How to Make Money With Your WordPress Blog

OK, as many of you may already be closely aware of, we have recently launched a new WordPress site creator called WordPress Express.Make Money With WordPress

This system has quickly become the “tool to have” within the Internet marketing world.  You can literally create sites like this one….

In the snap of the fingers.  Less than 40 seconds for the actual creation, another hour for the content.  Anyways, enough about that…

Today I want to talk about how to make money with your WordPress blog.  Unless you are a pure hobbyist, creating content without a plan to generate revenue form it is senseless.  With your WordPress blogs, this should be no different.  Making money should always be one of the primary considerations.

In order to make money with your wordpress blog, you need to consider the main factors which lead to success:

(1) A blog people want to read
(2) Relevant and Unique Content
(3) A way to make money from your traffic

Below I am going to explain these items in more detail…and when you are done reading, you are going to know exactly how your WordPress sites can lead to a solid make money venture.

How to Make Money With WordPress: Don’t be boring!

There is nothing worse than reading lame content.  People tend to like reading things as though you are having a conversation with them.  This is what is known as “conversational speak”.  For example, the way I am talking to you right now is much more engaging than if I were to refer to you in technical terms.

Lame speak:

“People online make money with their WordPress blogs by an affiliate program that matches their content.”

Conversational speak:

“If you really want to make some money with your WordPress blogs, you need to consider who your customer is.  For example, say I am “Joe Blow” looking for a solution to get rid of a mole on my forehead.  What sort of program would I be looking for?  What sort of products will remove a mole and is there anything that is natural that can cover this up without me having to consider surgery?

Answer your potential customers’ questions or they will mozy along to a site that does.”

Write interesting content and people will actually read it.  If people want to read a technical definition of something they will go to Wikipedia.   Help people understand stuff and relate to things by talking to them as though you would your mom or your best friend.

How to Make Money With WordPress: Writing Should be FUN, relevant and unique!

People tend to have such a tough time “writing”.

Here is the common stuff I hear every day:

“I suck at writing Kyle”.

“I don’t speak English well enough to write something good that people will like”.

“Kyle, I don’t know what the heck to write about.”

None of these are good excuses…well I guess they are OK ones, but I have never been a fan of excuses with the pure purpose of procrastination.

Here are my answers:

I suck at writing. No you don’t.  If you can write on your friend’s FaceBook wall or you can text your boyfriend, you have enough skills to write something.  The key is choosing something that you are interested in and the rest will come naturally.  Choose something you are passionate about on your WordPress blog and the writing will become easy.

I don’t speak English well. Yes, you do.  Whenever I get people telling me this, they go on to explain in 5 well written paragraphs how they don’t know English!  It is almost comical.  If you can write to me telling me you don’t know English well enough, then you DO KNOW ENGLISH WELL ENOUGH.  You only get better at a language by practicing! You only get better at writing by practicing!

What the heck to I write about? What I recommend is that you create yourself a list of at least 25 topics that you can write about.  This will be the starting point of your blog and your first set of posts and articles.  It may sound like a lot of work, but if you create 1 or 2 blog posts per day, you could have 25 pages or posts up in a matter of ONE month!

Here is an example list of 17 topics if you were going to create a blog about….hmmm….Raw Food Diets.

Potential Posts/Pages:

  • Raw food festival
  • Raw food health expo
  • best raw food diets
  • is eating raw foods safe
  • spring vegetable raw foods
  • find raw food retreat
  • raw food diet results
  • raw food diet plan
  • eating raw nuts & seeds
  • the benefits of eating raw vegetables
  • healing benefits of raw foods
  • what color vegetables should i eat
  • what is a raw food diet
  • how to get fat from vegetables
  • lose weight eating raw foods
  • best vegetables for protein
  • raw food diet recipes

How did I come up with these topics.  Simple.  I first got a small list of ideas by going into Google and typed in “raw food diets”.  I browsed the web, the news, and the blogs to come up with some ideas.


And I used a Q & A site, Wikihow:

Then I plugged in some of these “themes” into the keyword tool at WA. (have to be a member to access)

If you are not a member of WA, you can use the Google keyword tool:

Expand upon these topics and get some more ideas.  Also, if you are interested in a topic or a niche, you should spend some time doing some “involved” reading.  It will enhance your writing, your connection with your audience, and also give you a ton of blog post/page ideas.

There are ways to turn your content into huge amounts of traffic through SEO practices, but I am not going to explain that here.  Reason being, I just created a 15 lesson tutorial at Wealthy Affiliate explaining all of this!

How to Make Money With WordPress: Making Money From Your Traffic

The most effective ways to earn a significant amount of money from your WordPress traffic are:

(1) Affiliate Programs

There are many types of commission structured affiliate programs, but amongst the top are are Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Acquisition.  The most common is CPS which is usually commission % based, which includes networks like:

But there are also many networks know that pay per action.  For example an action could be someone filling out a form, taking advantage of a free offer, or filling out a survey.  Many affiliates are making a ton of money with both styles of affiliate programs, leveraging their WordPress blogs to do so.

I recommend that if you aren’t already part of them, you seek out these top networks for affiliate programs that are relevant to your “niche”.  Many pay very well and will be a nice inclusion on your WP blog posts.

(2) Google Adsense and Content Networks

Adding Google Adsense or adding ads from other ad networks to your blog can be a great way to earn money.  If someone clicks on the ads that are displayed on your page, you earn money.   We recommend using Adsense for this, but there are other ad networks that work well.  They include:

(3) Selling your own STUFF

There are many ways that you can sell your own products and services (or info) online.  If you have tangible products or used goods, you can use the following to sell them:

There are built-in plugins in WordPress that allow you to easily incorporate your eBay listings into your blog or to add a Paypal Payment feature on your blog.

Say you have a bunch of info on something and you think others would find it valuable and pay for it.  Maybe you know a lot about golf, maybe you know how to get rid of acne naturally…people pay for this stuff.  Create a PDF, and then put it on the Clickbank network as a merchant.

You can then turn your blog into a sales page and store for your product!


These are just a few ideas of ways you can make money from your WordPress blog.  It all starts by knowing how to write interesting content.  Then it comes down to being able to come up with more unique content to write.  Then you need to offer something on your site that earns you money.

Again, I have just created a 15 lesson tutorial on “how to make money with WordPress” within WA on this, so if you are a member already, get access to this by logging in.  There is a link right on the dashboard.

For those of you that aren’t members yet and want to earn money online, I invite you to join us at Wealthy Affiliate.  We would love to work with you and help you achieve your goals.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Wealthy Affiliate

23 thoughts on “How to Make Money With Your WordPress Blog”

  1. I personally have tried many of the things mentioned in the article. I belong to Clickbank as well as the other three mentioned too. I was not aware of Infolinks,Chitika, or Kontera. I will need to check them out.

    My biggest problem is getting traffic. I am always being told that it is not hard, but for some reason, I am having a hard time getting it.

    I enjoyed the article and look forward to trying out a couple of things learned here.

  2. Thanks for the post. But I just can’t find how to use google adsen on my blog. Could you help me out, please!

  3. @ Alyssa

    We have a system called WP Express at Wealthy Affiliate that allows members to quickly create and upload WP blogs to our WA hosting. Platinum memberships get unlimted installs and domain hosting and it takes about 3 minutes to complete the entire process from start to finish (assuming you own the domain). You are right, it is far better to own the domain than to use a free website creator like…because in essence they own the content.



  4. Kyle,

    From my experience using a wordpress blog, you cannot put adsense or affiliate programs. at least not with a free blog (although i did purchase own domain). is this for upgraded versions or


  5. Good comments ! I think that selling your own products and other peoples can be very profitable and beneficial. Selling other peoples products can be a good way to make some quick cash until you can find your own.

  6. Yes, I agree with Kyle. WordPress blogs are so dynamic with a lot of plug-ins that make it easy to add facilities for making cool money. Excellent post and I agree with you 100% on the value of WordPress blogs.

    Dr. Ben

  7. You cannot believe how long I have been finding for something like this. Through 9 pages of Google results and found nothing!. Quick search on bing and there this is…. Gotta start using that more often, thanks for sharing

  8. I have used all 3 methods & i think selling your own product wins (because you keep 100% of the profits!) but also if you use the affiliate model it’s best to write a review article & then include your affiliate link


  9. Thanks Kyle, I believe that wordpress express is truly a ground breaking concept. Every once in a while something comes along that takes the Internet by storm and I think that this is one of those times.

    Thanks again,

  10. @ BM

    The issue was more about promoting a product that has been deemed as a “scam” by the FTC like acai berry. Google in fact does not allow people to promote anything related to acai within Adwords anymore because of this. You can still promote products that are legitimate in an ethical manner…Google has no issues with that nor does the FTC>



  11. Hi Kyle Gotta question:

    If you where going to make money with your wordpress blogs didn’t google crack down on stuff like this? What I mean is back when Acai Berry came out people where making review blogs about the product and at the time google didn’t like this.. And I read stuff about FTC rulings ect..just wondering..

  12. Great info Kyle! I am still in the training phase of WA! This info really brings clarity to making a blog!

  13. Kyle & Carson Once again, you prove yourselves to be if not THE BEST source of true HELP for affiliate marketing, no guru wanabees WA is the school to learn affiliate marketing & making $$$ online. every since i started looking into affiliate marketing 2006 WA has there providing sound information. @Sak Khounsavat , your prayers have be answered, now head to there advise, and dont complain about the work , it will payoff and you’ll learn five fold!

    K&C Thanks again for helping others start off their new lives!!!!!!!

  14. Such method is really great to create sites quickly and test some landing pages. Great stuff.

  15. @ Larry

    In response to your questions:

    1.) The technical aspects of using WordPress

    There is a forum at WA where you can query us and others with your technical WordPress problems, concerns, or issues. We will be more than glad to help you out. Please be as specific as possible as it will facilitate the way we can help.

    2.) How can I create both a Funnel and blog and a WordPress blog?

    You probably don’t want to put the Funnel and a regular WP express blog on the same domain, however you could buy two domains, both with different utilities. One for the promotion of your WA Blog and Funnel and the other for your regular WordPress blog (which could be within any niche).



  16. Hi Kyle,

    This is a great post and it helped me a lot in terms of how to approach this blogging thing.
    Thanks for that great info.

  17. Kyle,

    Good stuff, as always. Because of your tutorials on WA (I am famousplumber on WA), I have a solid understanding of making money with a WordPress blog. There are, however, two things I need help with.

    1.) The technical aspects of using WordPress
    2.) How can I create both a Funnel and blog and a WordPress blog?

  18. I want to be successful working online, but I don’t have the knowledge, of the steps to do so. People have many ideas and suggestions as to where to start. I hear about success stories all the time. I wish I was the one telling the story. I ponder all day about how wonderful it would be to step, just one day, in the shoes of some of these people. I don’t have much, I’m struggling to get by, and I don’t know what lies ahead of me in the future. I’m not looking for a miracle. I’m just asking for someone to take me underneath their wings and teach me how to make it work. If someone can answer that prayer, I offer, to honor what you ask of me in return.

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