The “Oyster” Marketing Strategy

Hey everyone,

This is a story I can completely relate to for many reasons.

Believe it or not, I used to work for an aquaculture company during my mid to late teens, with my main duty being “picking oysters”.  Although this was a back breaking job it was one that taught me a lot about work ethics and how to work quickly and efficiently.

I guess in a way it also taught what I don’t want to do for the rest of my life.  You can probably relate to this, and you may even be in a job right now that you are hoping to quit one day.

Anyways, here we are 10 years…and a roller coaster ride of a decade later. I have been able to accomplish success within the Internet marketing world through the same hard work and work ethic…in what some would call in “extraordinary fashion”.

So today I thought it would be COOL if I could combine the two industries and show you the relation between an “oyster” and “how to make money online”.  Although they are VERY different in nature, I was able to find a correlation between the two.

This is what I call the Oyster Marketing Technique

To find the relation between online marketing and the oyster business, you need to understand a few things.  First, there are 4 components to the oyster that correlate to a successful marketing campaign…the beach, the oyster shell, the meat, and the pearl.

The first thing I want to look at is the beach. Oysters grow at different rates, and flourish much better depending on the water temperatures, currents, and location of the beach.  We will call this the beach component, and this translates to the “geographic market” in the Internet marketing world.

When you look for a beach you need to really analyze all of components of that area.  You need to understand the true demographics of it.  Is is easy to deliver product from that area…are the winds so high they will blow away your oysters, is it an area known for “red tide” in which there are seasonal times you cannot sell your poisonous oysters.

The same goes for geographic locations.  Can people in that area buy the product you are selling?  Do they have enough money to purchase your product (if it is paid)?  Are the people in that area even interested in your product?  Do they speak that language?   It is important that when you choose geographic location within PPC campaigns that you understand the market.  You need to know that there are adequate and qualified people within that jurisdiction that can purchase your product.

You need to understand the beaches and understand the seasons in which the beaches produce the best harvest.

Second, we have the oyster shell.  This is the home for the oyster.  The bigger the shell, the more the meat there is within the oyster.  The longer you leave an oyster on the beach (ie, the more time you invest in it), the bigger the oyster grows and the more money it is worth.

This translates into customer value in the Internet marketing world.

The more patient and more care you give your oyster (customer), the better the opportunity you will have to earn the most money from it.  The same goes for the IM world…the more you help out a visitor, the better the customer they will be.  This definitely applies in particular to the email marketing realm.

The better you are at building the relationship and nurturing your “list”, the more success you will have and the greater the “value per customer” relationship grows.

Next, we have the meat.  Oysters tend to vary in size and although the biggest oysters fetch the most money, the smaller oyster are in much higher demand.   There are many more markets for small oysters because of their popularity within the restaurant business and “smoked” oysters business (canned).

Because of this, you can typically sell more volume, but the small oyster market has much more competition and is subject to price slashing and business lag…things that the extra large oyster marketer and the cocktail (mini) oyster market are not subject to as much.

If you are crafty as an oyster business owner however, you can find more niche marketers for the more popular size oysters.  For example, there are restaurants that don’t serve oysters that you could deal “direct” with and earn higher profit.  There are also tradeshows, different distributors worldwide, and also an online market.

In the Internet marketing world, this translates into market size, versus the niche markets.

The largest markets online reap the largest amount of sales, yet are volatile to ongoing influxes of competition.  However, within these large markets (like weight loss, like dating), you can find smaller niches.  Long distance relationships.  Dieting for women post menopause.  Etc.

Then there are the “small” markets that have very little competition, and on occasion take a little more work to get going.  But the market is always there and MOST people are not willing to do it, so you can take full advantage and corner that specific market.  These are the unique niches like “tractor canopies”, “little big man ladders”, “men’s anti-aging cream”, “yoga for basketball players”.

The meat is where the market is!

And then you have the pearl.  Pearls are very rare and in fact, in my 4 years in the oyster business, I only came across one…and it wasn’t the ideal pearl shape (perfectly round).  I guess you could call this kinda lucky (that I found one that is).

A pearl is VERY rare in the wild and is created when a spec of sand finds it’s way into the mantle folds of the oyster…at which time a calcium carbonate form builds up around it.

A pearl is equivalent to hunting for something that is not there or very hard to find…or an illusion in attempt to earn a MASSIVE PROFIT.

The pearl is what most people look for, yet the fewest people ever find.  I compare it to someone looking for the “secret to success”…when in fact, the secret is that there is NO SECRET (if that makes sense).

I mean, there really is not secret niche, no pearl that is waiting to be found on the Internet.

Sure I guess you could refer to unexplored niches and keywords as pearls, but there are so many of them out there that I could not state they are “rare”.

All you need is to research and find your ideal beach (it doesn’t even need to be the best one), find the right size oyster shell, find a market for your oyster meat…and you will be a successful farmer and in Internet marketing terms…a SUPER AFFILIATE or a MILLIONAIRE!!!

I guess I could end this within the old saying…

“The world is your oyster”!


Wealthy Affiliate

PS.  Leave feedback!  Also, I am going to be elaborating in great detail on each section (the beach, the shell, the meat, and the pearl) in the future!

Now Available!

Part 1: The Geographic Marketing “Beach”
Part 2: The Oyster Shell – Creating More Powerful Customers
Part 3: The Meat – Sell More Low or Sell Less High
Part 3: The Pearl – Are there such things as Internet Marketing Secrets

35 thoughts on “The “Oyster” Marketing Strategy”

  1. It takes desire, knowledge,passion, diligence, patience and endurance to achieve the best of what life has to offer; failure to possess or exercise one of these qualities may be sufficient to rob someone of the best of what his/her life could have been. A. Peace

  2. easy to get caught up in waiting for pearls….and the odd thing is the local charity shops couldnt give them away….theres fashion….and miss the meat,its far more adaptableand a lot easier to digest and so is the post Kyleand the times they are a changing,so better not get distracted by red tides.
    Rather bit by bit building markets. And what the money flow

  3. Ya know what? as one of ya kin fallowers i scrammed in my pockets and found a dim to buy myself my own PC looks great before me did a few connections and Bum infront of me! The wealthy affiliate University.Kind of made me want to join membership like crazy, reading about some meaty oyesters never eaten them.! but sure looks teriffic! , am joining membership just give me more space i need ta land soon check you out Kyle and Carson.

  4. @ Alvin

    The price at WA is in fact $97 per month. It has been this way since early June as we were becoming vastly undervalued and have added many new features since, including WordPress Express.



  5. I am confused with what I think the cost of your program costs. In your crash course that I received it tells me that the cost is $97.00 per month. On your responce to to Ramon on May 14 2010 you say the cost is $ 39.00 per month. Has there been an increase of that ammount since then. The ammount of $ 39.00 per month would be the ammount I could afford as I answered you this past weekend.
    Please let me know what the cost of joining the program will be.

    Thank you

    Alvin Losek

  6. I have looked at many sites and not come across such a site as yours that tells everyone everything they need to know. I have added you to my bookmarks, can anyone else suggest other related topics that I can search for to find out more information?

  7. The Oyster….
    let me say this…here is another money making idea for you….you put that oyster story out there in
    an email….one that people can forward on….and let me tell you….it would be a best seller….it hits
    the core of the average “JOE” and their quest to be independent…gives hope in a way that is very
    easy for most to understand…you NEED to market that story so that it can be shared without any
    WA violation, k?
    just a thought!!!
    I think it’s a WINNER!!
    I loved it!!!

  8. As always, Kyle…who’s the Man? You’re the Man. Another fantastic post that (I’m sure) many of us can learn from. I’m really glad you had that oyster picking job. It taught you so much and enabled you develop such a great work ethic and insight into the world in Internet Marketing. Continue on and hopefully the members of WA can be your pearls!

  9. @ Zaida

    Yeah, it turned out to be a little ironic in that sense. That is so unfortunate what is happening down there and my heart goes out to all the people and animals that are affected by this disaster.



  10. Great metaphor. Greater today! Oil spill, Louisiana, No oysters, No pearls, No fishermen, & No customers! Love your theory and style!

  11. @ Teddy

    It may not take 100, but it may take a few before you create your own formula. There really isn’t a process for “finding pearls” online. Sometimes you come across one, but you don’t need a pearl or some secret keyword to be successful. There is a process involved and it is called “consumer relevance”.



  12. I have to agree with what Betty said and that is you can’t just pickup one oyster and think you are going to find the perfect pearl. It may take you 100 websites before you get a winner.


  13. As always, great post Kyle! I like the way you present your ideas metaphorically– makes it more interesting, more colorful. I especially like the line: ‘The secret to success..(you mean in IM realm I suppose) is that there is no secret.”

    I’ve learned a lot again, thank you!

  14. 5-14-10 Dear Kyle, I like your Strategy about the Oyster and the Pearl. The trouble is with me. There are too many Oysters out there in the Internet world, just waiting to be opened. I have a bad habit of jumping from one to the other, trying to find some Magic Button to Push. I have not found it yet.

    But I will say this to everyone reading my comment: ” You have to open 200 Oysters before you find ONE Pearl. Believe this; Wealthy Affiliate is the Pearl !

    I have tried many other Affiliate Marketing Programs, but yours is the BEST !

  15. Well, Kylie, you sure made me hungry for oysters. I miss the oyster fest we used to have for manufacturers in York, PA for the Manufacturers Association. They probably still have it but without me.

    Maybe your post will help those of us that are pretty slow to have our own oyster fest. I think I keep learning but never understanding. Part of old age I guess.

    Anyway, a good post and I will look forward to your followup articles.

    The oyster grows the pearl because it is irritated. If some of the members are short of money they need for their family, then this series should help them grow that fictional pearl.

    John–Starting 3rd Year at WAU!

  16. Thanks for the great analogy.
    Yes, Far too many of us focus only on finding that pearl that we miss the real riches, the meat… and the joys of the journey.
    I, too, will be joining you after reading some W A stuff for almost a year. I had already started in a course which DID give me a good foundation, but we really had to just get it ourselves. This was my first foray into the I M. business.
    Now I want to make some money.
    It is the most interesting business I have ever been in.. lots to learn and so easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus..
    When I was in another type of business where I made a lot of money a saying I lived by was:

    “I must keep my mind ON the things I WANT and OFF the things I dont want because
    I WILL get what I have my mind and focus ON.”

    This is just as true for me today as it was years ago.

    The testimonials for W A just put the icing on the cake for me. Over and over the theme was .. community, caring and helping each other, and your helping everyone and the closeness of all .
    I want to be a part of this too!
    I believe with your program the income I have been looking for will be possible…. and I AM willing to work for it.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Mary CT

  17. Great analogy. It’s interesting how different people can find wisdom in different situations.

  18. @ Ramon

    Very true…education costs are very high, regardless of the institution that you go to. $39/mth for the a real education of Internet marketing (including the teachers) is a bit crazy when you think about it…and Carson and I both know that.

    We definitely look forward to having you at WA and I can guarantee that if you retain your positive attitude, good things will happen.



  19. Hi Kyle,

    I can’t really remember how got to your website, but it was a couple of days ago and I am glad I did. I have been looking for a way to create recurring income online for years, and quit my Insurance Sales Career, all I have found are “opportunities” that take your money away never to give it back….from Network Marketing to Affiliate Marketing opportunities. I have spent thousands of dollars.

    I keep looking though, and I have come to the realization that as with any business you have to have the right strategy, before implementing an action plan, you have to create the darn action plan, and before that you need to take time to educate yourself.

    I live in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth territory of the US, and I think that we have the lowest cost in formal education of all US Citizens at about $25,000 for a four year degree.

    I guess that if I can spend $25,000 plus four years of my time to end up in a dead end job, with a slim to none chance of real growth (You know the story where you go from Cinderella to Princess, or Prince) I can spend $39 a month to get an education that pays for itself as one learns.

    Another thing I have learned the hard way is that no one gets to a difficult financial situation in a second, we usually take our time in getting there, and the opposite is true, we can take our time to get to an ideal financial situation.

    I will be transferring some funds to my PayPal account to join WA community and I will follow your instructions in a very discipline matter, I am counting on you to guide me through this sea full of monsters we call the WWW and navigate me into waters where the fish are plentiful.

    God Bless You.

  20. Kyle, you wrote that for me. I should have known you won’t give me a direct and personal answer. Sort of maintains the disclaimer stance of your company.

    What I make out of it is that there are no guarantees or assurances in the IM world but if you venture doggedly enough you could be rewarded. Again, no daydreams about the reward level.

    Thanks for your tact. I see now it’s my call. I’m coming soon. I see your heart through your words and I believe you’ll do your best to help me make it work. Great writing, by the way, as usual.

  21. Good analogy Kyle. Well done and insightful in that there is a logical pattern in everything we do and how we handle it. Thank you. Joan

  22. @ Ben

    No problem Ben…glad you liked the post! We look forward to having you at Wealthy Affiliate!



  23. Kyle,thanks so much for the amusing post. I think we can all relate to the tale. I’ll be on board soon I just need to transfer some funds to paypal. You have completely convinced me that I can over come this fear of marketing with your help. Thanx again Ben

  24. Amazing post, very helpful, and answered some questions that I’ve had for a while. I for one, would love to see this made into a 5 part series. I hope to be joining the site here in the next couple weeks or so. I really hope to make a living online like so many other members of WA.

    Thanks again.

  25. Makes great sense. Also, goes to show another characteristic that, I imagine, goes a long way in your marketing efforts: creativity. I can’t even begin to imagine how you pulled those two things together. Having said that, I’m hoping to join your community soon, so perhaps I can find out. Just as soon as I can convince my husband.

  26. I like when our thought process can be related to all and sundry …
    Love the section about the meat. I’m just starting to see some varying sizes of oysters on my little plot of beach that I thought would all grow to be the same…

    Love the life I live and living the life I love down at the beach!

  27. I have last year put our 3,000.00 and in the 8 weeks I was told to open an E-bay account I did made some money ,but not near what I was told that I would make. Now I am searching again, It seem I almost get the pearl but just never seem to get beyound the beach. I soooooooooooo,what that pearl. and I am wondering if you are the Beach, the oyster,the meat,and the pearl. I am not sure how to test it.

  28. There is a pearl waiting to be found on the internet – my latest album is called ‘Pearl’
    Is it allright if I quote you on my site? My website is currently being re-built so is not completely finished yet – I do enjoy your posts I find them very useful

  29. Thank you for this post, it made things clear in reguards to the type of business opportunity this is. I would love to read more! I am thinking about becoming a member and this blog really helped unmuddled a few questions i had, Thanks again!

  30. Cool stuff Kyle.

    Where I am in Ireland, I actually live by the sea…so the Strand IS my back garden, and there is quite a bit of mussel/perri winkel picking that goes on there.

    But yeah superb analogy.

  31. @ Lew W.

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the post. I am thinking about making it a 4 part series where I will elaborate on the fundamentals of the strategy.

    We would love to have you and your wife at Wealthy Affiliate and help you achieve success online! :)



  32. I am thinking of trying your service, I and my wife. This blog was very relevant and is appreciated. For those that understand underlying content, it is truly a deep post. Think I might give you a try Kyle. Thx

  33. great post Kyle,

    online & offline world are no different….to be successful demands a positive attitude and work ethics.
    It’s not a “plug n play” kinda thing.

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