Extravanganza Bonus Ringing in 2012!

Kaboom…New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package

We are welcoming a brand new year. 2012 is here folks which means some very exciting things.

First off, some exciting things for you. If you join Wealthy Affiliate before January 7th, 2012 at MIDNIGHT we are going to be giving you a fantastic bonus package.

On top of the massive amount of awesomeness you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate, we are also going to be giving you access to our New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package.

Here is what you get in the New Years Extravaganza 2012 Bonus…

(1) Traffic Explosion 3.0. This is the third iteration of a guide that I created initially about 9 months ago when I landed my initial 10,000 clicks in a few days using a simple “charlie sheen” technique that only took me 15 minutes! It has since evolved to get my article views over 90K, and I have diversified in the 3.0, including some brand new techniques that will work like a “traffic charm” in 2012.

(2) 1,000 Frickin’ Low Competition Keywords.  I hunted high and low for some awesome keywords…and I found A LOT of gems. People try to tell you that there are not many keywords out there left, but I can honestly say I have just brushed the surface. These are keywords that can likely get you rankings in MINUTES in Google and other search engines. These will work unbelievably well with the traffic techniques I give you in Traffic Explosion 3.0.

(3) 500 Keyword Rich Domains - Ever wanted a domain that could get you IMMEDIATE traffic and rankings in Google? It is possible to do with top two and three word .com and .org domains. We have spent a considerable amount of time coming up with 500 of these, high traffic, low competition keyword rich domains. You can buy these and instantly resell them for a profit, you can leverage the traffic you get from them and earn money, or you can put a site up….get it ranked, and flip it for even a higher profit!  Keyword rich domains like this are typically sold for $50+ each!

If you are reading this and you are an existing member of Wealthy Affiliate already, don’t worry, you will get this bonus as well. It will be released within the members area on January 7th!

If you are not a member yet, Sign-up here to make sure you get your very OWN New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package!

OK…let’s talk about 2012 and what it is going to mean to us and what it is going to mean to you…

2012 in Wealthy Affiliate Land

Big things are going to happen, and this is going to be quite apparent in the way WA molds to conform to the new age of Internet. We have many plans in the works for 2012 that is going to allow for brand new innovations, brand new opportunities, greater member networking, and ultimately many more successful members.

Our goals it to HELP people first and foremost. I ranted in one of my most recent posts about GURU’s and the products out there that are teaching misinformation…and believe me, there is a lot of it.

A few things that you NEED to SUCCEED in 2012 are:

(1) A website
(2) An understanding of content
(3) Understanding the concept of sharing
(4) Branding and passion in a niche you LOVE
(5) Transparency

And a community that “cares” on your site. One that offers you all the support you need until you can find success. One that helps build your foundation so you can do whatever you like online and get rewarded for it. One that provides you all the tools you need to create this and all the training you need to understand it. That community is Wealthy Affiliate.

The years of “fun” marketing and building REAL online business are here. The blackhat marketers & the gamers are going to be left in the dust, and those that prevail are those that are passionate about what they are doing and enjoy talking about their business.

Things that you no longer need to care about and should avoid are:

(1) Backlinks
(2) Auto-blogging, auto-submitting, auto-anything for that matter
(3) Using broken old article directories like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase
(4) Spinning Content
(5) Squeeze Pages
(6) Review websites
(7) High Page Rank Websites
(8) Creating your own Clickbank product

Some of those may come as a shock to you, but as I said, there is a TON of misinformation out there.

If you are getting backlinks still, good luck getting rankings in Google. This is likely hurting you more than it is benefiting you. Anything auto or spinning, is unhealthy…and there are a ton of misconceptions about websites, web pages, what to put on them.

New Years Extravaganza 2012 Bonus

Are you ready for success in 2012? I hope so!

Again, If you join WA before January 7th, you are not only going to be joining the top online business community online, you are going to get the New Years Extravaganza 2012 Package!

Before we leave you today, here is a quick update of the upcoming “members online” LIVE video training coming in January:

January 6th, 2012: FREE Traffic Methods – Leveraging the MANY free traffic outlets online

January 13th, 2012: Being a Vendor vs. Affiliate – Which one is for you?

January 20th, 2012: The Business of Local – The Global Local Business

January 27th, 2012: Pimpin’ Out Your Pinterest! – Taking advantage of the latest social community

Enjoy your holidays and Happy New Year!

Kyle (& Carson)
Wealthy Affiliate

31 thoughts on “Extravanganza Bonus Ringing in 2012!”

  1. @Adysilajara

    If you are paying for backlinks, I can honestly say that you may be in for a surprise. The surprise being that your site will completely get de-indexed from Google. We have been telling people this for quite some time and many people that told us we were crazy are now starting to see their sites disappearing. Back link services should be avoided, they will get your sites de-ranked. Anything “auto” will get your site de-ranked. Google is smarter than you think and when they find holes in their algorithm, they work to patch these and punish any marketer that is leveraging these loopholes in their system. Ultimately they are looking for quality.

    I have some awesome training that I am going to be adding within the Wealthy Affiliate community on this exact topic in the next week or so that is going to put an end to all of the back-link questions.

  2. Hi kyle

    I’m so curious about your statement above:

    Things that you no longer need to care about and should avoid are:
    (1) Backlinks
    (2) Auto-blogging, auto-submitting, auto-anything for that matter
    (3) Using broken old article directories like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase
    (4) Spinning Content
    (5) Squeeze Pages
    (6) Review websites
    (7) High Page Rank Websites
    (8) Creating your own Clickbank product

    Can you give some an explanation on what you reason to make a list like that especially about backlinks. I found out there that inbound link is something great way to get indeks in google in their update article.


  3. Having read alot about WA am convinced that its worth what you pay,my major challenge is how to receive my money.Can cheques be sent to the earner ? most of the modes of payment don’t operate in my country.If i can be assured of how to receive my earnings I will definitely Join

  4. @Charley

    We can definitely teach you this within WA. There are far too many people still with huge backlink campaigns, some still work temporarily, but most have been completely wiped from the SERPS. The old way of attracting backlinks and using tools, auto programs, simple blog comments, paying for backlinks…can actually have a negative impact on your campaigns now. If you do decide to join WA, come by and say hi!

  5. Update: My site is back in google’s index and I’m no longer building links. But what should we do when others game the algo and build links and google doesn’t seem to do anything about it? The whole thing is just confusing. Will you teach me how to rank new sites in google without gaming the algorithm if I join WA again?

    The last time I joined (dec), I was a bit lazy and didn’t spend enough time learning and practicing what I learnt.

  6. Yep! It’s always about how we use something (offline or online) that makes all the difference. “Value-driven” must always be first and foremost.

    Thanks for the elaboration…



  7. Yep, it’s true, backlinks should be avoided. I bought a new domain and created a website. I built only 6 backlinks to it (1 per day) and my site disappeared from the index. It’s been up to ten days now. I should have listened to you.

    Now I’ve decided to start a new one and publish only high quality content and let google rank it based on it’s quality. That is “no more gaming the algorithm”. I just want to know if it’s okay if if I map my new domain to blogger.com and use it until I can pay for hosting. I will be using my domain name and blogger.com is not closing up any time soon (I hope). So is it okay or should I wait?

  8. @John

    Squeeze pages are fine if they are part of a bigger site, but an entire site based off a squeeze page is looking more and more like a scam to a reader. These are the “types” of sites that gurus still use, sites that offer little end user value, sites that do not get ranked in search engines or do not help brands, and sites that are borderline “scam” looking. Building a list is still fine, and using opt-ins on your site is still the way to do this, but you definitely do not need a single page squeeze style website to accomplish this.

  9. Hey Kyle,

    How can “squeeze pages” be a marketing component to avoid?? That’s the first and foremost critical component to list building. Please elaborate on this one so that I can sleep at night…LOL



    P.S. I’m in total agreement with the rest of the “garbage” to avoid. But, squeeze pages…come on!

  10. Hi me again, meant to say if potpie girl is an affiliat marketer of WA, i’dlove her to make commissions if and when I join. She has been an inspiration. The last paragraph in the last post meant to read sorry for my rambling.

  11. Hi Kyle &Carson of WA, I must say that after reading all the articles you send me, you guys seem to be truly on your game. The testimonies from othe WA members are encouraging too. You have managed to convince me that WA is worth joining and with the bonuses that come this 2012, I am seriously considering it.

    I have a few questions though before I make up my mind;

    I live in Ireland and though this is Internet marketing I am scared I may not have the One on one which I desire. I have been reading loads and from your own potpie girl as well but now I am ready to take a step and your promises of taking me by the hand + all the tools at WA, I am hoping that I shall succeed.

    I am a newbie and may need more help to get me going, so in your opinion how long do you think it will take me to start making sales and start earning money. I understand I will not depend on it full time but at leas it would be great to start see your efforts in the form of money no matter how small because let’s face it, the reason I’d love to join your team is to succeed. Please enlighten me more and possibly in time so I can still be able to take advantage of the bonuses due to end 7th.

    God job you are doing over there at WA. If pot pie girl is an affiliate of the WA, I would like to join through her cos she first told me about WA.
    Sort for my rambling! I almost wrote a 500 page article ( lol). Thanks.

  12. Just judging from the list of things to avoid in 2012 this is going to be an exciting and challenging
    year! I can hardly wait to learn the information that makes those things on the list obsolete!

  13. WOW …. I was just starting to figure out how to do some of the AVOID list.
    I hope the new year is clear for me to focus on the right techniques!!

  14. I have to say that I really hope that 2012 is the year that I at least launch…I don’t have visions of greatness but if I could make a living at this I would be tickled. Best wishes everyone!!!

  15. Those are some pretty big claims about what to avoid, but you guys always know how to stay ahead of the curve. I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for WA!

  16. @Kyle
    I usually read customer reviews of a product and use them to create a new, unique article, and I let my readers know that the reviews are from other customers who have used the product. I do this for products that I haven’t used. I think I am offering quality information this way.

  17. @Charley

    I am mostly referencing review sites that lack quality and helpful information. Personal and helpful reviews will and always will be good, however, reviews that simply drive people to “buy” stuff without offering any insight are a thing of the past. People have far too many options these days to waste their time reading “generic” product reviews. They want transparency!

  18. You guys keep over-delivering and is why I continue to stay with WA. It is my #1 resource that stays current with its information…

  19. There is an old saying–

    “If the right person takes you to NEW YORK you will love it BUT if the wrong person takes you—you will hate it”

    Obviously Kyle and Carson are the right people for my journey
    Bob Orow

  20. It’s obvious many things have changed in 2011, including how we promote our business. I am surprised to see review websites among the things we should avoid in 2012. Can you elaborate on it?

  21. Being a part of Wealthy Affiliate is truly the investment t that keeps on giving. Thank you for ALL the opportunities provided for us!

  22. WOW big statements there K & C … what stands out to ME more than anything I read on that post was…

    “Things that you no longer need to care about and should avoid are:

    (1) Backlinks
    (2) Auto-blogging, auto-submitting, auto-anything for that matter
    (3) Using broken old article directories like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase
    (4) Spinning Content
    (5) Squeeze Pages
    (6) Review websites
    (7) High Page Rank Websites
    (8) Creating your own Clickbank product”

    Self branding and transparency I totally agree with …

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