My Take on Internet Marketing Success in 2010


Carson here with a look into what I would do today if I had to start my Internet business from scratch.  What would I do? How would I do it? and WHY?

So, here we are in April 2010, and in the past year the Internet marketing industry has seen the biggest changes that have affected marketers in the 8 years I’ve been earning a living online.  I’ve seen the impact the changes Google and FTC rules can have on the most profitable and efficient campaigns that have been running for years.

I’m here to tell you that TODAY’S Internet marketers has to change the way they do things to stay current.

Here’s a story of ME, and what I focus on if I’m starting out as an Internet marketer TODAY!

First thing’s first, I’m going to learn what the heck Internet marketing is.  This is the fundamental understanding that everyone that wants to succeed needs to know.  That aside, I’m going to assume that I could explain what Internet marketing is to my mother, and have her understand it too.


I’m going to take what I know about the Internet and apply it to ONE major aspect of Internet marketing that will be the base of my Internet business.  That is right, JUST ONE.

Google is the #1 place to get traffic in the world and whether you’re using free SEO techniques, or focus on placing ads using their Adwords Pay-per-click engine, the bottom line is that they are requiring that you offer value to people who visit your website.

Google uses a complicated algorithm that determines how “good” your websites are and gives each of your sites a SCORE.  Google Quality Score is used to determine where your page is ranked in the search engines.  It is also used to determine whether or not your ads should be displayed when advertising using Pay-per-click.

Knowing that Google is the worlds largest traffic source, and that the traffic is the highest quality, I’m going to focus on something that will allow me to build a business using Google as a traffic source.

What am I going to do?

I’m going to focus on something that might sound a bit scary at first, but it’s something I know I need to learn.


Maybe my goal is to earn $100 a month in profit.  Maybe I want to earn $1000 a month in profit.  Maybe my goal is to earn $10,000+ a month in profit from Internet marketing.  Regardless… in order to do this I need to learn how to get traffic (people) to click on my affiliate links so I can start generating commissions…and in order to do this I need Google.  In order to leverage Google, I need to offer value, and in order to do that I need a medium in which to do so.  This is why I am going to focus on creating content for websites.

Whether I build a website from scratch, or use a blog, the one thing that I know is that I need to be able to deliver quality content that will help people.  Then Google will give me a high quality score and then my opportunity is endless.

Since I’m new and don’t want to spend a bunch of money on website software or “offers” that flood my inbox daily, I’m going to grab myself a free blog (there are many of them out there).  Then I’m going to start creating pages on my new blog that focus on what I’ve chosen to sell.  I’m going to create myself a website out of my blog and spend an hour or so a day focusing on writing on my blog.  I’ll put in my affiliate links, fine-tune the content for my Articles or PPC ads, and I’ll be well on my way.

My ONE focus is going to be on mastering websites and creating content that will provide value to my visitors.

When I’m ready, I’ll step-it-up a notch and grab myself my own domain ($10 or so a year) and get myself some hosting so I can run my website/blog from my own domain and start getting free listings due to my SEO efforts.  I’ll scale my site so there are pages upon pages of content that are HIGHLY relevant to what I’m selling, keeping in mind that offering valuable information to my visitors is KEY to my success.

Once I get over the fear of building content for a website or blog, the only limit to the amount of money I want to make is TIME.

Ok.. that’s what I (Carson) would do if I had to start my Internet business today from scratch.

Everything else falls into place after I have the ability to deliver quality content online

(1)  I can generate traffic using free techniques like Article marketing
(2)  I can focus on advertising using Pay-per-click marketing
(3)  I can start building an opt-in email list
(4)  I can start offering Video and other media on my site

All the most cutting-edge techniques and strategies that Internet marketing has to offer can leverage this ONE aspect of Internet marketing…a website and/or blog.  This is my focus for starting a business from scratch today.

Don’t get me wrong though…

There is still huge opportunity online to build a business without a websites, but I want to spend my time focusing on one thing that will allow me to scale my business going forward.  I also want to be able to utilize the endless stream of traffic from Google and that requires me to be able to deliver quality content.

Here’s the issue most people have:


Don’t let that stand in your way.  If you can write an email, you can write content for a website and there is ample training available to get a website or blog up and running.  If you are going to focus on an aspect of Internet marketing that will take you to the next level, create a website or blog.

Let’s take a look at what I just went over:

(1) Build a website or Blog
(2) Write Content
(3) Promote it within Google
(4) Scale it ANY WAY I want

Sound complex?  It really isn’t that tough…but one thing that I do know in this day and age of the Internet Marketing world is that a website is becoming more and more of a necessity.  Gone are the days of direct linking, MLM traffic schemes, and putting together low quality web pages.

This is how Carson builds a thriving Internet business in 2010.


Wealthy Affiliate

24 thoughts on “My Take on Internet Marketing Success in 2010”

  1. @ James

    Yeah, you can create a single site to promote different products/services…although we do not recommend having a catch-all site once you solidify the niche you want to promote. A domain and hosting are prerequisite to having a website, hosting however is provided for no additional cost within WA.



  2. Carson,

    Thanks for the great info and spelling it out like this. I’ve been puttzing around but now I’m ready to get going, I want to put together my own website using WA’s tools but I have a couple of questions;

    You mentioned putting together a website before you had a domain and hosting, I thought that would be a prerequiste?

    Can I put together a website with a generic domain and then market/sell various things on the site with the links going to different pages on the site that pertain to the products I’m marketing?

    I’ve been filling my mind with a lot of information on different aspects of IM but haven’t taken the action steps yet. I know these are probably dumb questions but I haven’t gotten involved with the Forum yet and I need to get some things clear in my head. I will probably need to start with article marketing to get things going so any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. @Bill

    We do not have a system that generates backlinks, however we do have training within Wealthy Affiliate on how to get back-links.



  4. Content is king, but from what I’ve read backlinks are the biggie. Some gurus will push companies that have services like dripping links from their own private network to your site. These are expensive, and some web 2.0 sites may be going nofollow. Do you have a system to get backlinks without spending more money?

  5. Hi Carson,
    I have a blog, it’s got google adwords on it. I also have a google website, I can’t do anything with it though, everytime I try to change something on it, it freezes up and that’s it. I have become very frustrated to the point that I just don’t want to bother anymore.
    Sounds like WA is the place for me, only trouble is I’m on EI and ity’s tough making the rent and all the other things. That doesn’t allow me to spend the very little cash I have to promote my stuff.
    Untill this damed recession is over or the patch pickes up again in Alberta I’ll just be sitting on the fence.
    Sounds like I’ll be joining you when I get back on my feet.
    Thx, Rick

  6. Good post Carson, I joined you guys in Feb Last year and completed the 8 week action plan then, though I left without making a sale.

    I am happy to say that some months two months later I made my first sale and some sales later on. Basically from now on I see how I can grow, as you said that first sale makes it all real and motivates you to take more action. It’s funny because the sale came after the squidoo slap which kind of slowed me down as I thought I had to look for another strategy.

    What you say about owning a website is very true as after I got my feet wet and built a website in a certain niche it was amazing on the number of visitors I was getting.

    Though I didn’t stay with you for a long time am grateful for the knowledge and above all your urging people to make plans, take action and that as with any business this involves hard work.

    You guys are the best, thanks.


  7. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  8. I thought that the king is the traffic, but now I know that the real king is the quality content. Roberto Carolini

  9. Carson, i’m indonesian.
    been several years i (in between my day job activity) was trying to do what so called internet marketing, internet business and so on as i still believe that this is the future of our world, but all of those years i was running around like a chicken with out head among all of those scams which already leaking up my saving without any result gained from those expense.

    than somehow, i forget how, two days ago i accidentally visit your website, WA and quite interesting on it. i’m in a serious consideration to join, just have two questions, are:
    1. are you for real?
    i found in your WA website establishment record and it will be expire soon.
    2. can i run your business concept from indonesia?

    i’m looking forward to be able to join in your community, you seems a great man..

    best regards,


  10. Kyle or Carson, I am interested in becoming an affiliates marketer and am wondering what are the steps i.e. step 1 you________, step 2 you___________, step 3 you__________, etc and after all of the steps are completed in the proper order; my online business is established; and is this the teaching technique used by WA? I have read ebooks before that give a bunch of “do’s and don’ts”, but don’t give guildance for providing what to do and when to do it. I am the type of guy that need to be graped by the ears and lead to the alter, so to speak.

    What I have read about WA is inspiring and makes me believe that there is fresh air in this world. I may want too much, but I would like to know if I can breathe freely with WA or should I continue to hold my breath hoping for that freash air.

  11. @ Kay

    Yeah, there are still ways that you can promote without a website, but they are becoming more and more limited. For example, there are certain article marketing directories that still allow affiliate links (meaning they don’t require you to have your own site), but they best directories are now forcing you to have a site. We offer unlimited hosting and a website builder within WA to anyone that becomes a member (for no additional cost) as well as training within every aspect of marketing.

    So yeah, there are still ways but not having a site is becoming more and more limiting to online business.



  12. Carson,
    I’ve been sitting on the fence for about 6 months. I first heard of your program through Ryan Moran’s posts. I have also been reading and following information from Pot Pie Girl.

    I have been very reluctant to commit to any of the above since most of what I have read seems so confusing and overwhelming! I don’t want to commit the $ and not be able to do anything with the information I receive. I am sincerely in needl of extra income (as are most folks these days). I am very computer literate…more that most folks my age (62). I work at a university with a computer system that I have to use, change, and interface with everyday. I also work with MS Office Access, Word, and Excel. (I know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to know all the ins and outs of internet marketing—bloggin, building websies, adwords, etc, etc.)

    I want a program that starts with step 1, then step 2, etc…..Don’t make me chase rabbits. Cut to the chase and lead me though a successful product….then I will know enough to ask questions and branch out on my own. I guess I need a personal tutor looking over my shoulder to guide me through each step (press here, do that, etc) and to brainstorm with.

    I know that Jennifer, Pot Pie Girl, at least from what I have read, uses Squidoo lenses and articles to generate sales. I know that’s overly simplified, but that’s just what I believe is the gist of her program.

    I only want to start with one approach—like you are advocating here–mastering one thing before going to something else.

    I know this is rather a strange question to ask you, but with whom/what program should I start to get the most elementary steps, basics, and hand holding—Pot Pie Girl, WA, or Ryan?

    I am really interested in this and I feel I have the knowledge to make it work. I am just totally confused and at a loss as to where to begin. A week with someone who could help me one-on-one would be great, but I know that’s probably what everyone would love.

    Thanks for listening and I await your reply.

  13. Great post Carson.

    Should show everyone that while great financial rewards can be achieved there is WORK involved.

    Cian (Proud WA Member)

  14. Well guys, I was going to comment but you all have already expressed it! Thanks Carson I am beginning to trust WA and am seriously considering joining this month. Please don’t let me down.

    coming around one more time,


  15. Carson, thank you so much for all your great information. I plan to join Wealthy Affiliate sometime soon but as I am newer than new to this world of internet marketing, I want to take things slowly at first. There is just SO much information and new language to learn that I feel I need some time to learn and assimilate some of the marketing basics into my own bio-computer first before I can more ahead. Thanks again, Marieanne

  16. I have tried to get started online in choosing affiliate marketing, but I do not have as much time as I believe I need to be able to promote the products I’ve chosen. Is there anything I can do to promote my products efficiently without a website? Or are blogs and articles a good place to start? I’m just not sure.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  17. @Darren: Yes, we have many tutorials, guides, video’s, and tools at Wealthy Affiliate that make getting a website or blog up and running in no time. Not to mention Kyle, Myself, and an entire community are available to answer questions that you may have or help you if you hit a “brick wall”.


  18. @Emmanuel: Being that you are from Nigeria there are some products or services that you will not be able to sell online, however the Majority of Affiliate products do allow Nigerians to promote and sell their products online. We have had many members at WA from Nigeria who have greatly benefited from our teachings. The concepts of Internet marketing are the same wherever you live as it is a GLOBAL marketplace!


  19. Men I love your works

    I have received lots of your mails and am so much interested but had never been attended to.

    My question still remains how do a Nigerian join the online marketing


  20. @Reg B: Yes, hosting, domains, Cpanel, Plesk, DNS all of that terminology can make your head spin. At Wealthy Affiliate we cut through this and show you exactly what to do. We offer free hosting, tutorials on how to get your hosting setup, and how to get your first website up and running. If you run into trouble at any point.. I’m personally there to help you.


  21. HI There Carson,
    OK, you’re so right about websites and content, these two surely do scare me some,
    I have this tool in my Mac Book, I just never did test what it can do,( too busy searching for the
    wrong things, and not “Focusing” where I should be) thank you for that word of guidance, I truly
    needed that today, and I am starting today to turn things around, I have had a rough time
    refocusing here now , because my enroller just retired and so, I had turn to my “N V P ”
    for help and advice along with the calls & training I follow thru the week, I also try to follow
    too many needless emails, trying to answer them hoping to build a ” Customer List” to work with,
    So there you have it, that is what i am thinking about after reading you email today,
    You did catch me in the middle of this, I will read your letter again,I keep them for reference.
    Thank you for writing, and I am still coming to join you soon

  22. it started off easy enough but its like a brick wall with names like “blog” i think you made it sound quite straight forward. Can anyone physically show me !!!!! Learn by doing that is my moto……

  23. Carson…
    Great article enjoyed it very much… What some other things that scare the hell out of me is not so much writing the content but to come up withnew stuff to add weekly… Hosting accounts and C-panels are another fear… The hosting company I have now gives me no support and I get lost in my C-panel… And I guess finely adding plug ins to blogs… You guys seem like stright forward type guys with no BS, but for $40 a month will I get my money worth? Like you said in your e-mail that I get lots of offers from Guru’s with brand new shiny objects. Which I bought some and for me not being a techy type guy I still can’t use them… Sorry to ask a dumb question but I need a lot of support or hand holding… I need to make this work…
    OK, I vented again, thanks for listening to me…
    Reg B.

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