Choking on the Internet Marketing Wishbone

Guest Post by: Jennifer (PotPieGirl)

Last week or so, Kyle had a great post on our very own Wealthy Affiliate Blog.  The post was titled – What Motivates YOU to Achieve Success? I really enjoyed it and I think you might, too. You can read that post here.

However, Kyle linked out to something that was an extremely interesting read for me. About half way down in the comments section, Kyle replied to a comment with this statement:

I agree with everything you have said. However, I do believe that any weakness can become a strength through focus. Many people have weaknesses but fail to ever work on them because it is “hard”. It is much more comforting and “easy” to do what you are already good at or what you are naturally gifted to do. Most of us that are successful are that way because many of our OLD weaknesses are now our strong points.

As for survival (in business & in the sense of life) , there are different ways in which we react to difficult situations. I know of an excellent article that distinguishes the difference between “choking” and “panicking”, written by a famous Canadian author, Malcolm Gladwell. You may find this interesting.



Not only was his reply comment insightful in my opinion, the article he linked out to by Malcolm Gladwell was fascinating to me.

The article is a bit older and bit long, but it was a deep journey into the difference between “choking” and “panicking”.

In short, “panicking” is when we shut down and suffer from a loss of rational thought. Think of being at a loss for air and how your mind will go blank and just reach out for whatever – or WHO ever – has air available to you. Or when someone is drowning and you try to rescue them….and they fight you…grasp on to you…all to the point that you might have to right-hook them to knock them out so you CAN save their life. That is panic.

On the other hand, “choking”, according to the author, is the state in which we think too much. We over-analyze our every move….over think things until we lose our fluidity. It causes us to stutter and stall in our actions. Think like the golfer who suddenly chokes over a 3-foot putt after remembering he missed 6 of those putts already that day.

Suddenly he is very aware of his motions and technique. Even tho he had MADE 3-foot putts a thousand times before, he now suddenly doubts himself (or herself, says the girl golfer…lol).

So…now I know you’re wondering….

Good Golly, Jennifer, What in the WORLD Does This Have To Do With Marketing or Writing Articles?

As I was reading that article, it hit me how much those two terms – those two natural responses – apply to our marketing techniques.

Many of us will be in a panic state when we first come online.


That is the only thought…and the process begins of tossing affiliate links and big “CLICK HERE” text all over our web pages. If you’re struggling for “air” in life, I can see how this would be a totally normal, absence of complete thought response.

However, I think CHOKING really applies to article marketing – especially when you’re new.

Think about it…. you gather your keywords then you open that text file to start writing…and what do you see?

That BIG BLANK WHITE PAGE…. that is EMPTY just waiting for your genius to fill it up.


That’s not panic setting in, it is you choking.

I don’t mean that as an insult – heck, we ALL do it at one time or another. What I want to do is give you a tip to get PAST that “choking” stage and move forward to where a big, blank, white page inspires you – instead of intimidating you and making you doubt yourself, your words, and your sanity.

I see so many folks in our forum write the most eloquent forum posts expressing their inability to write articles that are “good enough”. I used to read those posts and think, “What in the world could be the problem? They write beautifully!”

Now I know what the problem is… and how to help you past it.

Isn’t it easier when you are writing TO someone?

It sure is for me!

For any of you that have read anything I have written, you may notice that I have a very “conversational” style of writing. I prefer, and am most comfortable with, writing TO people just as if I was talking to them.

My high school English teacher may have hated it years ago, but it works for me now…. AND it got me past MY case of “choking” when trying to write articles.

Next time you are faced with that choke-inducing Big, Blank, White Page, just turn your keyword into a question and pretend you are writing an email to a friend answering that question.

Heck, pretend you are writing to me….or Kyle….or Carson – it doesn’t matter now. Over time, you will learn how to envision the ideal person that would want help from your articles and you’ll be able to pretend you are emailing them giving them personal help.

That’s what article writing really is – providing personal help to others who are looking for that help.

Just let your words flow. Don’t get hung up on keyword density or article length – just write and let YOU shine through.

As Kyle said in his quoted comment above – “Most of us that are successful are that way because many of our OLD weaknesses are now our strong points.”

Choking when writing articles is a temporary weakness that is easily overcome with a mindset change in YOU. Before long, that old weakness will be one of your strong points that will push you closer and closer to success.


88 thoughts on “Choking on the Internet Marketing Wishbone”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Really good advice, I’m really trying to change my mindset about writing. It shouldn’t be so hard as I already have to write much longer papers in school.

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    You said this so eloquently. I’m learning so much here at WA. I especially liked when you said: “just turn your keyword into a question and pretend you are writing an email to a friend answering that question.”

    Another technique that I can use to enable me to continue to move forward. Thanks for the keen insight.

  3. This is a great way to help people see that weaknesses can be strengths, that writing problems are only temporary, but most importantly of all: The choking and panicking are not actual weaknesses, certainly not permanent, and it shows that you care enough to write quality material! Awesome article, and thanks!:)

  4. Hi! Your writing style are very conversational and I like it. I also enjoyed your post and there is a lot of sense in it, very insightful and inspiring. But I am not sure weather I am one that panic are a choker, because I am not fearful about what I want to do it is just that, I just go blank a lot of times. what would you consider that to be,choking are panicking’

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    You perfectly describe the dilemma that I am now going through. So much beautiful ideas cluttered in my mind but I just don’t know how and when to start. How can two people like Kyle and Carson can be so hands on in mentoring someone like me? I am overwhelmed with the advice and tips that you guys been sharing me. I just have a little technicality to consider. In my heart, I am totally persuaded and with the awakening post that you wrote. Now I know, I’m not alone. Now I understand that this is just a process that I will soon complete and eventually become one of the most successful internet marketers. I’m not yet a member but definitely I will soon be! Thanks..

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    You perfectly describe the dilemma that I am now going through. So much beautiful ideas cluttered in my mind but I just don’t know how and when to start. How can two people like Kyle and Carson can be so hands on in mentoring someone like me? I am overwhelmed with the advice and tips that you guys been sharing me. I just have a little technicality to consider. In my heart, I am totally persuaded and with the awakening post that you wrote. Now I know, I’m not alone. Now I understand that this is just a process that I will soon complete and eventually become one of the most successful internet marketer. I;m not yet a member but definitely I will soon be! Thanks..

  7. I have just started on this journey and like many others I have been on in life I am excited about each step ahead of me. I look forward to all the information you have on making money online.

    Starting on the DAM now and will put a couple of hours in each day until….

    Thank you for helping me focus my online efforts and take a real first step.


  8. @ Pauline

    I understand where you are coming from and I am actually writing an article on “the scams” out there right now. The fact that I am personally respnding to you is a good start isn’t it? I can assure you that Carson and I are not a scam and we are available within (and outside of it) if you ever have any questions.



  9. Rather a mighty one dere. I’ll certainly put d lessons gathered to work cos it has benefited me in ways u can’t even have tot of while writing. Thank u

  10. I am thinking of joining ,but I am a chicken do not want to be taking for a ride alots of scam out there.why are you better than the rest of them .

  11. Hi potpie girl

    Hey thanks for this post of DAM this is great stuff . Like a few people that have already commented here
    I find your style of writing is as though you are talking with us. Also the trust thing is there as well

    I have searched for a while and found some really great people and info on Basic Methods to start making an income from internet marketing
    Yours Is very basic and easy to follow Which I plan on putting into practice .

    The other person or course I mention so it may help others is by travis sago
    Which has video and audio I found that Some of the information there confused me Other than that The course seems to be very helpful for anyone new to internet marketing
    I have also had E-mails from kyle&carson from wealthy affiliates
    Some have some really good information as well which i intend to use
    I am not a member of WA at the moment only because I am weary of Having to much information at once and only end up Frustrated and Confused

    I hope that you potpie girl are reading this as I would like to ask you A question to do with the DAM & Blogs so on that note please E-Mail me

    And once Again Thank you thank you for making the DAM and touching so many other peoples lives
    Regards Brian G

  12. That is really good advice PP Girl. I’ve been procrastinating a couple articles but am going to start on them right now. Thank you!

  13. Hi Jennifer,

    Great post and so true. Thank you for the tip……no more writers block for me !

  14. nice to see a body of information, which helps.

    and then theres colloective states of choked up, filled and fllooded ,by emotions, can happen and does,incrowded rooms. even crowded chat rooms…triggers can fire off,and threads be lost… which can cost,time and money,and reduce net worth…

    fortunately it can be better than that.

  15. Jennifer,
    Thanks for that story. It is very helpful! My biggest problem with my writing is I can’t stop re-writing my words. I keep thinking of new ways to say the things that I already said! However, When I write to people (and I write a lot!) I never want to re-write anything. I just want to get my message to them so they will understand me. Anyway, I really found good advice in your message. Thank You,

  16. Hi,

    I iam a newbie, reading your mail and blog really describes my experience. Thanks again for your insight. I really appreciate everything you guys do and your blog is very powerful for me.

  17. I just joined WA for three days now and what you describe as chocking is happen to me now. My head fill up with tons of ideas and I don’t really know what I have to do to start. I realize now, in order to start I need to re arrange my mindset. Thank you

  18. All I have to say to Kyle and Carson is RESPECT, why , this gentle men have briliantly transformed divine wisdom from their inner most treasure into pure achievable knowledge. They also kind of meticulously choose their working parthners whom are equally fine, WA carry on with your good work and remain bless.

  19. I love every point in the article vital points are being mentioned in every paragraph. I won’t be specific but its all good. Like they always say economic melt down is always the global language. Well its something we really need to tackle.

  20. Nice article, I especially like the point about making your weaknesses your strength!

    The choking have been there, but once you get started and just let the inspiration flow you come up with all these new ideas for articles and sometimes projects.

    It is really great how that works.

    Greetings Piet Hein
    The Netherlands

  21. A well written article. I do find your style very easy to read and the idea of writting to One person is excellent. Ill certainly adopt that with immediate effect I think its a Nuggett idea.

    Malccolm Gladwells writing whilts different is also excellentid i highly recommend all his books to anybody interested in internet marketing in al forms. Many of his bookd are corner stones of this work such as The tipping Point and Outliers.


  22. Sure it’s hard to make up your mind.
    Just look what your dealing with.,
    Your being pulled in different directions, who do you believe?

    I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve heard nothing but good things WA.
    Still it’s hard to make decision. (lest for me it is)
    I want to do this, I need to do this, but why can’t I commit?
    If you know the answer Jennifer, please tell me.

  23. hello Jennifer :)

    your articles is really awesome o.o , is easy to undersand , easy to remember too.
    normally reading articles is really bored for me.
    but your’s is like a real fish is flowing in the water tank which is so living *-*

    great work.

  24. Wow, what a great writing tip. I’m new to the online business/blogging/article writing but the advice everyone throws out there is to write numerous articles as if they just write themselves. The idea of answering a question with the articles will help me to focus. I think about my personal life in which I’m the “girlfriend” who always has all the answers; now I will apply that to my articles.

    Thank you for that.

  25. @ Lorreigne

    The one thing we do not guarantee is something that we cannot control…which is your “action”. We know our techniques, tools, and support we provide within WA can lead to success, however, you cannot build a successful business online with your own personal actions and hard work. If you are willing to do this and work through small failures (yes, we all have failures on our way to success), I can guarantee you will achieve success. I can also guarantee that we offer everything we say we do within WA. We are real and we care about our members.

    I always say “I have never seen someone fail that doesn’t quit”…and it holds true to this day.



  26. I truly appreciate the whole lot of encouragement and motivation that you guys shared!

    However, everytime I attempted to sign up and see the terms that I will be re- billed every month without any assurance that I will earn or not, makes me a changeable mind. But I was almost decided to join and always just posing to join. I hope to really be able to jump into it finally in the near future and prove to myself the real matter of WA in terms of making a living for my family.

  27. thank u for this insightful post.

    i especially enjoyed the article by gladwell. i read it all the way to the end, and it warmed my heart. what an excellent piece.

    i agree tt opening up a new blank document to start article writing sometimes feels puzzlingly overwhelming. but, i found tt by putting it in the context of typing an email to a friend or someone who’s asked for advice, suddenly the words flow.

    thank u very much again for this tip. :) much appreciated PotPieGirl.

  28. Hi Jennifer,

    Im a member of WA since 31 may 2010, and i can tell that i have feeling overhelmed with the info i got in there, but day after day, I learn a lil here a lil there, ideas come to pop out (sometime too many and thats whats scaring me cause i think im losing focus….anyway) and its wonderful to see so many good stuff that you bring out. I always end up seeing stuff you write in the WA forums, in ur tutorials, checked lens of you and some many other info you put out there. The article making scares me, but then again like u mention in the DAM if i write emails…HELL, if im writing so many words here how hard can be to write about something that i want to promote? In other forums that im member, not related with IM, I write alot and many members even like me alot for the content and info or experiences i put there. Sometimes I end having a full forum page just with writing!!!!
    Hell all this here now I could write an article lol….see? I have that problem. I dont know what to write but when I start someone please STOP ME!

    Best regards,
    a very dedicated WA fan,

  29. You cannot believe how long I’ve been looking for something like this. Scrolled through 5 pages of Yahoo results couldn’t find diddly squat. Quick search on bing. There was this…. Really have to start using it more often!

  30. Jennifer, I started this IM two years ago and became entirely snowed. I have condensed it down to about three people I trust. You are one. I am starting over and was so glad to find DAM. I am following another great lady right now, but when I have the time I will get back to you. Thanks for you teaching. E

  31. Jennifer, I really like your style, I am studying all your material and hope to get started for real soon.

    Re Delton’s comment, unfortunately, when I start writing a letter to someone, I write Dear Somebody, and that’s how far I get, then I keep staring at the blank page with my blank mind. I have to use a different approach, and I guess it will be like when you’re writing a book, you would collect ideas and bits of wisdom, throw them all in a big box and when the box is full, you start putting them in order.

    I don’t know whether that will work, but I have to try it as everything else results in ‘writer’s block’. I find this part very daunting but know I will overcome it as I am determined to succeed in this!

    Thanks for all you do.

  32. Hey PPGirl,

    You are right on in this article. When I open notepad all I see is a big white sea without ships or anything. For a long time I would stare at the sea and freeze. It didn’t matter what I had in mind to write I couldn’t get the first letter (ship) on the sea. Even now I have to start every article just like a letter. As you will notice how I started this post. I have to address somebody before I can get the sea filled with ships. I recommend this to everyone that thinks he or she can’t write. Once you have addressed someone you can type away, matter of fact, if you’re like me you don’t know when to stop. By-By

  33. I have spent many, many months, since I was laid off in April 2009, scouring sites, reading blogs about making money online. In all that time, I found only a handful of people I felt I could trust, and who really helped me, explaining things on a step-by-step basis. There are lots of “gurus” out there. You are one of the handful of people I trust, and I wish you continued success.

  34. Very insightful post,and (in my opinion) deadon! Thank you for the words of wisdom Pot Pie Girl!

  35. I think your the best and want to thank you for all your insight and inspiration, I like reading your posts, and just as you mentioned, your writing style is so conversational I feel like your talking directly to me, and you have a great sense of humor too!

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