A Self Centered New Year? We Are Changing Things Up!

Each and every year, most people throughout the world sit down and create a list of one or more New Year’s Resolutions for themselves.Self Centered New Year? We Are Going to Change Things Up

This is a logical approach. This is what we have been told to do and over the years we have just grown accustomed to think of a New Year as a reason to set new goals.

There is a major problem with this and we think it is a systemic issue in our society. Sure some of us need to shed a few pounds, earn a bit more money, quit smoking, or make more time for themselves, but these are all SELF CENTERED GOALS.

And these are perfectly OK, however they are not “world changing” like something we are going to be sharing with you could be…

Does you losing 15 pounds or does you getting a better job have a positive impact on anyone but you? Perhaps. Maybe we should rephrase this.

Are your resolutions this year going to POSITIVELY impact the life of someone that you DO NOT know?

If your answer is no, then we want you to at least consider our new way of addressing a New Year. You don’t have to take action on it, but at the very least, can you please spend a second and read what we have to say?

Thanks for your time…we genuinely appreciate it.

The WE New Years Resolution

This year we are going to be doing something completely different. Instead of my usual “ME” goals that are typically self centered, and based around self improvement, we are going to be moving my goals to “WE”, meaning others.

Our goal this year instead of changing something that we are doing, we want to have a positive impact on a few people’s lives that we don’t even know.

Someone that has no idea we may cross their path now, but they will be better off because of the relationship.

We want to change at minimum one person’s life for the better!

Helping someone else this year instead of helping yourself could be instrumental in changing the world in a positive way.

We are living in a world of constant war, economic pressures, negative news, and an abundance of other negative “stuff”, that the positives are overlooked. In fact, people tend to do less “positive” because they feel that as a single person, they cannot make a difference.

Collectively we believe WE (including you) can though!

If you could simply help one or two people in a positive way each and every day or even throughout the year, think of the viral effect of this.

People that get helped in a selfless way (without incentive), tend to be in a better mood. They tend to pay their help forward. It becomes viral in a sense.

It is similar to the coined phrase “paying it forward”, however it starts with helping someone that is in need. It means helping change someones life for the better.

We could all in some degree benefit from change, but what if we helped each other achieve this change. Sometimes it is much harder to change yourself, whereas others can have a changeful impact on your life with relative ease.

We know this is ambitious for me to collectively think that this could change the world, but even if we are the only ones that takes part in this, then we know it has made an impact.

So here it is, our New Years Resolution is about OTHER PEOPLE this year. We think that going forward we are going to do this and we think you should consider doing it as well.

Our “WE” New Years Resolutions

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #1: Sponsor at least one local child that is suffering or lacks some of the basic necessities (food, clothing, gifts)

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #2: Sponsor at least one person in poorer countries who do not have the resources to get their own food, shelter or health care

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #3: Continue pushing the existing community to help 10,000’s (hopefully 100’000’s) get an education in the Internet, to better their lives from a knowledge, financial, and long term perspective.

Way we are going to change someones life for the better #4: Have a positive influence on people’s lives on a daily basis. A positive attitude is contagious in the same way the a negative one can be negative. I am going to challenge negative people with kindness, regardless of the situation.

The part that is exciting about this, is that two worlds are going to connect.

The Impact This Could Have…Imagine…

This can and will become viral if you get involved and get those involved around you. Here is a breakdown the impact that you could have…

If 1,000 people have a positive impact on improving someones lives, these 1,000 people that benefit from this may go on to impact another 1,000…which in turn could equate to 1,000,000 people over time.

Could you imagine if 1,000,000 people went out of their way to have a positive impact on 1,000,000 other people’s lives.

Could you imagine if every single person in a country went out of their way to help ONE person in one way or another.

Could you imagine if this was just something that we did naturally within the world. What an unbelievable place this would be to live, to grow up, to raise families and to co-exist with others.

We are going to hold myself accountable!

We are going to hold myself accountable to achieving what I said I am going to achieve and I will be reporting back on all of it later on in 2012. I would love for you to take part and do the same.

We are also not going to flinch at the idea of having to use my own money if need be. There are tax incentives to donating money, but sometimes this forces us to donate to charities that are loaded with administrative entities that suck up a good deal of your donation. We are going to go to ground ZERO if we have to and deliver my help to the person, not the organization.

We are going to make sure if it takes money (it doesn’t necessarily need to), that it is not going to some big corporation, rather the actual person that needs it. The resources and the benefit go much further this way.

Self Improvement, My Thoughts…

Self improvement is something that you should always be doing and should not be waiting until January to do anyways. If you are overweight, don’t pack your face until the New Year. Make a change now. If you don’t like your job and you need to make a change, do it NOW. Don’t wait.

If you need to quit a bad habit, improve a skill, become more educated, or focus more of your time on your family, DO IT NOW. Don’t wait for some silly date on the calendar to make this change, that seems ridiculous.

We are hoping that you take part in this and if you are willing, please leave a comment on “How you plan on helping others out this year”. Let’s make this the year of the “WE”, not “ME”.

We also hope you can help me spread the word here. If you know of anyone that may be interested in helping others, can you please share this (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blog, Email). The more people that take action on this, the better place this world will be for all of us.

Let’s make this world a better place, one person at a time!

Live Training Discussions with Kyle and Carson

Kyle & Carson
Founders of  Wealthy Affiliate

PS. We also hope we can positively change your life this year in one form or another.  All the best in 2012!

What is OUR SECRET to 10 Years of online success?

OK, let me set this post up here….Live Training Discussions with Kyle and Carson

Every week at Wealthy Affiliate, we have weekly discussions about certain topics related to online business, Internet marketing, and sometimes they are just wide open and can be about any random topic.

This week’s topic happened to be on “OUR SECRET to 10 Years of online success”, a subject that is obviously very near and dear to Carson and myself. Also a topic that comes as second nature to talk about.

Today I wanted to share a bit of the dialogue that went on in this discussion, as I think you would find some value in it. Remember, Carson and I created success from nothing. From $0. From no knowledge. And well, here we are 10 years and many successful businesses later…

So here it is, our discussion for you to read, enjoy, and critique (please note that I left the conversations raw and unedited, there may be some spelling/grammar mistakes).

“OUR SECRET to 10 Years of online success” Live Discussion Excerpts

WA Member Question: Did you also struggle with simple things like setting up domains and hosting?

Kyle’s response: Absolutely, you are not just born with technical skills. When we started out, website development was much harder than it is now. You needed to know HTML, you need to know how to manipulated templates, you needed to know how to create your own graphics. The actual process was probably 10x longer than it is now to create a website, if only there were CMS like WordPress when we started out, things would have been much easier.

The thing about technical stuff is that once you do it once or twice, you know it. You don’t lose it. You don’t forget it and you will be able to do it going forward without having to worry about relearning anything….and you can also help others.

WA Member Question: Hey Kyle, I know building a website was different back then, but most of your success came from paid traffic correct? (google adwords) I know google adwords was much much different back then.. they are very strict now..

Kyle’s response: Yes, correct. A good deal of my earnings were a result of paid traffic back 2002-2005. At the core, SEO would have been just as appropriate a technique and many people were doing that and doing very well, but Carson and I were focused on techniques that worked for us. When we started Wealthy Affiliate we had experience in SEO and building lists, but our expertise was primarily in the PPC, web development and “helping people” line of business.

The underlying strategy for success online has not really changed. The ideologies have not changed.

You have a person and you have a product. As an affiliate your job is to connect these two items. As an advertiser, your goal is to get traffic and you do this through creating quality content that search engines like (which is a result of people liking it). The mediums have changed though. They were far more PPC and SEO based back then, now there are far more mediums to do this as people are much more connected. Social, building leads, engaging in content, apps, etc. The principles have not changed, the mediums for which it is delivered has…and in my opinion, the opportunity has grown as far more people are connected now.

WA Member Question: I am just confused, because it seems like you need to know so much…and there are so many different ways to achieve success.

Kyle’s response: Once you figure out YOUR formula, you can scale. When Carson and I worked independently of each other, we did very different things. Sure we were in the PPC and SEO worlds (primarly PPC at first), but our strategies, our apporach, and our niches were much different. What we did is we took what worked for us, and then we continued to build on that.

People get far too distracted. They buy new ebooks to learn new techniques, when most of the time these are written by people who just “theorize” about whether or not it will work. They are making money off of selling the book and if you asked them to implement what they teach, they would be screwed.

I focused on what I knew, what I learned through failing and succeeding, and built off of that. Everything can be turned into a process once you have a formula down, and any process can be scaled. :)

WA Member Question: How do you approach failure? How often do you fail?

Kyle’s response: I fail all of the time. I believe that learning how to fail and accept failure is critical to success within any business. How you address failure is what will lead you to much more success in business.

I only know what I can know, so sometimes “trying” new things is the only way to learn. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If it works, that is great…and I take mental note. If it doesn’t, I know what not to do next time. Knowing what not to do is sometimes far more powerful as knowing what to do.

WA Member Question: How did you go about finding products to promote that you were passionate enough about?

Kyle’s response: If you are passionate enough about your niche, you will be just as passionate about the products within it. You can give people the option as does any store out there, as some people like lower cost, but not as good products where some people want the “premium” products and are willing to pay the premium price to get these. You just need to understand that everyone is not going to want the exact same type of product…that is why stores like Walmart are so successful, because they let people decide on options within the exact same product niche.

Things are much easier and better for you online, as you can create relationships with people and offer insights into products, services, and programs.

WA Member Question: So what would you say the 10 secrets of today are? not what worked 10 years ago, 1 year ago, 1 month ago, 1 week ago, or even yesterday, but what works today that is not over saturated already?

Kyle’s response: First, the secret is that there is no secret. People who tell you otherwise are just trying to sell you something, like their debunk product.

Secondly, what worked 10 years ago for the most part still works today. The principles that is. People have not changed that much, the mediums in which they communicate, share and buy things have changed. I think that if you approach this like a business and not a scheme, then you will be setting yourself up for success. People that think this is “push button” and they get sucked into the idea of that are bound to fail.

Your success comes down not to the niche that you choose, it comes down to how you approach the niche. Your drive, passion and persistence within a niche makes it successful. I hate it when people say “I am going into the weight loss niche because lots of people are making money with it”. Sure there are, there are lots of people making money within every niche. That doesn’t mean it is necessarily a good idea for you to. If you are not interested in it, you will not be able to connect with an audience. That connection and that passion will be very evident in everything you do.

The thing that has changed the most over the 10 years is the transparency online and the emphasis that this is truly a people business, not a snake oil salesman biz.

WA Member Question: Read somewhere that with all businesses we are actually in the business of marketing …., not necessarily in the business of selling shoes or e-books etc, I think that the main thing is to market whatever it is with integrity.

Kyle’s response: I agree, market with integrity. I like it. When it comes down to it, a long term business is built off the brand they create, not a singular product they launch. In the online world, this could just as easily be your personal brand.

WA Member Question: Since google is very strict now.. what paid methods do you recommend?

Kyle’s response: Google is fine for PPC if you are promoting your own product/service, if you are an affiliate they are far harder on you, in particular within the Search Network.

There are actually many opportunities for ad buys out there. Singular websites are willing to sell you ads if you contact them. Why not approach a site that is ranked under “search term a”, one that you want to get traffic from, and offer to pay them for an ad on their site. I think you will get a decent response.

There are also places like Facebook ads, LinkedIn which are popular, but again moreso for driving people to your business. That is why I promote the idea of creating a business, you could be in the business of helping people within a certain niche, and this will act as a business. If you potray yourself as a vaccuum salesman as the first impression, then people are less likely to do business with you and this includes Google, Facebook, and your website visitors.

WA Member Question: 10 years is a long time, ever think about changing businesses?

Kyle’s response: No, at first I didn’t know I WAS a business, I was just doing something that I enjoyed doing and earned me money. Over the years I learned a lot about business, through trial and error, through failure and through successes.

As for changing businesses, that is a tough questions. I think we have evolved so much in the last 5-6 years alone (as has the Internet) that I do not feel like we are doing the same thing as we did then. Next year I will probably feel completely different about the business we are operating as well. That is what makes this so interesting, appealing and exciting to us.

Yeah, that is the Internet. Change is inevitable, but change is exciting…and change is happening to everyone around us. The conventional way we live, think, learn and earn money is shifting…so people better get used to it.

WA Member Question: 10 years though, are you happy like this? I mean you’re here every single day

Kyle’s response: Yeah, still happy buddy. Change and growth are the two things I find most interesting…and creating technologies and services that help people. :)

Growth doesn’t mean money necessarily either. It could be user based, it could be new technology, it could be seeing new ideas materialize, it could be an entire different business.

If I wasn’t happy, I can honestly say I would be doing something else.


There you have it, some of the snippets from the dialogue discussed amongst myself and members at Wealthy Affiliate.

We enjoy doing these every week and if you are interested in connecting with us, we would love for you to partake in the upcoming one. There is only one pre-requisite, you have to be a member of WealthyAffiliate.com. You can join here! :)

Here is what we will be talking about this upcoming week.

Live Discussion Date: Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Topic: Content, content, content (how to get it ranked)

Most people are doing content wrong. This likely includes you. If you are still writing for keywords, back-links, and trying to appeal to Google, then you have it all WRONG.Get ready for us to RIP APART Google Panda, analyze the many “content related” changes that have taken place in the past year, and give you a working “content business model” that will work for YEARS to come! Panda approved!

Hope to see you then!

Take care,

Co-owner of WealthyAffiliate.com

High Unemployment, Recessions, and the Hidden Uprising

Here we are in late 2011. The greatest year of being “unsure” about the future.High Unemployment creates FRUSTRATION

With unemployment prevalent worldwide, housing issues persisting since the 2009 financial debacle, small businesses having a difficult time get a loan to implement their ideas, and the people we should be trusting (our leaders) being unruly.

What’s next. What lies in store for you, me, us. Where does the future go from here.

Again, I am not Nostradamus by any means, and I am not going to make any bold predictions 100 years from now, but I do like to think that I can look at facts, make some assumptions based on consistent trends, and tell you a story or two from our current business and people that we have worked within in the online world over the past year.

Hopefully I can also open up your eyes. Your eyes to employment if your are unemployed, where to find a consistent income and grow your business if you are struggling and need more money, and if you are a business, I am going to reveal how you can get more people walking in your door, more leads, and more traffic to your website.

All at once you ask? This must be some sort of miracle? Am I going to reveal some secret that I found in a bottle that floated ashore on my current  vacation in Italy.

No, what I want to tell you is the truth. That’s all.

Let’s start with the job market…

Unemployment is high. Really high.

Here in Canada it is floating around 7.3% and it has reached much higher rates, of close to 10%, some people claiming that these numbers may be lower than the actual number of “non working” people. In other countries this has grown much higher, with countries such as Spain (20.9% unemployment), Greece (16.6%) along with many others that are around the 20% range. That is a lot of people in the world that are unemployed, and that is a lot of people that are seeking work.

Or are they?

I ran a recent poll within my Facebook account with people on the subject of unemployment. People were actually quite upset with the system and the people that were abusing it as much as they were the state of the economy. American citizens are granted up to 99 weeks of unemployment and although people could capably get a job, they didn’t. The were abusing the system by not actively seeking work (some were anyways).

But don’t we pay into this system? Shouldn’t we be allowed to get some of this money back? That is another discussion, but I am not going to argue the fact that there are a lot of people without jobs and something truly needs to be done.

People don’t need just jobs, they need jobs that allow them to live above the poverty line. Working for $5 an hour at a fast food joint can’t support a family adequately and definitely doesn’t leave any room for extras like entertainment, travel, and the ability to buy stuff (the toys).

The problem is that the spectrum is shifting more and more towards a two class system in this world…

The RICH and the POOR.

I am going to throw a stat at you that will probably piss you off, even if you are rich (unless you are greedy).

The top 11,000 people in the USA make more than the bottom 25 MILLION (yes, meal-eon) people. Freedom, democracy, communism…call it what you want, but I like to think of it as unfair.

The “monetary bar” has shifted as corporations have been making massive profits, employees are making less, cost of living has gone up, and many people atre taking on “Mc Jobs” that would have never even consider it years ago.

I am never one to be a pessimist on outlook, but I do think that we have a bit of a “situation”. One that has more hope that you might imagine. One where the playing field is far more even that these stats have portrayed. One that anyone can do and benefit from.

What am I referring to?

The INTERNET economy!

Constructed of billions of daily clicks, billions in daily transactions, billions of messages and emails shared daily, and millions of web pages being created on a daily basis.

the internet economy is growing quickly

Whenever there are billions of people using something, there will be many microeconomics. In fact, the Internet economy is becoming the biggest economy, connected by more people than any continent in the world, and connecting people in a global economy and attracting billions in corporate investments.

Job Losses Will Be Lost, More Jobs Will Be Gained From The Internet

If you had a job in IT world and you are now unemployed, chances are your job may have been a sacrificial lamb to the net. If you were a data entry person and your job could be turned into a process, chances are your job has been outsourced. If you own a business where you need a personal assistant, content development, or programming services, chances are you have employees that are located somewhere else in your country, somewhere else in your town, maybe their mother language is not even English.

To some this may sound gloomy, but I think this is the glowing ball at the end of the tunnel that we are all need to move towards….

Creating your own personal economy on the Internet. I don’t necessarily mean getting filthy rich. It could be a replacement to your old income or it could be some extra spending money in addition to your existing income (if you are currently employed).

If you are happy, you are ahead of the game. Money is secondary and should be a focus, but it is mutually exclusive from happiness. It will lead to the delivery of “stuff and things” (as my friend likes to call) it. Vacations. Cars. Houses. And a bunch of crap we don’t need but can be fun to have when we can afford it.

But in order to live and not worry about money, we all have a bench mark. I am speaking from experience, when you reach the benchmark you thought you would be content with, the bar will always rise once you achieve it.

That is why you see billionaires trying to make more. Isn’t that enough? No, for the simple reason that “money” does not create happiness at that point. Anything can be bought. Growth becomes the most exciting factor.

What I want you to do now is to determine the amount of money that you need to survive the way in which you WANT to live. I am not talking about barely paying your lighting bill, I am also not talking about flying corporate jets with Richard Branson. I am talking about money to live in a way that you have dreamed about that would satisfy you.

OK…write this down and post it somewhere that you will see all the time. What you write down should be a $$ amount.

Now that you have that out of the way, I am going to give you a sound path to get there. It involves something that we just talked about, the Internet.

I am not here to tell you about some scheme or some secret path to success. I know how to succeed online and Carson and I have built several thriving BUSINESSES (not e-books or info products) on the Internet since 2005 since we went into business together.

What did we do and what should you do?

Follow a passion. Build an entity. Grow that entity and continue investing in it.

People say, how can you make money on the Internet? Well, the answer to that question is “doing anything”. You like cats and dogs, you can make money posting videos, writing content, selling supplies, promoting affiliate programs, creating websites for people in the niche, selling advertising, writing articles, selling websites relevant, buying domains…it goes on and on.

It just so happens that OUR passion is helping people succeed and anything related to technology. This passion has allowed us to create the following successful businesses online:

(1) WealthyAffiliate.com (an Internet Business Training school)
(2) StreetArticles.com (a content authoring portal and information site)
(3) Jaaxy.com (a research and analytics tool)

And over the years, 100’s of other websites that we have used to earn money through, test different marketing strategies, to sell, and to use for our existing businesses.

But the cool part is that these businesses are such a small chunk of the web sphere that creates a space for people like you to get a so-called Internet Job (like us), work for yourself and work from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Actually as I write this I am not even connected to the net, I am on my iPad on a train in Italy (on vacation). That is the reality of the new world of employment, one that I have been immersed in for the last 9 years and know a lot about. In fact, I don’t know any differently now.

Carson and I have been teaching people how to do what we do along with many other ways to use the Internet to earn money. I want to fill in a lot of the blanks for you, but this has been a longer than expected article, so what I am going to do is make the upcoming month called:

“Internet Jobs” Month

This will be a month where we explain jobs online. How you can leverage these jobs. How you can earn more than any other job you have ever had. And if you have a business, how you can grow your business on the Internet. We are also going to be making some invites to special online job discussions that we will be having where we will be diving into things in great detail.

The next post is going to be all about the top “Internet Jobs”. Who is really working online full-time? How can you free yourself from the old economy and join the new Internet economy?  I will tell all in my upcoming “tell all” thread.

Take care,

Co-owner of WealthyAffiliate.com, StreetArticles.com, Jaaxy.com
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Did You Set a New Year Resolution OR Do You Procrastinate?

If I get one more person coming up to me telling me about their New Years Resolution…

Here is my beef with setting New Years Resolutions.  People tend to spend the last 2 months of every year “trying to get their bad habit” out of their system.  If they know their resolution is going to be to quit smoking, they smoke more than they ever have through the months of November and December knowing about this resolution.

This leads to a habit spiraling out of control.  Same goes for weight loss…

People say their New Years resolution is going to be that they lose weight in the New Year…they get that body they have always wanted.  However, they gorge the last 3 weeks of holidays because they are trying to “get it out of their system”.  In reality, they have gained 10lbs of fat which will take endless hours on the grinding away on the bike and treadmill to work off!  The resolution actually lead to weight gain.

That is my beef with resolutions.  They often times lead to bigger holes in your self improvement than if you just lived life without setting this “time release, date based goal”.

If you are going to make a resolution this year, I want you do to this:

Create MINI GOALS All Year!

And work your butt of to achieve these goals.

Don’t wait until New Years day to say you are going to all of a sudden make more money this year.  You could have been spending the last couple of months working on this…you just wasted a bunch of time by procrastinating.

Here are some common New Years Resolutions:

(1) To be nicer - Do you really have to wait until New Years to set this goal.  You mean you get to be a jerk for a couple more months because you waited until New Years to start this.

(2) To make more money - If you want to do this, you need to take consistent action throughout the year.  It doesn’t happen all of a sudden so the more time you have to invest, the greater your chances.   If you are trying to get out of debt, work hard to earn more money versus working harder to save more.  This can lead to greater success.  If you ask any successful person out there, they try to make more than save more.

(3) Lose weight - Again, consider this whenever you are in the Burger King line-up waiting for your King Size meal.  If you want to lose weight, you need to make daily goals…no procrastinating your dieting until the next meal, or worse yet, New Years.

(4) To start a new hobby - A year is a long time.  It is great that you are wanting to start something, but you can start a hobby anytime.  If you want to start a new hobby or learn a new skill, do it NOW…not LATER.

(5) Spend more time with family and friend. PICK UP YOUR PHONE!  Get in your car!  Having a social life will lead to much more happiness.  Make an effort throughout the year to reconnect with old friends and spend time with your family.

(6) Help others – Honestly.  Really? This should be something that you do everyday.  I know it is easy to get caught up in life and ourselves.  We do live in a world where a lot of people need help and need YOUR help.  Make consistent effort to help people out…it can be as simple as making someones day by cheering them up.


And you may have several other “resolutions” that you plan on tackling this year.   I have no problem with people setting goals, but I do have an issue with people procrastinating in order to set these goals.

So my proposal to you for a new years resolution.


Happy New Year everyone!  May your 2011 be successful, exciting, motivating and filled with many personal accomplishments.


Wealthy Affiliate

PS.  I would love to hear about some of your goals this year!   Here are my current goals.

(1) Build a new Internet business that people talk about
(2) Enjoy life, travel lots
(3) Lose 10lbs by January 31st, 15 by March 31st
(4) Plan a wedding
(5) Improve and evolve Wealthy Affiliate in 2011

I do have a bucket list but we will get into that another time! :)

Five Things They Don’t Teach You About Working from Home

Steve, Member @ WAGuest Post by: Steve W.

I’ve been working full-time as an Internet Marketer for a little over a year now. In that time, I have learned that it takes a little bit more than knowing the methods of Internet Marketing to be successful.

Here are just a few of my observations that most other people either don’t want to talk about, or they simply forget to tell you about.

1. You become your own boss.

When you start a career at home for yourself, you don’t really have anyone to answer to. You need to force yourself to work. Sure, you aren’t going to get fired if you don’t do your work, but you also won’t make the money required to pay your bills.

A lot of people think anything goes when you work from home, but you should treat it no different than working a full time office job. When I first started at home full time, I figured out the time of day I was the most productive and set a work schedule for myself. Most days, I work from 10AM to 4PM with a break for lunch. I try and stay as productive as possible during those hours and limit the work I do outside of that schedule.

To stay focused and on track, create a to-do list for each day. Outline tasks you’d like to have accomplished by the end of your work day. The feeling of accomplishment you get when you cross of an item will keep you motivated all day long

If you need inspiration for an idea or just need to take a break, get away from the computer. Nearly every good money making idea I’ve had, I didn’t think of while staring at a screen. I’ve never had success by trying to force an idea and believe me, I’ve tried that.

2. Your home is now your office.

Create a dedicated workspace for yourself. Slouching on your couch in front of the TV with your feet up on the coffee table while using a laptop does not count as a workspace. Get yourself a real desk and keep it organized. If you ever have to stop working to investigate a strange smell, your workspace has become a distraction. Keep it clean.

Eliminate distractions before you start working. Finish up whatever small chores you need to do for the day so you don’t have to take care of them when you’re on a roll. Only do work related tasks while on your work schedule.

You also have the ability to grab a laptop and go work outside on nice days. Do this as often as you can but don’t brag about it to people who work in offices. They will resent you.

3. You need to take care of yourself.

For starters, take sick days. You’re human and you need time off to rest, just like everybody else. If you don’t feel well, grab a blanket, make your favorite soup, and nap on the couch all day. You may be capable of sitting up, but that does not mean you need to be working. Take time to rest your mind and body.

Speaking of staying healthy, you need to exercise. It’s easy to let yourself go when your only commute is from your bed to your computer chair. Take care of yourself and get a gym membership or at the very least spend some time walking outside. I like to try to workout in the mornings before starting my work day. It keeps me in shape and allows me to stay focused and energized all day.

One of the hardest adjustments I had to make when starting to work full time at home was dealing with being alone for extended periods of time. You need to find ways to stay social. Working alone can get depressing and having a social outlet is a vital part of success.

Try and find someone local who is also working from home to meet with every now and then for lunch or to discuss ideas. At the very least, invest in a web cam and keep in touch with your friends and family through Skype. If all else fails, get an animal friend. They make the day less boring and yes, you will start to talk to your pets.

4. You do not have to work 24 hours a day.

You may have merged where you work with where you live, but you need to find a way to still keep these lives separate.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who try to start careers from home. For some reason, most people think they can dedicate 12 to 14 hours per day, 7 days a week to working online since they now have nothing else to do. There’s no easier way to burn out than trying to work all waking hours. You simply can’t stay productive after these long hours.

You need to respect the weekends and take time off on holidays. It’s okay to let an email wait until the morning or a phone call to go to voicemail. It’s okay to have a personal life. You do not have to always be readily available.

5. You get to live an awesome life.

If you reach a point in your work at home career where you can work full time at home for yourself, that is amazing. It’s a very big accomplishment that very few people can achieve.

I can’t tell you how often people tell me they envy my lifestyle. I’m usually very modest when it comes to talking about my career path, but it is seriously awesome. I live with my girlfriend who works 10-hour days in an office building and she often comes home stressed about her job, boss, deadlines, salary, or any number of things that accompany an office job. She’s even limited to the amount of sick days she’s allowed to take! I’m forever grateful that I don’t have to deal with any of that.

If you have a chance to start a work at home career, definitely seize the opportunity. It will be challenging at first, but there’s nothing that can match the feeling of running a successful business from home.

So, these were just a few things I’ve learned over the past year. I’m sure you have things to add to my list and I’d love to hear them.

Leave me a comment below!

Steve W.

The “Oyster” Marketing Strategy

Hey everyone,

This is a story I can completely relate to for many reasons.

Believe it or not, I used to work for an aquaculture company during my mid to late teens, with my main duty being “picking oysters”.  Although this was a back breaking job it was one that taught me a lot about work ethics and how to work quickly and efficiently.

I guess in a way it also taught what I don’t want to do for the rest of my life.  You can probably relate to this, and you may even be in a job right now that you are hoping to quit one day.

Anyways, here we are 10 years…and a roller coaster ride of a decade later. I have been able to accomplish success within the Internet marketing world through the same hard work and work ethic…in what some would call in “extraordinary fashion”.

So today I thought it would be COOL if I could combine the two industries and show you the relation between an “oyster” and “how to make money online”.  Although they are VERY different in nature, I was able to find a correlation between the two.

This is what I call the Oyster Marketing Technique

To find the relation between online marketing and the oyster business, you need to understand a few things.  First, there are 4 components to the oyster that correlate to a successful marketing campaign…the beach, the oyster shell, the meat, and the pearl.

The first thing I want to look at is the beach. Oysters grow at different rates, and flourish much better depending on the water temperatures, currents, and location of the beach.  We will call this the beach component, and this translates to the “geographic market” in the Internet marketing world.

When you look for a beach you need to really analyze all of components of that area.  You need to understand the true demographics of it.  Is is easy to deliver product from that area…are the winds so high they will blow away your oysters, is it an area known for “red tide” in which there are seasonal times you cannot sell your poisonous oysters.

The same goes for geographic locations.  Can people in that area buy the product you are selling?  Do they have enough money to purchase your product (if it is paid)?  Are the people in that area even interested in your product?  Do they speak that language?   It is important that when you choose geographic location within PPC campaigns that you understand the market.  You need to know that there are adequate and qualified people within that jurisdiction that can purchase your product.

You need to understand the beaches and understand the seasons in which the beaches produce the best harvest.

Second, we have the oyster shell.  This is the home for the oyster.  The bigger the shell, the more the meat there is within the oyster.  The longer you leave an oyster on the beach (ie, the more time you invest in it), the bigger the oyster grows and the more money it is worth.

This translates into customer value in the Internet marketing world.

The more patient and more care you give your oyster (customer), the better the opportunity you will have to earn the most money from it.  The same goes for the IM world…the more you help out a visitor, the better the customer they will be.  This definitely applies in particular to the email marketing realm.

The better you are at building the relationship and nurturing your “list”, the more success you will have and the greater the “value per customer” relationship grows.

Next, we have the meat.  Oysters tend to vary in size and although the biggest oysters fetch the most money, the smaller oyster are in much higher demand.   There are many more markets for small oysters because of their popularity within the restaurant business and “smoked” oysters business (canned).

Because of this, you can typically sell more volume, but the small oyster market has much more competition and is subject to price slashing and business lag…things that the extra large oyster marketer and the cocktail (mini) oyster market are not subject to as much.

If you are crafty as an oyster business owner however, you can find more niche marketers for the more popular size oysters.  For example, there are restaurants that don’t serve oysters that you could deal “direct” with and earn higher profit.  There are also tradeshows, different distributors worldwide, and also an online market.

In the Internet marketing world, this translates into market size, versus the niche markets.

The largest markets online reap the largest amount of sales, yet are volatile to ongoing influxes of competition.  However, within these large markets (like weight loss, like dating), you can find smaller niches.  Long distance relationships.  Dieting for women post menopause.  Etc.

Then there are the “small” markets that have very little competition, and on occasion take a little more work to get going.  But the market is always there and MOST people are not willing to do it, so you can take full advantage and corner that specific market.  These are the unique niches like “tractor canopies”, “little big man ladders”, “men’s anti-aging cream”, “yoga for basketball players”.

The meat is where the market is!

And then you have the pearl.  Pearls are very rare and in fact, in my 4 years in the oyster business, I only came across one…and it wasn’t the ideal pearl shape (perfectly round).  I guess you could call this kinda lucky (that I found one that is).

A pearl is VERY rare in the wild and is created when a spec of sand finds it’s way into the mantle folds of the oyster…at which time a calcium carbonate form builds up around it.

A pearl is equivalent to hunting for something that is not there or very hard to find…or an illusion in attempt to earn a MASSIVE PROFIT.

The pearl is what most people look for, yet the fewest people ever find.  I compare it to someone looking for the “secret to success”…when in fact, the secret is that there is NO SECRET (if that makes sense).

I mean, there really is not secret niche, no pearl that is waiting to be found on the Internet.

Sure I guess you could refer to unexplored niches and keywords as pearls, but there are so many of them out there that I could not state they are “rare”.

All you need is to research and find your ideal beach (it doesn’t even need to be the best one), find the right size oyster shell, find a market for your oyster meat…and you will be a successful farmer and in Internet marketing terms…a SUPER AFFILIATE or a MILLIONAIRE!!!

I guess I could end this within the old saying…

“The world is your oyster”!


Wealthy Affiliate

PS.  Leave feedback!  Also, I am going to be elaborating in great detail on each section (the beach, the shell, the meat, and the pearl) in the future!

Now Available!

Part 1: The Geographic Marketing “Beach”
Part 2: The Oyster Shell – Creating More Powerful Customers
Part 3: The Meat – Sell More Low or Sell Less High
Part 3: The Pearl – Are there such things as Internet Marketing Secrets

What Motivates YOU to Achieve Success?

What Motivates You

Today I want to ask you a difficult question…

What motivates you financially?

Is it an inner personal standard you try to live up to?  Do you have kids to feed?  Do you have a sick family member that you are trying to support?  Are you trying to create a better lifestyle for yourself?


Have you never really sat down and thought about this question?

The other day I was looking at this question in terms of our business.  There are times where we experience great success and growth, and others where Carson and I see opportunity to improve in aspects of our company.

I thought about this.  What exactly is the difference in our mindset that makes the difference between the “good” times and the “not so good” times?  Shouldn’t a business just grow on it’s own once everything is in place?


I narrowed it down to one thing:


Really.  In order to understand how to achieve greater success, you need to understand what exactly motivates you.  Unlike a dead-end day job, no business will succeed without strong underlying motivation.

Motivation can be a pretty broad term.  I mean you cannot say “I am a motivated” person unless you truly understand what your motivation actually is.

So what is our (Carson and myself) motivation to grow our business?  Well, there are two main things that motivate (ie. causes excitement) us in the sense of our core business.

(1) Honest Company Growth
(2) Fear of Failing

There are other motivating factors that we have for personal fulfillment, but I am speaking here in terms of financial improvement online.

I know, it may not seem all that compelling on the surface, but let’s take a closer look at our main motivational factors and how these are leveraged to further success.

Honest Company Growth

Growth is exciting to us.  Once you achieve a certain level of success, the monetary aspects of success are not the same.  It becomes a numbers game.  It becomes a percentage game.  And for some people (like ourselves), growth is just not enough.

We want to grow in a manner that is ethical and that has an underlying ethical motive.  We want to help people.  We want to teach people.  We want to provide timely and powerful tools for people. We want to change people’s lives.

The problem with most companies is they look purely at their yearly profits and will skin people in order to achieve these profits.  Unethical business is all around us…we want to grow as fast as possible, but in a manner that motivates us (and would make our families proud).

Fear of Failing

Failure is good.  Failing in it’s entirety is not an option.  I have always believed that if you aren’t scared of failing, to some degree you will lack an inner sense of motivation.  I personally love to take risks more than Carson…but at the same time I am freaked out of failing myself and others around me.

Failures that you learn from are good.  They can help you improve your overall skill set.  However, the actual “thought” of failure can be a very powerful motivational factor.  Carson and I don’t plan on failing at business any time soon, but the thought of it really strikes a motivational chord.


When you reach a certain level of success where you can afford to live comfortably, there become different motives.

Looking back 8 years ago before I started in the Internet marketing world, my motivation was completely different.  I was in a completely different mind-frame and I had different reasons to achieve success.

My motivations looked more like this:

(1) Get rid of my debt
(2) Be able to move out of my parents house
(3) One day be able to give back financially to those I love

Motivation is the driving force behind any action you take in your life.  Whether it be to become a better athlete, become a better parent, start a charity, or to start a business, you need to understand exactly what your motivations are.

How to take your motivations and turn them into action?

Once you understand the motivation aspect, you can fulfill your goals through this motivation.  Keep them current and keep them somewhere that you see them on a day to day basis.


Your actions need to be out of motivation, not DESPERATION!

I get this question all the time:

“I need to make $1,000 this week to pay my bills.  Can you help?”

That is what I like to call “acting out of desperation”.  This type of thinking will not lead to success.  If this is what drives you, change your desperation into motivation.

Make a better life for my kids
Pay off my credit card debt
Earn enough to pay off my medical bills

You see, create a list of motivating factors. Urgency rarely (I mean RARELY) leads to success because it usually comes hand in hand with very irrational decision making.

So, I ask you today, what is YOUR motivation to succeed?  Create a list with at least two items that motivate you to succeed.

Write these down and post them on a sticky note beside your computer.  You will remember these every time you come back and start working towards your success. It will become a “motivational factor”.

This list has likely changed many times over the course of your life and will likely change again.  That is OK.  The main thing to understand and take from this is that we all need some form of motivation to succeed.  Unless you understand what yours is, it is going to be much more difficult to achieve a level of success your are happy with.

Take care,