How to build a website for LONG term success!

Whew…long term success

Sorry, I just got back from a journey through success using this “thingy”!

What kind of success you ask?

  • One where I built a website in 32 seconds.
  • One where I built a site that Google is already french kissing.
  • One where I built a site where I don’t need to know a lick of programming.
  • One where I got listed in Google in under 12 hours.
  • One that will change the way I do online business.

What is this?

OK…before I get into what this “thingy” is, I want to explain how the Internet has changed, and how it has not here in 2010.  I also want to give you a vision into what is probably going to take place in 2011 and beyond for us marketers.

Lastly, I am going to explain how I think I can help you out, save you time, and earn you a lot more money.

We cool?  Alriggggghty.

How the Internet Has Changed!

Since late 2009, the Internet has made a major shift.  Google has shifted.  PPC has changed.  SEO has changed.  Affiliate marketing has changed.  The way you are allowed to represent your own “voice” has changed. Article directories has changed the way they allow people to do business.

With so many changes, how do you overcome this to create success online.

First and foremost, you need a website.  This is a scary word for MANY people, but it is the truth.  Google will not touch your “direct links” with a 10 foot pole, YSM and Bing don’t really like you if you don’t have a website.

This is a good thing for those of us that “did things right” to begin with and bad for the lazy cats out there that simply direct linked…not because it was the right way, but because it was the easy way to do things.

A website has always been the best medium to offer people information, help them, and ultimately pre-sell any affiliate product or your own product.   So I can honestly say that without a website now, your chances for success are shrinking by the day.

Moral of the story.  YOU NEED A WEBSITE!

OK, you have a website.  Things are peachy right?

Not entirely.

I don’t want to be the grinch that stole your early x-mas, but just having a site is no longer enough either.

How you create your website now matters!

To understand this, you need to understand people.  I think you will find this very easy to do because, well, you are a person.  You need to also understand how Google has built their business and exactly what they truly care about.

Google does not care about advertisers.  Sure,they bring them billions of dollars per year…but without “PEOPLE” using their search, they would not have a business.  And for every person that decides to use another search engine for their daily searches, Google loses money.

There will always be advertisers, but there will not always be users unless Google understands and creates a quality user experience.

In order to create that experience, they push us marketers around based on their findings.  If they want a relevant landing page because they feel that it is going to give their users a better search experience, guess what?…they are going to make you create relevant landers.

If they find multi-page sites attract the best experience, they are going to make you do that.

If they like current and regularly updated content, guess who has to abide…YOU, the advertiser.

So let’s be clear here.  Google does not give a rats about you.  They only care about you when you are a searcher.  Their business is search, not advertising.

So how do you master creating websites for success?

Become yourself.

Yeah, really.  If you are marketing to someone, look at your site your pages through their eyes.  What makes a good site and what do you enjoy about good sites.  If you typed in “make my dog breakfast”…what would you want?

You would want a site on how to make a dog breakfast…maybe some recipes, maybe links to some cool breakfast bowls, doggy blankets, and as a bonus, a guide on how to make your dog walk on it’s hind legs if you bought something.

If you visit your site through a “visitors” eyes and you like the experience you are receiving, then chances are Google will like it to.  Be honest with yourself…or better yet, get a friend or family member to review your site for you.

So there you have the big bad Google.  In a nutshell…do what they say.

What about article marketing directories?

As for the article directories and the other aspects…they just follow Google’s rules.  So if you see a top level change at Google, you are likely to see a ripple effect down the chains of command.

This goes for a lot of the other Internet entities out there.  When Google makes a swift change to their algorithm, it causes a broad knee-jerk reaction across the industry.

Everything is not so bad though

In spite of everything I have said, many principles have remained the same and will remain the same going forward.

For example, relevance is the “rock” that allows campaigns to run profitable for years.  I still have campaigns running from 2005 that I have not touched and team “make life difficult” at Google have not slapped.

There are also articles that still are ranked from years ago.  There are blogs that have been up under terms like “make money” since 2007.  There is some interesting things that we can take from the “longevity” aspects of my business and others that will lead to your long term success.

I guess what I am saying is build your site for PEOPLE from the get go.  Don’t be a trend follower and use the latest black hat technique.  If you rely on these techniques, your business is always in jeopardy and one little shake up at Google and your business has collapsed.

To build these “PEOPLE” sites, sites that will last, sites that will succeed, and sites that will have longevity I would recommend nothing else than WordPress.

WordPress sites are great because they follow the RULES that make a site good for SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Articles, and ultimately appeal to Google.

These are:

(1) Easy to add Content
(2) SEO friendly (tags, page titles, directory structure, sitemaps, etc)
(3) Multi-paged and relevant content

These are the core principles of a quality website and will equate to success.

A example of a site I just created

Here is the website that I built using our latest system at WA.  This is a WordPress driven application that allows you to create as many blogs as you like.

The Website:
Total time taken to set-up this blog: 32 seconds
Total time to write the content: 1 hour
Total natural search listings: 10+
Total plug-ins installed: 6 (comes with each install)

Within one hour I have a pretty nice looking site, with content, and already attracting the search engine spiders.  How cool is that?

An absolute newbie could set something like this up using WordPress Express, our latest and greatest system included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership.  Once you have that site in place that Google will adore, the sky is the limit…now I can focus on making money from this site.

Next blog post I am going to discuss some of the techniques you can leverage to earn money from your WordPress Express sites.

Have a great day!


Wealthy Affiliate

PS.  I would love to hear your feedback.  Please leave your comments below.

If you would like to get Instant Access to WordPress Express, CLICK HERE!

20 thoughts on “How to build a website for LONG term success!”

  1. I usually don’t comment on websites but this one is so relevant and well put together that I just had to stop and say, GREAT WEBSITE!

  2. Ok all good and thanks for your fast response Kyle – we’re pretty new to SEO so it’s good to get confirmation from an expert on things like that. Keep up the good work ;)

  3. @ Mark Williams

    Yes, domain keywords get ranked very quickly and should be a definite consideration when choosing domains. We are launching WordPress “make money” training within Wealthy Affiliate next week and this is going to be explained in detail. In saying this, WP sites tend to get crawled by Google much quicker and tend to be much more optimal for SEO than you traditional static HTML sites.



  4. I totally agree with “building sites for people”.
    Sites that used tricks and methods just to get ranked would get traffic, sure… but not as many sales as a site that actually communicates with someone with the same traffic.

    This is really a positive change for both the internet and marketing community.

    Thanks, Kyle
    You guys rock.

  5. One thing that I will always be thankful for is WA’s lessons on extreme relevancy and the mindset of helping people solve their problems. Building websites is one of those hurdles that make people think twice of getting into IM. WordPress Express is a very nice addition to WA’s arsenal. Thanks guys!

  6. Thanks Kyle, I want much learn from this. How to make website that Google has built
    my bussiness, where Google don’t want advertiser but search. I’m glad a newbie in
    change era internet world and make a website very faster, I don’t know older.

  7. Kyle – Crafty Content ranked so quickly and highly because the domain name is – am I right?

  8. Well, Kyle, you guys keep moving along!

    I’ve never understood the WordPress thing so maybe I can now give it a try with your WA site helps. I have several URLs that I want to change to WP blogs. They are hosted at WA so I guess that will not change except that I would have to upload the WP system requirements.

    I’d sure like to get back up to your country after last year’s trip but I’m just getting too old for extended travel.


  9. @ RonnyG

    Yeah, the term crafty content doesn’t get a lot of traffic. My point is that it was listed in under a day…under a term with decent traffic. I have not invested much time or energy into this site and seen results…and others can do the same. The potential lies in seeking and finding higher traffic, higher relevance terms and getting them ranked, which is much easier with WP than other types of sites.


  10. @ Joe

    I write from the hip. :) I produced that content because I was writing about something that was natural for me to write about. The same goes for most people when they are interested writing what they have a vested interest in. That is why I recommend starting online with something that is the root of your passion, rather than starting within a niche that you “think” will be successful.



  11. CraftyContent looks good, Kyle. The 32 sec install is impressive, but I’m even more impressed with producing that content in an hour. What’s the secret there?

    And what plugins do you use?

    Stay Well!

  12. Your writing is excellent and interesting. I did not get bored and I read the entire article.

    I would like to bring to your attention if you have not noticed that I found three minor errors in this article under the following:

    How You Create Your Website Now Matters, paragraph 4 (…experience, the push us…), last paragraph (I don’t to …)

    How the Internet Has Changed, 2 paragraph (with some many….)

  13. Hi Kyle

    Great post! some quality words in there shame about the spelling/grammer LOL, this is typical of the great content we have in WA (apart from spelling/grammer). I have only ever used blogs (twice LOL) as I am new to IM.

    However as new as I am, I know how important it is what you are saying, spot on again, well done!!!

    p.s. see you back on the inside :-)

  14. I want more traffic on my blog and i want hot get start with earning money on my blog and site on affiliate trafficking advert publishing affiliate.

  15. Hey Kyle… Been a member of WA for more than 3 years… glad I stayed in!

    You have take me a long way. Thanks to you and Carson.

    Crafty content according to Google KW tool gets no searches locally and less than <10 globally..

    Google search in quotes shows a nice amount of competition…So getting ranked that soon is great. However wondering about the apparent low number of searches and how would/could you monetize the site for profit???

    You Bud

  16. Awesome Kyle!

    Building a website these days is a must, and should definitely not be something that should be feared.

    Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors and simply build a site with content (imbued with your own personality) that’ll make them go ”WOW” and your away at the races!

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