The Oyster Shell – Creating More Powerful Customers

Last week I showed you how the geography of your audience (the beach) has an impact on your earning potential as an Internet marketer.Oyster Marketing Strategy - Creating more powerful customers

An audience is a group of people though.  My goal today is to show you how to turn an audience into revenue, or what we like to call “power customers”.

So here we have the oyster shell.

“This is the home for the oyster.  The bigger the shell, the more the meat there is within the oyster.  The longer you leave an oyster on the beach (ie, the more time you invest in it), the bigger the oyster grows and the more money it is worth.”

This translates into customer value in the Internet marketing world.

The more patient and more care you give your oyster (customer), the better the opportunity you will have to earn not only the first sale from that customer, but multiple sales.

I can give you a quick example of this to explain exactly what I am talking about.

I have had an iPhone ever since the first generation of it came out.  I am not one of those people that stand in line and camp outside overnight to get the first one, however, I can guarantee that I buy every single new iPhone that comes out (my next purchase will be the iPhone 4).

This is a beautiful thing for Apple.  Although many argue that there are much superior phones to the iPhone, I continue to buy.  In fact, I know there are phones that have more bells and whistles, have been rated higher, have better battery life, faster processors, etc….but I continue to buy EVERY iPhone that hits the market.


No…I’m not a freak.  I am a POWER CUSTOMER of the Apple brand.

What if you could create your own power customers, nurture your subscribers and your website visitors from the point of being just a baby oyster shell, to becoming a massive oyster!

In order to do this, we need to look at the characteristics of a POWER CUSTOMER…or in this case, I can just look at myself in terms of buying into Apple.

(1) I love the products
(2) I trust that it will work how it says it works, and if it doesn’t I know they will be there
(3) I like to talk about the products
(4) I even defend the product
(5) I recommend the product to my friends, and sometimes people I don’t even know

OK, this is fine and dandy.  I have outlined what is the genetic makeup of a power customer, but what we really want to know is how do you create a POWER CUSTOMER?

Over the years of marketing online, I have learned that creating customers does not have to be as difficult as some people would like to make you think.

Really, what is a customer…

Someone that buys something.

Why does someone buy something?

They need it.  They want it.  Or they simply like to spend money.

Why would they buy it from you?

Because you have HELPED them.

Oh no, there’s the “H” word.  This is the most common thing people overlook when promoting products, services and trying to create relationships online.

The emphasis is put on “selling” versus “helping” which will lead to inferior success.

People hate blatant promotions without being helped.  If I am going to buy something online, I am going to want some help, some education, and I want to know who I am buying from.  I have thought long and hard about the aspects of “creating” power customers, and the 3 most important aspects you as an Internet Marketer can have are:

(1) Be real.

If you were at a car lot and the salesman came out with a black sheet over their heads, and introduced themselves as “”, would you buy from them.  Um…NO.  You would probably find it very creepy and jump in your car and lock the doors.

Why is this OK online then?  People seem to think it is OK to hide behind their website.  Think about how silly the car lot examples sounds.  Now take a look at your online promotions.  If you don’t have a name, a face, and a personal brand behind your recommendations, your product, or your promotions, you might as well start selling cars with a sheet over your head.

Leave a good first impression.  Give people your name, tell them a story about yourself (could be a funny one) and let them know that you are there if they need any help.  One thing that I have found to be effective over the years is to give out an email address in which people can contact you.  If you do, you will not only create instant trust, people will feel as though they have reached a safe haven…and are much more likely to buy from your recommendations.

(2) Give more than you take.

Selling 101 here.  What makes a good buying experience?  One where the customer feels they get the most bang for their buck.  This does not necessarily mean a “firesale” or a “garage sale”…however it means that the value of the product or service you are selling are worth more than the actual price indicates.

If I buy an iPhone for $699, it is worth more to me than that.  If it is worth less I would not buy it.  Worth would come from many different aspects.

An iPhone is sexy.

I pay to be cool I guess (as lame as that sounds).

An iPhone allows me to check my emails.

That saves me time (and money).

An iPhone gives me GPS when I am lost.

That saves me stopping at a gas station to ask for directions.  I do have GPS in my car, but for some reason I use my iPhone instead!

An iPhone gives me 100,000’s of apps. Many are free.  This gives me something to do when I am standing in line to get my Subway or sitting in the airport waiting to catch my flight.

An iPhone allows me to check the Internet from where I wanted.

The other day my friend told me that Tuna fish get up to 600lbs in weight.  I didn’t believe him so I looked it up…and sure enough, the biggest Tuna ever caught was 1496lbs!!  Anyways, without the iPhone I would not have been able to do this.

Oh ya, I can also make PHONE calls.  Weird…

Anyways, the point I am getting at is that an iPhone is a great deal for me at $699.  It provides me much more value and substance than the 7 $100 bills do.  So I make the trade with Apple and they hapilly make their $300 profit on the product.

In the online world, if you offer your customers free incentives, upgrades, powerful information, bonuses, or continue to make your product or service better….you will make more money.  If people view the value of what you offer them to be more than that of their own money, they will buy from you EVERY SINGLE TIME!

(3) Know your stuff

There is nothing worse than being misinformed or being told ONLY stuff that you know in the same way you know it.

If you are promoting products to help greyhounds train for dog racing, you better know your stuff about dog racing.  You better know the terminology, you better know the reason people love racing greyhounds,  you better know the history of greyhound racing and you better know the products you are promoting.

If you don’t, it is obvious.

What do you think is a more knowledgeable statement:

Want to build a model airplane?  (at this point I didn’t know “jack” about model airplanes).


Want to geek out your FPV with the Thomas Scherrer UHF Long Range System?  (at this point I know something).

With a tiny bit of research, you can be informed in pretty much any industry you want.  Whether it be model airplanes or mini horses.

I don’t know whether it is because some marketers are just plain LAZY or they have never considered the consumer in the correct “light”, I see a lot of websites out there that show a complete lack of “niche” knowledge.  A real turn off.

There you have it.

The oyster shell strategy, creating more lucrative and POWER CUSTOMERS comes down to three items.  One, be real and authentic.  Give people the feeling they can reach out and touch you.  In the online world there are a lot of headless horsemen out there…and I don’t want you to become one.  Be a personality.

Next…give, give, and then give again.  If you want to create a repeat customers you have to become known as someone that is generous.

Lastly, know your crapola.  If you don’t know jack, you won’t sell jack.  Simple as that.

Hope you enjoyed Part 2 of my 4 part “Oyster Marketing Strategy” series.  If you have any feedback I would love to hear it…so please leave your comments below.



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25 thoughts on “The Oyster Shell – Creating More Powerful Customers”

  1. Excellent tips here for anyone who haven’t got the point yet of what it take to sell online. Making sure that people understand that you are a real person and that you are reachable is vital.

    Not only I am an internet marketer selling online, but I am also a customer online and what a disappointment it is when you send an email with a question and either you get a cold automatic reply or no reply at all. It has happened to me recently while I had a question about a product that I really wanted to buy. Now I am waiting to see if I will EVER get an answer to my question and therefore will keep waiting… until I purchase the product.

    This shows you that, YES what Kyle says here is so true!

  2. Good brief and this post helped me a lot in my college assignment on marketing to difficult to reach consumers. Say thank you you on your information.

  3. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Awesome, awesome post Kyle. Great advices here. Your 3 points are KEY! Thank you for writing such valuable posts.


  5. wow wow wow….I have been a member since late February and have been on the fence ever since..
    I made the decision last night to get on OR off the “pot”….I know this works and I know I can do it and this article/letter just put me over the top…what wonderful information….if you were close by I’d give you a big big hug!
    watch me fly!!!!
    Thank you!

  6. Hello Kyle,
    Thanks for this right on the mark information and also for keeping it “real” by sharing so much of you in the post.

    Really, it IS all about showing you care and knowing your stuff. It does take time to build that know, like and trust relationship, but it is so worth it…..
    Because your customers/clients stay with you even if you change your offer/product/service or business.

    Thanks for sharing and caring!
    Yvonne Finn

  7. Kyle — Having operated my own brick-and-mortar for 10 years, the only way to create powerhouses is to hand-raise them yourself. We know that much…, but what most business owners may not realize is that you can only create them by: 1) being true and real (as you wisely stated), 2) looking out for their best interests…, and 3) sharing everything you know. It really gets me when Internet marketers lead us “down a thorny path by sharing junk information” and it’s refreshing to read content from someone who knows how to build a sustainable but BIG business honestly.

  8. Hi Kyle,

    I particularly like this post because it hit home for me. The customer you describe sounds like me, so I guess I am a typical customer. BTW, your post sold me an iPhone. I got juiced up about it. You also describe the reason I feel at home with my niche which encompasses my life’s work, hands on knowledge. I’m developing products now to incorporate with my affiliate accounts, and also provide some valuable give aways. I got lazy and neglected my newsletter for a few months. I didn’t realize how people were looking forward to receiving it. Small subscription group, but as you say, they tell their friends, and that’s how you grow. I won’t make that mistake any more. Thanks for this great post.

  9. Thanks!!

    Sometimes even reading over things you already know can help refresh your mind on things you are working on currently. It never hurts to renew your perspective on things.

    All the best.


  10. Excellent post Kyle, thank you. Its about useful information with value and connecting on a personal level which a reader can appreciate as well. It takes time to develop these skills in general, that’s why when you first start out in IM it is encouraged that you find find something you are already interested and passionate about because then you can do this on a natural and genuine level.

    Many IM’ers don’t do this (myself included, sigh..) and it comes across as trying to sell dead fish along the highway. Passion brings life and excitement to whatever you are doing and it often has the effect of being contagious especially to someone with similar interests. And this can often lead to an easy sell! Bring forth the fresh and bring forth the knowledge!

  11. Hi Kyle,

    This is the first time I am posting a response to one of your articles. I have to admit that I have looked forward to receiving emails from you and Carson for a long time now, for a while there as a prospective WA member, and now I have been a member for a couple months. I am taking my time in the learning phase right now and have been learning a ton on WA! You and Carson have really learned how to get in touch with the customer and be so real and authentic, that it is hard not to buy what ever it is that you sell! I believe you two could sell dirt to a ditch digger because you really care about the dirt and what it means to the digger! If that makes sense! Anyway, I have been hard at work implementing your tips and strategies and am confident that I will be a successful internet marketer because of you two and WA.


    J. Gold

  12. Hey, Kyle I really enjoy this second post. I can see why I am struggling. Your post reveal everything that I have been doing wrong. I will admit this because it hits home hard.

    Thank you so much again.

  13. @ Nada

    Give it a try…really, anyone can do this if they are willing to work at it. What I won’t guarantee is success overnight, because there is work involved on your part…that of which I cannot guarantee. In this day and age you don’t need to be all the technically savvy to succeed as there are tools which can simplify everything from research, website development, keywords, content development, etc….which we provide for you at WA.

    We would love to have you on board!



  14. Furthermore, I think this just goes to show that building a list is imperative.

    Sure you can overdeliver on an information laden webpage, but imagine over delivering time and time again to your prospects via email. This is what leads to crazy conversions and on top of that, power customers like Kyle said.

    I’ve had gained a LOT customers in various niches because I was recommended to them by my own subscribers (some of them non-buyers too)…talk about super hot FREE traffic. I know I’m going off on a tangent, but look at the viral effect of the youtube star Shane Dawson (my sister likes him :-)), who is relatively famous because he delivers what his viewers wants and encourages interaction, giving the impression ”hey I’m just one of ye”…and then they in turn buy his merchandise.

    Back to the point though, with these strategies you can make bank and also feel great about yourself…and that’s what it’s all about it.

  15. Hi Kyle,
    First of all I want to say,that you are a very nice and professional guy,whom I trust totally.i have been reading your e-mails for months now and steel couldn`t decide to signe up.The reason ist,that I
    just have doubts,that I would be successful in online marketing,for I am a grandma 63 years old and retired.I was born in Slovenia and worked 35 years as customer service agent in Frankfurt Germany.
    i can speak several langguages,but am not neccesarily a computer freak.I do spend lots of time behind the screen and am willing to learn and work hard.But is that enough? Presently my husband and I live in Savannh GA and have plenty of time.Should I give it a try?What do you think about an oldy to become an online marketer?
    Thanks for you answer in advance,

  16. Great post I am actually writing this post on my iPhone. You got to know the stuff you are marketing. It is better to help them out instead of just selling them out. They stick around a lot longer! I know how it feels to be just sold out!

  17. @ Steve

    I think it comes down to treating people as “people” and not being a hidden entity behind your website. All you need to do is to look at your website, article, or blog from a consumers perspective to realize whether or not you are delivering. Have you actually helped this person out? Do you connect with this person? Have you created a level of credibility that someone would trust you? If you cannot answer these questions as a consumer visiting your page, chances are you need to rework things.



  18. I have been working with Cian and will sign up tonight or tomorrow night. It appears to me that you want the affiliates to treat their customers the way that you treat the affiliates.

  19. I am just starting first month, I love The large Ideas that are in this article I want to fine a way to implement them in my marketing.Thank You

  20. Excellent post Kyle.

    If you go that extra mile to help your visitors. client and customers then you will have greater success.
    When social media wasn’t as well known a couple of years ago, it was ok to hide behind a website, but now we can all ”connect” the personal (or human) touch is essential

  21. I like to model airplane illustration… the same thing happened to me in the gaming niche. I didn’t start making any sales until I learned the lingo. It was rough on the spell checker though!

  22. Hi Kyle, Thanks for another great post … a breath of fresh air in the midst of my stuckness lol. Seriously everything you say makes perfect sense … I may even print this one out it and stick it in front of me because alhough it all seems so obvious, it’s keeping it at the forefront of my mind and making it second nature that will hopefully bring success. Thanks again.


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