Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru

I know this is not my first rant, nor is it going to be my last. There are lots of SCAM products out there, lots of GURU’s that are ready to Top Ten Ways to Tell if You Are a Gurutake your money, and lots of “make money fast” offers.

Want to know why this frustrates Carson and I so much?

It is not that we have to compete with these people for business. It is not because we feel that their products or services are superior. It has nothing to do with the amount of money they make.

The reason is that people ASSUME simply because they have been scammed in the past, that we are a scam. The crooks out there are ruining it for the rest of us that actually want to help people out, help people succeed…

It has to do with the fact that “consumers” become completely JADED from the whole niche. They have been lied to, they have been ripped off, they have been promised things they never received, and they have basically been bent over by an entire slew of GURU’s.

Because of this, I wanted to provide you with a list to give you “tell tale” signs that you may be dealing with a guru. These are characteristics that most gurus have and if you see anything that fits this list, you should be VERY weary. And for those of you out there with make money products, I hope you don’t make it into my Top 10.

Here we go, in David Letterman “fashion”…

Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru!

(10) You brag day in and day out about money or a launch you did 3 years ago…

(9) You launch a clickbank product per year and you use clickbank screen captures from your last product launch to sell your new product.

(8) You are part of a “mastermind”, “joint venture”, or “super millionaire” group.

(7) You promote a new product every week to your list.

(6) You promote a new product every week and you don’t know what it is?

(5) When you consider upselling and downselling your product before you care to think about your CUSTOMER.

(4) You create a “make money” product before you know how to make money.

(3) When the name of your product name or website has “fast”, “project”, “push button”, “cash”, “super”, “millionaire”, “quick”, “instant’, “crusher”, “launch”, “commission”, “system”, or “clickbank” in it.

(2) You claim that a product can help you earn $100,000+ in a month.

(1) When you think you are a GURU.


There are positives for us here though…

When people join WA, they are ecstatic. The realize we are real and we actually care about our members. They feel as though they have finally found something that works and is a save haven from GURU’s.

You have a question for us, you get an answer. We are INSIDE WA every day, chatting with people using our instant chat, building resources, and behind the scenes, building new technologies and services that will only continue to increase what WA offers.

One of the main questions we always get is “why we don’t promote other people’s products like all of the other GURU’s out there?”. My response is simple.

We cannot ethically promote anything out there.

Trust me, if we could find something that was high quality, and was as cost efficient as WA, and provided the same sort of value that we do, we would promote it. Seriously.

However, all of the $1997 products, the $5,000 mentoring packages, and the 10,000’s of $27, $47 and $97 products out there pale in comparison.

Have you been taken by a guru in the past?

If you are a member of WA and you are reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are not a member, I would love to hear about your experiences thus far.

Our goal in 2012 is to make the Internet a safer place!

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. We will be in touch in early Jan. Lots of exciting stuff coming!


Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate Co-Owner


67 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru”

  1. @Patty

    Glue-ru…I like it!

    No problem on the responses! Glad I could help you out and we definitely look forward to having you at Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Kyle, I am impressed with the fact that I’ve asked two questions so far about the free guide and have gotten good, straight non-sales-oriented answers right away both times! I am going to join WA as soon as I work out a few things.

    By the way, not all guru’s are bad . . . my husband took an entire course about glues and adhesives in the Navy and I call him “The Glue-ru!”

  3. @Alfred

    Sounds like one of the oldest scams in the book. Glad you didn’t fall for this one or you could have been out of $5,000!

  4. @dolph

    I understand your frustration Dolph, we try to get the message out on what is ethical and what is not (I can assure you that we are), but it is impossible to reach everyone. Unfortunately most of the large circles that people follow, the people that appear credible on the surface, are the worst culprits of creating the “churn and burn” CB products. Products with the intention of taking earning revenue without offering quality. Our goal at Wealthy Affiliate has always been to offer quality first and foremost which in turn can drive business.

  5. Dolph says
    i do not know what it is you exactly offer, to tell you the truth im tired of this shit. i am new to internet marketing and the first place i found was CB, so gess what, yep, got sucked into all the hype, spent money i didnt have. im goin to check you out but this will be the last time i do anything again.

  6. Dear Kyle,
    I have encountered this group many times, normally they use a hook to get you to purchase a product or service, once you have paid, another door open informing you that for service a to work you need service b. They are a bunch of crooks. I also encountered a guy who wanted to invest, but when the time came for him to send the money, he informed me that he was going to the hospital to get an operation, and his banker will contact me with all the wire transter information. A guy did contact me, but he told me, for him to send the money, I would have to send him $5,000.00. I told him to take the $5,000.00 out of the money he was suppose to send. I tried to get him to come to the Bahamas, so we could give him a vacation at Fox Hill Prison, but he never came, and I never heard from him again. A productive article thank you very much.

  7. @Miles

    Sure, I believe that there are some people within these groups that are for the most part ethical in principle (principle being putting customers before dollars). Give me the name of the last 5 products that you have promoted or that the people that within your masterminds have launched so we can have a look at what sort of ethics derive from these groups. That would be really awesome if you were part of a mastermind that is producing awesome stuff and by no means would I ever say that this is impossible, I am basing my definitions from experiences, what I see, what I hear, and feedback from many others. Would love to hear back from you! :)

  8. @Jack

    We actually don’t offer refunds, never have and never will. The reason being is that we offer “beyond” what we state on our sales page and we offer full support. We can guarantee everything that we say we give, but we cannot guarantee success. Anyone that says they can is likely a scam. The reason I say this is the only way you can guarantee success is if you actually are there to see that the person is actually working and taking action on what you teach. I would be more weary of any product that offers a 60 or 90 day refund as this is a sales tactic required by all Clickbank product, it doesn’t relate to product quality.

  9. I always go to look at refund policies, too, because sometimes they don’t give money back even if they make the refund promise. And sometimes they don’t make any refund guarantee at all!

  10. Because one is part of a mastermind they are considered a “guru”? Because they do a joint venture? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of. Clearly the author doesn’t know what a mastermind is. LOL

  11. I am not sure of the right amount of money I spent on bull shit in the past. I always have had the dream of being my own boss. So most of my extra money was spent on trying to make that dream a reality. I want my daughter to have a house to call her own. I am 31 and still living at home. I spent too much money on gurus. I am trying the 30 blogs in 30 day challange. I know I will come out a winner this time. I will try to do each step. I hope I can do these steps at the local library.

  12. I have read just about everything you have written since I joined WA and I have to say I like this the best.

    I mean this describes me before I joined down to the letter. I waited like 6 months to join WA after I discovered it existed. I was determined not to get ripped off again. I had been lied to by many of those stupid Guru’s, Damn vultures.

    Ewen Cheia or whatever your name is you can kiss my ass

    Sorry that’s the scam I got caught up in, they talk a big talk but it’s always another up sale to get the “BIG DEAL” Guru secret that’s gonna magically open up the sky and split the waters to release a flood of cash to your pay pal account.

    Anyway I thought no way I am letting anyone else BS me so I sifted through every free guide I could find on the internet and I ended up signing up for your email list and I noticed all the information you sent me was really good useful information.

    Then I emailed to ask a question, mostly I just wanted to see if a real person would email me back or if I would just get the ole auto responder. Marcus emailed me back himself and answered my question very thoroughly.

    Well that was it I decided to join and see what happened. well Kyle you know the rest of the story but for those that don’t I could not be happier that I joined and I can not imagine ever not being a member.

    I know I have said this a million times but thank you both (Kyle & Carson) for doing what you do. It’s really amazing to me that you guys have stuck to your ethics, we all know that you are both more than capable of promoting all that CB Guru junk and making a fortune but instead you promote quality education for internet marketers and make a fortune doing that.

    It’s a beautiful thing!

  13. @ancuta

    This business of schemes and scams will last because there will always be an audience that dreams of getting rich overnight. In my opinion, that is what the lottery is for, but some people will never figure this out and think there is some sort of information that will lead them to success…without work…without spending any time…and pushing a button. For people like you and I, these sales pages may seem insulting and seem like a scam, but there is definitely a crowd that gets sucked into these offers all the time. Hopefully this post will get out to many people so they can use this information to avoid guru scams in the future. :)

    Thanks for your feedback.

  14. Hi Kyle,
    Your article has to spread beyond your tribe. Lots of people searching on Internet to find out how to start and build a business would benefit knowing how to evaluate an IM offer. Firstly they should know that doing business online is just like doing business offline. The only difference is the means the entrepreneurs are using. Customers are real people like in offline world. When I read “guru” style offers with their “savvy” sales letters I feel they think I’m stupid. Honestly, at the beginning I fail too in their trap, but reading more (and thinking more!), I realized that all these sales techniques are only their quick money scheme. This kind of business cannot last. To apply a technique without knowing why you are doing it is nonsense…

  15. *phew!*

    I thought for sure I was going to be tripped up by one of the 10. Glad to have dodged that one!

  16. Kyle,

    I’m SO GLAD you wrote down the specifics of this article. With your permission, I would like to offer it to incoming folks on my blog…if only to protect them against this unfortunate reality. Consumers don’t know who to trust…and the worst part is that when we actually get our legitimate businesses going online, we will attract true professionals who need the help. If they can see what to avoid, then they will more likely turn to the ones who truly care about delivering quality Internet marketing services.

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