Wealthy Affiliate – The Open Education Project

Today, marks a historic day…

A day in which the way you learn, share, network and build a business online has changed. As of today (April 4th, 2012), Wealthy Affiliate Platinum has been retired. Out with the old, in with the new.

Today we are happy to announce the most interactive, robust and powerful Internet Business training community anywhere….

Wealthy Affiliate – The Open Education Project (OEP)

Wealthy Affiliate - The Open Education Project
Your own personalized "Open Education" Dashboard

When we created Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 it started out as a “keyword list” website! Since then it has evolved almost daily and become what it is today, the #1 Internet Business training platform anywhere. Our latest evolution has been 7 years in the making.

7 years of experience operating an Internet Business Training website has taught us a lot. The Open Education Project is a collection of all our ideas from the last 7 years and we have now revealed the most robust, powerful, and “success creating” system for our members. We believe we have accomplished this.

The Open Education Project is drastic. It is powerful. It gives members the most power they have ever had to learn, to teach, to network, to interact, to engage, to share, and to succeed.

People typically don’t like change as was quite evident in the latest update by Facebook Timeline.  However, people have been unbelievably receptive to the brand new, and VASTLY improved WealthyAffiliate, Open Education Project platform.

So what is OEP and how does it affect YOU?

Timely Training.

Wealthy Affiliate - Training
New Training is a Daily Experience!

Things on the Internet are going to change. If you have been involved with Internet Business in the last two years you will have seen the landscape completely change and evolve. The training within The Open Education Project is evolving at the fastest pace ever. Incentive to create, share, and network has never been more apparent. Interactions and relationships are being formed and solidified.

Wealthy Affiliate, OEP is the only place you need to be, the only Internet business community you need to be apart of, the only place you need to network.  It has the largest, most current, and most comprehensive training system anywhere online.  It truly is an open education platform.  Anyone can create and share their knowledge, and they do.

Buying e-books, courses, support programs and other mentorships no longer makes any sense.  If you don’t see a resource or training module within Wealthy Affiliate you can request it and a fellow member with the skillset in that particular area will create it.  Yes, you read that right.  You can REQUEST any training that you want and it will get created!

The training is, and will continue to remain, unparalleled in the industry!

Unbelievable Networking Capabilities.

Help is not just on its way, it is already here. Imagine having 1000’s of friends in the Internet Business niche that are there for you, regardless of the time of day. The Open Education Project allows you to network, regardless of the time of day, with people that share interests, are interesting, and are willing to help you achieve your goals.

Network, Follow, Get Followed!

Social interaction and networking has been one of the core focal points with The OEP evolution. You can now interact with other members, engage in any training that interests you, get help on any topic from the experts, and ask questions or post your ideas in an open discussion and get feedback.

You have a “Personal Feed” within the community where you can follow anyone that you like.  People that are you interested in. People that have knowledge that you want. People that are your friends. People that you aspire to be. Follow their journey online within their LIVE STREAM of activity!

An Actual Live Chat
An Actual Live Chat Snapshot

Support Like No Other.

Myself and Carson (the founders of Wealthy Affiliate) are an active part of the community every single day, sometimes too often. We have been known to burn the midnight oil, helping members until the early hours in the morning within Live Chat and within our Training dialogues.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can contact us personally, privately, or within one of the many socially (and open) outlets.  No question goes unanswered and no question is a “bad” one.  We have learned a lot in our 10 years (each) in the business and likely have an answer or insight into almost any question you may have. :)

The support does not end there…

You have access to EVERYONE else within the Open Education Project, meaning you can contact people with expertise in any area.  There are some awesome people within WA and you realize this out very quickly.  Our Live Chat is active ALL day, so regardless of your location in the world there will always be someone there to communicate with.  If not, leave us a message and we will give you a hand.  Simple enough right?

You are seconds away from discussing your business with us personally!

Your Business Homebase.

Whether you are running an offline business, an online business, or looking to start a business, you have a homebase for your business at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a place where you will learn what you need to know to start a business, find more business, and scale a business.

Make Wealthy Affiliate you home.  Make it your place to network with others. Make it your place to educate yourself.  Make it your place to teach.  Make it your place to research.  Make it your place to build.  Make it your place to succeed.  Or make it all of the above or any variation that you want.  That is the special part about WA…you have everything at your fingertips, so whatever your needs or wants are, you can access it simply by logging in.

No more seeking out the next e-book.  Buying the next course.  Watching the next annoying sales video.  Buying the next tool.  You have everything…which leads me to the next thing you need to understand.

You DO NOT need anything else!

My last point, and the one that Carson and I are most passionate about.

When you become a member of WA, and you DO NOT need to ever buy another product or service again. Seriously.

Wealthy Affiliate - The MENU
Have a Peak at Our Menu (everything included)

Want training?  You have all the training you need within the OEP. You want support, done…unlimited support. You want to network and create relationships in the business world? This is a day to day part of life within the OEP. You want to help others? You can do this as well, and you will be rewarded greatly within OEP. You want access to tools that will save you a ton of time with research? Included. You want to build unlimited websites without needing to know code…you want state of the art hosting, you want email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and to host many sites (that you could potentially sell)? Yes, included.

There honestly isn’t anything you need other than Wealthy Affiliate, and I say this with utmost confidence.

$47/mth. That is it. No catches. No extra expenses. Everything included so you can just focus on creating your business online, earning money, and earning lots of it!

So, today we would like to invite you to take a look at OEP. This is going to continue setting off a shift in the Internet Marketing industry, one in which is going to continue keeping Wealthy Affiliate as the top place to learn and share Internet business information.

If you are not a member and are still wasting your money on training elsewhere (University & College included), you need to reconsider. The Open Education Project is all you need!

Join The Open Education Project here!


If you are a member, you can now log into the brand new Wealthy Affiliate University! Enjoy!  As always, If you have any questions or feedback please leave it in the comments below.


Kyle (& Carson)

Founders of WealthyAffiliate.com

Note: We do not want you sacrificing groceries to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. If you simply cannot afford the small tuition to enter WA, that is OK. We have released free training over the years and here are a few of the “free courses” we have launched that you can enrol in for, FREE!

30 Day Challenge
Internet Wealth Guide 2.0












16 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate – The Open Education Project”

  1. @Josh L

    This has since been updated. There is now only a $47 per month (GOLD) or you can sign-up for a yearly option. On the WA homepage you can “try before you join” now, with a free, full 10 day access to WA. Check it out! :)

  2. Hi, I am a newbie to Internet Business. This is a great help for newbies like me.

    I am very grateful I had browsed to this website which made me inspire and motivated to continue in the business.

    I am hoping that I will be part/member and benefited to the training from Open Education Program offered by “The Wealthy Affiliate University” to build my own Business.

    How can I avail a free training

  3. Hey guys! Been looking at becoming a WA member for a few months. This looks like a great active place to learn and grow. There are several marketers that I follow that claim they are WA members and give nothing but the highest regards. Trying do decide which one’s link to sign-up under :P

    I have a quick question about the new pricing before I get started and I’m guessing others may have noticed this and like clarification as well! Your OEP sales page states everything is included (hosting, tools, all inclusive) at the $47 monthly price.. That’s great! but the order form has 2 plans and the one listed at $47 is limited in some areas. Is this just because the order page is not updated yet? or is there still going to be 2 subscription levels?

    See you on the other side soon!
    Josh L.

  4. @Donald

    You can manage your account settings within your Account Settings tab inside the WA membership area. You have control of the state of your membership.

  5. @JT

    We have removed the rest of the site for the time being as we are moving away from a sales style website altogether. Many new changes are coming to the website in a couple of weeks, and you will see why we have made this drastic change when we roll these out. If you want to access any of our free content, I suggest you check out our blog for the time being (and you can also join our newsletter from there as well).


  6. The new system presents many new challenges for me that are a bit uncomfortable, but…

    It forces me to get out of comfort zones (not progressing in social skills as I should) and would almost find it easier to somehow make the sales quota (as it were) and make it to the conference.

    For most people, social media is not an issue. But there are those who have, for whatever reason became deficient in basic communication skills (even though a writing talent may exist,)

    For lack of a better term, WA looks at this education far more holistically than any other in the online marketing training industry. I find this, not only unique in the industry, it is fast becoming the industry for its ability to stay on top of everything.

    The conference is a great incentive to learning how to get around in the Membership, thus learning how to get around anywhere in the marketing world.

    With the new WA comes future growth that is manifesting itself even now. I look forward to the coming weeks and months in not only getting all my campaigns in top condition, but every aspect of my life the best it can be.

  7. Hi, I’m interested in possibly joining, but I cannot get to any of the pages, such as testimonials, etc, without getting a popup asking me to login. When I decline the logon, it comes back to a generic page. The only options seem to be logon, or signup. Let me know how I can access the other free portions of the site so I can check it out.


  8. I’ve been a part of WA since 2009 and there is a good reason why I am still there, happily paying my month subscription. It simply is number one for news, resources, tools and tons of literature teaching and plainly laying out the steps to become your own boss.

    With any progressive business you have to move with the times and keep up with what works, not just for yourself but for the mediums that KEEP you in business. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the 411.

    What I love about the new look OEP (Open Eduction Project) is the seamless interactivity and learning you get from it. You feel compelled even more than before to learn and share – it’s such a great atmosphere.

    Most importantly Carson and Kyle has built a place for you to learn about making an income online and they have built and maintained it successfully since 2005.

    A lot of things has changed about internet marketing and if you want to ride the sea of change which happens often in the internet world, this is the place to be.

  9. I have been a member of WA since 2009 and while it has always been packed full of info that is critical to the learning process, it was always hard to find just what you needed.

    With the new changes that Kyle & Carson have implemented, the site is better than ever before. The same plethora of valuable training now combined with an easy to use interface that allows you to interact with what others are talking about and with their help I will achieve success!

  10. I for one was shocked when I opened up my WA account yesterday. Everything is new! Well actually not everything has changed. The interface has been vastly improved. All of the exceptional features that were previously present in WA are still there.

    Lots of new ways to look at everything. A much nicer interface and some really great incentives to interact with the other members.

    Every time I think the Internet is getting stale, K&C come up with a better way to do things.

    Thanks Guys.

  11. When I first came to see the WA interface change, I thought I was lost. I realized they changed a lot. At first, I’m really adjusting from where I was used to. I can see however that the new interface is a lot better because they kinda simplified everything. I’m still currently adjusting to the new change but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon.

    Good job Kyle and Carson!

  12. I also have been a member of WA for a some time. In this time I have learned various methods and have networked with many others at WA. The new OEP platform is vibrant and I can’t wait to see it grow. With the new interaction capabilities, the sky’s the limit. Thanks to Kyle,Carson and Everyone that helped make this happen.

  13. Been at WA a while and have seen a lot of up-grades and improvements. Just when you think things are almost perfect K&C take things to the next level.

    A bit difficult to keep up with but wouldn’t have it any other way!

    This is a huge site full of resources and yet the new interface has really organized things… not that I have found everything yet but learning fast.

    Kudos to K&C and if anybody reading this is not a member yet… what are you waiting for?

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