Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME – The Newest Membership Pricing Model

People have been wondering what is going on “behind the scenes at WA”. Although I cannot let you in on the full details yet, I can tell you that it is going to be massive. Really massive.

WA Lifetime Membership
Card May Look Bigger in Rear View Mirror

So massive, that we want to give you the early bird special of the Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME Membership. This is probably the most INSANE offer we have ever done, and it is going to truly offer an unbelievable amount of lifetime value.

But before I get started, I want to warn you that it is very expensive. VERY. But there is a reason for this, we are limiting the lifetime memberships to only 100 people.

Yes, very exclusive and you will be getting the exclusive treatment.

Before we get to the price, here is what we are going to be offering to lifetime members of Wealthy Affiliate.

(1) Full, uninhibited access to Wealthy Affiliate for the rest of your life, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(2) Full, uninhibited access to Jaaxy, the top keyword research tool, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(3) Full, uninhibited access to WordPress Express and Unlimited hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, the most powerful web hosting offering in the world, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(3) You are invited to our all expenses paid Las Vegas Conference every year, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
(4) 1% Stake in the company (become a shareholder)

And for the ULTRA BONUS, something that is totally unheard of in the industry.

Kyle or Carson will fly to your house one day per year for a personal training seminar, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Babysit your kids?
We don't like whiny children though...

Yes, we will roll up to your house, we will hang out with your family, babysit your kids, walk your dog, and most importantly we will help you with your Internet marketing campaigns.

So let’s get to the price.

What do you think this would be worth to you? Most of you are probably thinking, this is the most unbelievable offer in the world!

Really, you could go to school for 4 years, and $80,000 later you have a piece of recycled paper. No job, flipping burgers at the local diner. That is bull.

With Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME you are getting way more than that. You are getting training for a lifetime.

Would you be willing to pay a ONE TIME FEE of $500,000?

A bit much right. We think so too, that is why if you act today we are going to slash this price drastically, in fact by 50%.


Think of the business you are going to create out of this. You have your entire life to work out your business and you have access to the top training online, how could you not succeed?

The high ticket price is why we are limiting the membership, many people simply will not be able to afford this and we understand that. Actually, I want to do something for you now. Because I have gotten your attention up to this point, I want to offer you an INSTANT one time offer…

If you contact me within the next 48 hours I am going to offer you a Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME membership for $100,000.

Yes, another 150 grand off. Wicked awesome deal. I don’t know how anyone could refuse our offer…you would be crazy to miss out on this one.

How to send payment:

Email me at:


With the subject line: LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP

And then send me the details of how you want to get me this payment. We accept all forms of payment, including gold, old houses that you don’t want, cash (please make sure the bills are no smaller than $20’s), and we will even accept a vehicle in exchange (nothing worth less than a Aston Martin please).

We accept old houses as payment :)

But before we leave…

There are a few last provisions that I want to make you aware of. Read this fine print.

If you live over 100, we have the ability to cut off your membership. You have lived well past the average at this point and we can only support the average, please you are probably going a little crazy at this point anyways. Sorry.

If your house belongs on the show hoarders, we will be forced to meet with you at the local public library. Sorry, we are both OCD when it comes to cleanliness.

If you have read this far, you are an April Fool. Haha.

69 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate LIFETIME – The Newest Membership Pricing Model”

  1. Congratulations, best laugh I had in months although you are a bit late – or early – for April fool’ s day.

    Where I live, in Canada, it’s 3:23 in the morning, April 30 and I – being Austrian – always thought April fool’s day is April 1st!

    So much for relics born before the Internet saw the light of day!

    Take care.


    P.S. Is gravatar along the same lines? Can’t help but check it out.

  2. Well what can I say? The article certainly made me smile that’s for sure. In all seriousness however there are certain merits and a definite call for lifetime memberships of this kind. The pricing would always be stumbling point, but having a guru one on one would be priceless.

  3. I seen the offer for a lifetime membership and was surprised. That is funny though, you guys had a lot of people going with that one.

  4. Cant stop laughing….very good! Had visions of the scheduling nightmare flying around the world to visit each member each year. Yes I too thought you guys had lost yr marbles and yr integrity – phew!
    Although with different terms conditions and price tag you may be onto something :p

  5. Ha ha ha………
    I just read and can’t stop laughing. Hay you both( kyle and carson ) for $100k, I need 200 years to collect such amount.
    Beside a good marketer, you both are good jooker too!

    thanks for the joke!

  6. I must admit guys you had me going for a minute, then I was wondering who in their right mind would ever pay that kind of money for any membership…good one. Thanks for the chuckle!

  7. Wow! I was thinking, “Man, they must be in serious trouble with money, which is weird because I thought they were doing really well.”

    I’m glad you guys are maintaining your integrity, which I though you had lost with this offer :).

  8. Boy are you guys in trouble ! What were you thinking setting up an old lady for a fall like this? You spell out such a completely believable story like this and then pull the rug out from under her. WELL! This is certainly not the first time this has happened to her nor will it be the last. April Fools yourself !! Happy Birthday to me. Yes i am accepting this one as one of THE BEST all time pranks on me in my 61 years. YOU GOT ME GOOD. As soon as i saw that last remark i broke into laughter cuz i knew the hook had set well and i fell for the whole thing. The only thing i was wondering was how i was ever going to do this. I have no house, nor a car, and as for anything of worth, it might be a diamond i found in a pawn shop. Though i am pretty sure it’s not worth much. So thanks for the laugh and keep doing what you do. I might not be in a position now to do anything, but i believe in you both so much. Finally someone with strength of character and honesty in their hearts to share this knowledge with others. All my best wishes and love to you.

  9. Well, I heard that there was a lifetime offer going around. Looking at the calendar….I knew.

    I’m looking at the offer and calculating the time I have left. It is tempting but unless you guys were to camp out at my house for a week each year, I still don’t know.

    Should you care to give me credit for future earnings. Well, then you got a deal. This would incentivise you to make me profitable. I think I could deal with that.

    Now all I have to figure out is how to read my mail in a more timely fashion.

  10. I almost thinking about collect everything that unusable in my apartment to join you guys…lol.
    But really I still consider about join in WA with my son and I think both of you are really nice guy :)

  11. Nice to know you guys have a great sense of humor…makes you seem more real. Wish I could afford to join but paying off a bunch of debt … maybe next year… I still love visiting and want to try affiliate marketing some day soon.

  12. When you come up with a real ‘special pricing offer’ let me know, I would be interested.

  13. Hey,

    I didn’t notice much yesterday. Thought it would cost too much. But when you sent a second mail of 24 Hrs notice, I thought to give it a read…

    And here I am… I not only read this whole content, but was planning on how to collect this 100K. Got the actual thing when I read comments ;-) LOL

    You saved me from doing I dont know what to collect this 100K, may b a bank robbery ;-) LOL (kidding)

    this was surely a good one :-)


  14. I knew it was an April Fools Experience. To Bad…….You could have come to my house in “Beautiful Downtown Honolulu Hawaii ………..In the winter time. LOL


  15. Great job guys. I honestly hope all the comments about the “offer” aren’t serious, ’cause if they are it’s painfully obvious why some of the scams out here do so well. It’s a good thing that you (WA) and a few others who offer honest value and have some integrity exist, you gives those who have trouble differentiating between a scam and an honest offer a chance of making the right choice (WA for sure). Please keep up the great work that you do.
    To the few who still weren’t sure if the date had anything to do with offer, even after reading the fine print, do yourself a favor and get yourself a WA membership and see what a legitimate site is like.
    Hope everyone has a great day!

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