing in your education, knowledge set and future. Think of an accreditation course in college or university. You are looking at a minimum of $1000’s and more times than not, you are being taught from a book, not experience.

And there is MORE…

We are ripening the pot for you. Making an offer that is so irresistible that you cannot afford to take part in this.

We are offering some really special bonuses with each course. Some will tell us we are crazy for giving away such powerful bonuses, but we don’t care!

Here they are:

PPC Accreditation:

BONUS 1: A copy of Beating Adwords (no cost) – $67 Value
BONUS 2: A copy of Inside the List (no cost) – $67 Value
BONUS 3: Access to Lifetime Updates
BONUS 4: Full Support

Full Details HERE!

Article Marketing Accreditation:

BONUS 1: A copy of Who Loves Money (no cost) – $77 value
BONUS 2: A copy of Inside the List (no cost) – $67 value
BONUS 3: 100 PLR Articles
BONUS 4: 1000 Hot Article Keywords
BONUS 5: Access to Lifetime Updates
BONUS 6: Full Support

Full Details HERE!

We are giving away our top marketing e-books (which are all hot clickbank sellers) when you purchase either one of the courses. These books alone are worth more than the value of each accreditation!!!

How can you not take advantage of this!

Click Here for PPC Course Info & Purchase

Click Here for Article Marketing Course & Purchase Info

This offer is only valid for one week…and then the price will be going up (no exceptions, no excuses). Take advantage of this will the price is ridiculously low!

If you are ready to buy, go here:

already a member and you want to get the accreditation courses, just sign in to your the WA membership area and you can gain access to them (and buy) from there.
See you on the other side,

Kyle (& Carson)
The Wealthy Affiliates

A new type of GOLDRUSH coming soon!

We hope that you are enjoying your day…and if you are from Canada like us, we hope that you are having a great Canada Day!

We just wanted to let you in on something big, REALLY BIG that is coming to WA next Tuesday.

It is an Internet marketing revolution and to be honest with you, we are not sure how we are going to top this new addition to Wealthy Affiliate. It is probably our biggest innovation and biggest move towards helping as many people as possible succeed online that we have made yet.

The system is called WA Gold, and although we are not going to release exact details until Tuesday, we can tell you a few things about it:

(1) It will allow all members to earn money right within WA
(2) It is going to make WA the place to be for Internet marketing
(3) Quality information at WA is going to grow 10 fold
(4) The already high success rate at WA will skyrocket
(5) WA will simply become the best IM community online

Now, like we said, full details will come on the launch date, but you can definitely take part in the celebration if you are not already a member of WA.

Sign-up Here

This is BIG.

Take care and have a great week!