What Motivates YOU to Achieve Success?

What Motivates You

Today I want to ask you a difficult question…

What motivates you financially?

Is it an inner personal standard you try to live up to?  Do you have kids to feed?  Do you have a sick family member that you are trying to support?  Are you trying to create a better lifestyle for yourself?


Have you never really sat down and thought about this question?

The other day I was looking at this question in terms of our business.  There are times where we experience great success and growth, and others where Carson and I see opportunity to improve in aspects of our company.

I thought about this.  What exactly is the difference in our mindset that makes the difference between the “good” times and the “not so good” times?  Shouldn’t a business just grow on it’s own once everything is in place?


I narrowed it down to one thing:


Really.  In order to understand how to achieve greater success, you need to understand what exactly motivates you.  Unlike a dead-end day job, no business will succeed without strong underlying motivation.

Motivation can be a pretty broad term.  I mean you cannot say “I am a motivated” person unless you truly understand what your motivation actually is.

So what is our (Carson and myself) motivation to grow our business?  Well, there are two main things that motivate (ie. causes excitement) us in the sense of our core business.

(1) Honest Company Growth
(2) Fear of Failing

There are other motivating factors that we have for personal fulfillment, but I am speaking here in terms of financial improvement online.

I know, it may not seem all that compelling on the surface, but let’s take a closer look at our main motivational factors and how these are leveraged to further success.

Honest Company Growth

Growth is exciting to us.  Once you achieve a certain level of success, the monetary aspects of success are not the same.  It becomes a numbers game.  It becomes a percentage game.  And for some people (like ourselves), growth is just not enough.

We want to grow in a manner that is ethical and that has an underlying ethical motive.  We want to help people.  We want to teach people.  We want to provide timely and powerful tools for people. We want to change people’s lives.

The problem with most companies is they look purely at their yearly profits and will skin people in order to achieve these profits.  Unethical business is all around us…we want to grow as fast as possible, but in a manner that motivates us (and would make our families proud).

Fear of Failing

Failure is good.  Failing in it’s entirety is not an option.  I have always believed that if you aren’t scared of failing, to some degree you will lack an inner sense of motivation.  I personally love to take risks more than Carson…but at the same time I am freaked out of failing myself and others around me.

Failures that you learn from are good.  They can help you improve your overall skill set.  However, the actual “thought” of failure can be a very powerful motivational factor.  Carson and I don’t plan on failing at business any time soon, but the thought of it really strikes a motivational chord.


When you reach a certain level of success where you can afford to live comfortably, there become different motives.

Looking back 8 years ago before I started in the Internet marketing world, my motivation was completely different.  I was in a completely different mind-frame and I had different reasons to achieve success.

My motivations looked more like this:

(1) Get rid of my debt
(2) Be able to move out of my parents house
(3) One day be able to give back financially to those I love

Motivation is the driving force behind any action you take in your life.  Whether it be to become a better athlete, become a better parent, start a charity, or to start a business, you need to understand exactly what your motivations are.

How to take your motivations and turn them into action?

Once you understand the motivation aspect, you can fulfill your goals through this motivation.  Keep them current and keep them somewhere that you see them on a day to day basis.


Your actions need to be out of motivation, not DESPERATION!

I get this question all the time:

“I need to make $1,000 this week to pay my bills.  Can you help?”

That is what I like to call “acting out of desperation”.  This type of thinking will not lead to success.  If this is what drives you, change your desperation into motivation.

Make a better life for my kids
Pay off my credit card debt
Earn enough to pay off my medical bills

You see, create a list of motivating factors. Urgency rarely (I mean RARELY) leads to success because it usually comes hand in hand with very irrational decision making.

So, I ask you today, what is YOUR motivation to succeed?  Create a list with at least two items that motivate you to succeed.

Write these down and post them on a sticky note beside your computer.  You will remember these every time you come back and start working towards your success. It will become a “motivational factor”.

This list has likely changed many times over the course of your life and will likely change again.  That is OK.  The main thing to understand and take from this is that we all need some form of motivation to succeed.  Unless you understand what yours is, it is going to be much more difficult to achieve a level of success your are happy with.

Take care,


42 thoughts on “What Motivates YOU to Achieve Success?”

  1. What’s my motivation? One of my motivators are to be able to take my grandkids to Disneyland this summer and allow them to utilize the concierge service.

    To have our own private tour guide. That our adjoining rooms will look out over the park and the giraffe’s can walk up to the balcony.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Owen. Different people handle desperation differently. Some people are able to “invent” as you say, whereas others panic in a quick burst of energy and then lose faith rather quickly. I think both approaches can be harnessed for success, it just depends on who can intervene and what prerequisite business knowledge the individual has.



  3. Kyle,
    Great blog. I found your comments on desperation as a negative source of success very interesting since I am at that stage. I generally equated desperation with necessity which as everyone knows is the “mother of invention”

    However while thinking about it I and why it would be negative I came up with this. When we are desperate, we expect miracles to happen and we lose all faith when it does not (as is nearly always the case) and get despondent and turn to excuses.

    We are looking for a quick fix and even if it does happen it will not lead to continual success because there is no solid foundation for the motivation which is short lived. The first failure will kill any motivation we do have. I guess that is why it is so important to have motivation based on a genuine need to succeed and help rather than out of desperation.

    Thanks for the insight,

  4. Thanks Klye for a terrific post. You nailed it on the wall. Often times people ask me why I love producing my internet radio show when I’m not getting paid for it. I mean, I love being on air, but I also love the fact that I can totally voice my opioion on topics that others are very passionate about and very well help them in the process of doing so.

    They also tend to ask me why I spend soo much time on the internet when I’m not making a living off of it. And yes, it really takes passion, because I truly love doing internet marketing and my internet radio show (faithfully). Believe it or not, I am sooooo terrified of failing in either one, that I literally stay on the computer thinking of ways to build my audience, brand, and make money doing affiliate marketing. Also, I get a kick out of people thanking me for helping them.

    I’ve always been that person people look down on, but I’m soo freakin creative, it’s ridiculous. My motivation is strickly like this:

    1. Prove my haters wrong
    2. Afraid of being a failure like my haters say I am
    3. Provide for all 3 of my children without any financial help
    4. I hate working a 9 to 5 (to me, this is for the birds)
    5. In my mind, “I became a great person and achieved all my goals”

    I just want to be a great person and achieve all my goals!!!! That’s all I want. My older sister got murdered in 2004 (stabbed at t-1). To fullfill my goal, I have to start a non profil organization for women that are paralyzed due to any injury at t-1.

    Yep, that will do it. Anyways Kyle, I know I got a lil personal, but that’s just the type of person I am. I’m a poet too, so I tend to express my thoughts very deep and write a lot.

    Anyways, thanks for the great post!!!!!

  5. Great post on Motiviation. Although I have just joined WAU, I have been on a personal growth journey for several years and started learning Internet Marketing a year and 1/2 ago.

    My motivation is my own stubborn persistence and belief that if you folks can make a living doing Internet marketing especially affiliate marketing than SO CAN I.

    My driving force is we have absolutely nothing for retirement thanks to a huge bust on an investment that totally wiped us out plus has put our home in on the rocks.

    Have you ever read the book “Who Moved The Cheese?” Fabulous little story. Reflects on how life can take us up and down. It happens everyday to everybody at one time or another in there lives.

    While the cheese has been away for us big time, but gosh darn I am going to keep on doing what it takes to find the next big chunk of cheese and get to eat it too.

    I am looking for intregrity, and honesty in leadership . I am hoping to find this here with KYLE and Carson and some of the members with WAU.

    Having direct input into my efforts to improve the work I am doing will fuel the motivation that burns inside to succeed in this marketing profession. Then I can indeed go with all open honesty to the thousands of other baby boomers who are so needing the extra income to help with their retirement. I wish to teach a man how to fish so he can feed himself.

    If I can truly succeed at this / Let me tell you . Anyone can do this.

    Attitude with Gratitude.

  6. I do not think I have seen this depicted in such a way before. You actually have made this so much clearer for me. Thanks!

  7. @ Eleanor

    If you are a member of WA and need to get in touch with either Carson or myself, please feel free to contact us within WA. We will be more than happy to give you a hand.



  8. Motivation? Yes I have been motivated for over a year in trying to get this up and running. I suffered a heart attack, got laid off, am disabled and have not had money to buy programs to start making money. If I could just make my 1st $100 on line I think I would get a recharge and start working even harder. Sorry but money motivates me. My biggest hang-up is not being able to talk to you guru’s. I need criticism on my sites as to why I am not making any money. But there is no one to talk to. Is anyone hearing me?!!!

    I am already a member of WA but you keep asking me to join. I just wish you could fix that and give me an email to talk to you guys. Wait to hear from you. Love everything you say but you just keep your distance and that hurts.

  9. Thanks for the great motivated. This is a very good idea, to ask people what motivates them. Helps to think about it, so that people stay on purpose, and stay real. Sometimes people forget. Thank you a very much make me wake up.

  10. Motivation is so important to doing anything. Having a network of others doing the same thing is also a great way to keep connected with like people and learn from each other.
    Great post. Now I have to get back to work. Motivation, keep focused!!!

  11. Hi Kyle,
    I want to join WA so that I can be my own boss. I followed my parents advice and got a degree in a field that I HATE! I always wanted a degree in business ,so I could influence the markets and people.Well, I honored my parents by doing what they told me todo. I should have HONORED myself I do not think its to late to correct this mistake. I am already working hard forty to fifty hours a week for someone else. Why don’t I invest that many hours into my own business!!!!!!!! I will be signing up for the program right away.

    Laura D

  12. “My motivations looked more like this:

    (1) Get rid of my debt
    (2) Be able to move out of my parents house
    (3) One day be able to give back financially to those I love”

    These are my three primary motivations Kyle. That is so awesome. I think we just made a connection. Terrific post.

  13. Thank for sharing a great post and i like the way you do it. The best thing that anyone can do is FOCUS and JUST DO IT like what Nike always says

    Thank you and keep posting

  14. @ cwvykidd

    In response to the development time for a website, it really does not have to be a complicated process. There are many tools out there that allow you to develop websites/blogs quickly and easily. Also, within Wealthy Affiliate we do provide templates, website development training, and have created a proprietary website builder that will allow you to build sites without much technical knowledge.



  15. I would like to thank Kyle and Carson for creating WA.I haven’t even signed up yet but I will once I get home today. I don’t have internet access at work and I can’t seem to sign up through the internet on my phone…but anyway, I was looking through the blog and this article really spoke to me. I always figured that it was difficult for me to get motivated, but I am finally starting to realize that I’m a very ambitious person. The problem is I cannot “fire myself up” to go to dead end jobs(yesn I have two) everyday and still struggle financially. What’s worse, I feel as I’m just another cog in the machine, when I know that I’m worth much more than that.

    Thanks again. From what I’ve been reading here, WA is the missing ingredient in my recipe for success. My goals are pretty modest, but when I reach them, it will mean the world to me.

    I’ve always said that in my life all I want is to be blessed and be a blessing to others. I believe my blessing is finally here!

  16. i truthfully love your own posting way, very attractive.
    don’t give up as well as keep posting in all honesty , because it just simply worth to look through it.
    excited to browse through more of your posts, thankx :)

  17. I have motive, what I lack is the belief I can make my investment back with WA. I have been thinking about internet marketing for about a year now. Back when it was 25$/mo. I’m a single dad of a 3 and 5 yr old and 40$/mo can be a lot of money to me right now. But I know there is potential to put these days behind me with internet marking. I have the ambition to spend the time it takes to get going. I’ve thought of taking some classes in web design html and so on…so that I might be able to design my own site and get it going. but I just can’t get myself to pull the trigger with WA. I wish I had a partner to sit with me at the computer to help. I kinda glanced at the guy with disability. i am waiting on mine, and would much prefer that I make Tooo much money to qualify for it, now wouldn’t that be great! Anyway question: Say I had a nitch I wanted to work on, how long with WA”s help could I expect to get an inter-active site developed up and running? And is the site 100% mine, or dose WA retain any rights to it?

  18. @ DanH

    This can be done and it sounds as though something that can be done at your home (like Internet Marketing) is right up your alley. The truth of the matter is that you should not let the fact that you will lose disability if you start earning money get in your way…this is preventing you from taking on any personal goals and you are truly limiting your potential. Time to get yourself back on “top” of the game and we can help you get there. It doesn’t happen overnight, but through the application of what you learn, all your goals that you dream about are possible.



  19. @ Kyle

    “Unethical business is all around us…we want to grow as fast as possible, but in a manner that motivates us (and would make our families proud).”

    That is a very important point you make. One main reason why I joined WA was because I realized I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do as a business man (in the physical world). I had become part of the wrong associates that didn’t care much about the ethical side of things. Their goal was only to make money and to seek pleasure, plain and simple. But for me that is pretty much as far away from the truth as you can get being a human. Life has to be much more than that for me; otherwise it isn’t worth “the stretch” so to speak. And don’t get me wrong, money and having a good time is absolutely something that I want and try to gain and experience, all the time. But as an overall motivator to give my life a purpose it’s pretty shallow in the long run (in other words, not a good motivator even). You need a more holistic approach I think, that’s how it is for me anyhow.

    “I agree with everything you have said. However, I do believe that any weakness can become a strength through focus.”

    This is indeed a fact, many, many are those film directors for example that grew up with some sort of disability or other form of weakness. This builds resolve, character and also very often uniqueness. I got this card ones from my mum with a kite flying in the wind and it said “Kites takes off in head wind”. Isn’t that great? I loved it and still have it, 15 years later. So being able to turn a loss into a victory is I think the formula for success. Life is saturated with loss and that is also why it’s so important to celebrate when you have a victory.

    @ Stan

    “That’s why people trust in you because you show that you care to support their efforts which is the foundation for your success and the success of your members.”

    I couldn’t agree more and this is something that I hope both Kyle and Carson do feel and know that we all appreciate. Every minute extra you put into your PM answers is coming back to you many, many times over in the future. Your strength is your commitment, not to yourself but to “the cause” (you motivational factors, the roadmap) and to others success. That’s what it’s all about, passing it on, giving as a means of receiving, further down the line.


  20. The website listed is the newest of 6, needless to say over the last couple years I’ve bought into a lot of “waste”. Too many “gurus” not enough money, get into something and then the only “training” a person gets from them is, “Oh you gotta spend a bunch on pay per click or adwords or whatever”.

    They try to sell you their crap that might have worked once and by whatever combination they’ve made their money on (IF they have) they might be able to afford that now, but how about training as to HOW they started, not with the money they have to blow now. Okay, so much for the rant.

    I believe I have finally found something now where I can get the help to understand what I should be doing and might finally learn how to get this all in one sock, so to speak. So I can finally see some return, ad blow that way out of proportion.

    I’ve been working for wages since I was 14 and have always had at least 2 jobs, been everything from a John Deere assembly mechanic to a sailor to driving a cab and selling insurance. Been in 5 different warzones both on active and reserve for around 20 years and I guess pretty much burned out myself and my marketability. A few years back I ended up with a heart attack and went straight downhill from there. Couldn’t get a job, went homeless a few years, then finally about 4 years ago the V.A. decided they wouldn’t take responsibilty for 100% disability so I got what they call a disability pension. (less than a thousand a month) to live on. Well, you can guess the “quality of life” I can get from that..at least they pick up my meds (16 every day and I know none of them are cheap) I stretch what I can out so that I can find something out of the last 6 years of trying to make a living on the internet. I’ve got a degree in Broadcast/Electronics and used to build computers but never learned how to “talk” to the darn things and still many of these terms escape me you guys use on the web. BUT I will “get it” and when I do .. Look out. I grew up on a small farm, hence the need to work since I was 14, I’m on the back half of 55 now, I’ve always been stingy with money, been on the botom and at a time was “on top”, and I swear it’s a lot more fun on top.

    So much for the “biography”, as for motivation, I’ve followed people like the Ziglar’s, Nightengale and all the others and have always volunteered and “paid forward” long before it was stylish.

    If I show “any” income I lose the disability and will have to pick up all the medical bills besides everything else I still have dogging me. So I NEED to be able to take over again and make myself a “useful citizen to society” again. (keeping in mind that the 1st 5-way bypass at the age of 49 was right around a quarter million when all was said and done). So that obviously weighs heavy on the balance of being able to hit the ground running. When I start making it, I have to start like I’ve been making money over the 6 years of learning and start in the high 4 to 5 figures a month. Then go back and pick up the few that have tried to help me and get them up to that level too, because I know they are still working besides spending all their money on the internet to try to also make it.

    To be able to make at least a good donation taking at least 10% and giving back to the shelters I’ve stayed in, and try to train some of those folks to independence.

    And MOST OF ALL; show the “flea trainers” that it CAN be done and I’m going to do it!

    So, motivational bullet points;
    Financial Independence
    Pay forward and bring people along
    Help people and get back to steady volunteer work
    Help family and friends financially (and teach them how to fish)
    and start a life of LIVING….not just existing, and being fearful of what’s going to happen next

    Thank You for what I have seen so far, hopefully I’ll get into full membership after the 1st, and we can all work together to meet and exceed these goals…WHO WANTS TO COME ALONG?

  21. @ Steve G

    That is a great motivator for many, and when I think about it, it is a subtle motivator for me as well. The problem is most people work “for” people than “with” people, making the work environment a very difficult, tedious, and unrewarding one. With some work anyone can extinguish that day job and do something that they are truly passionate about…they just need to apply themselves.


  22. My main motivator is to be financially secure enough that I never have to work for someone else again. All my other goals flow from that main one.

    After financial security would come helping others (both people I know and people I meet online) to also achieve the same financial security.

    I truly believe, and have repeatedly seen that when you help others you end up helping yourself.

    Whether it be that sense of satisfaction you get when someone finally “gets It” and thanks you for your help or the rewards you get when your help has been recognized and comes full circle back to you.

    Or even if you never get the rewards or recognition, you still have the the knowledge that you made someones life a little better.

    For me the financial part has always been the way to let me do freely all the other parts that I wouldn’t have been able to do without the freedom from a day to day, 9-5 time sucking job.

  23. @ S’hi

    Take your passion and move it online…the money will follow. Rather than seeking out money, take something that really interests you and leverage that to take you where you want to go financially.


  24. Kyle! You plugged into my brain again [lol]! I’ve vaguely been thinking about motivation the last couple of days wondering why mine was feeling flat. I think I worked it out. Previously I though my goals should be huge ones like total financial freedom but I think I’m changing my mind to baby steps.


    Well I’ve been in a financial hole for a number of years, progressing one area of my life but at huge cost, living every day not knowing how I was going to pay the next bill and get food on the table. Eventually I decided enough was enough and fortunately got a job to help pay the bills. Now while in training I got paid enough to pay the bills, pay a little off my debts and just relax a bit. What a difference a few pounds made! Now I’m out of training I just about get enough to pay the bills but not enough to chip away at those debts and relax a bit.


    So now I’m motivated initially just to make enough to get back to that state of relaxation … maybe just a couple to three hudred pounds a month. And this feels a whole lot more realistic. I feel my goals are based in the possible rather than fanciful. I wonder if others have found little goals to be more managable in the beginning than huge way out there goals?

    Anyway, thanks again for poking my brain! Going off to join WA now :)

  25. Since setting some goals with a multi-level environmental products business, I discovered it wasn’t the vehicle to get where I wanted. I side-stepped the business, re-arranged my life, and even did a round world trip with my son for three months. then reviewed what being in the business really gave me.

    I have been struggling with motivation ever since. Seems every time I start coasting along with the things that really interest me, some great challenge jumps up and DEMANDS attention. Each of these things has ultimately lead to less understanding from people, and the realisation I don’t have any real friends. Plenty of people I help, but having to hold my ground to get anything I need from them. A very weird situation from my perspective.

    If I don’t think about money I can just get on with things – connecting people to each other, designing community events. but the world demands also that I justify myself through money. So I’m trying to figure out how they things I do for people are actually worth them paying for, or how to help them see the importance of paying directly for what you want instead of expecting government to cover it through taxes, but complaining they make the wrong decisions! Seems too many people have lost their way, and I’m not really that interested in those who are just out for themselves.

    This year’s poets picnic will just be a circle, no grandstanding each other. See if we can see eye to eye, create a new harmonious future together. I just keep trying with what is available, without exhausting myself ;) Technology first i find counter-productive. I’d rather chat with a friend in the garden, share a sing-along.

  26. @ John

    Congrats on the sales and your weight loss! I truly believe that a healthy mind stems from a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to having you around for another year.


  27. Hello Kyle,
    Thank you so for a very good blog, it seems ,i have lost my motivation/ enthuasium because i , and,im to blame for reading emails so much and not
    working the contact list as i should, but ,working with W A. i would not be doing the same work,
    and that would be very different, I thank you for the continual contact, I am still looking over the site and trying to picture myself working W A.
    We talk soon,

  28. Hi, Kyle!

    Hope you and Carson are getting in some time at the Olympics. To me it has been interesting just to see the area again after our trip there this summer.

    To me motivation comes from success. If I find something that works, that drives me on. I will spend tons of time trying to find something that works, something I can duplicate.

    The recent turn down in my business sent me to other areas of activity. Recently, I have started making sales again so I’m now very much engaged in trying to get more sales.

    So, I have to be able to get a nip out of that proverbial carrot.

    My second year term comes up in May. I have had some health problems but I now have them under control so I will be signing up for my third year. I’ve dropped 50 pounds which has really helped with my diabetes.

    Give Carson a “kick” for me.

  29. Bravo Kyle!

    This blog post reminds me of a song from back in the day that goes something like this: “If you don’t have a dream, how’re you gonna have a dream come true?”

    So many people never achieve anything significant within their lifetimes because they haven’t the smoggiest idea of what they wanna accomplish!

    So, your blog post has motivated me to rethink and refocus my overall motivation to succeed:

    To create a for-profit corporation that provides free & affordable healthcare to uninsured & under-insured WORKING people respectively and respectfully in a manner that empowers recipients to maintain their health & dignity simultaneously.

    Dude – thank you so much for this timely & eye-opening reminder!

    Now I can resume my entrepreneurial endeavors much more responsibly and laser-focused.

    Gratefully & Respectfully Yours…


  30. @ Stan

    I agree with everything you have said. However, I do believe that any weakness can become a strength through focus. Many people have weaknesses but fail to ever work on them because it is “hard”. It is much more comforting and “easy” to do what you are already good at or what you are naturally gifted to do. Most of us that are successful are that way because many of our OLD weaknesses are now our strong points.

    As for survival (in business & in the sense of life) , there are different ways in which we react to difficult situations. I know of an excellent article that distinguishes the difference between “choking” and “panicking”, written by a famous Canadian author, Malcolm Gladwell. You may find this interesting.




  31. Another strong motivation is that innate sense of achievement that needs to be renewed. You feel good when you have overcome an obstacle, or reached a goal, and you want to feel that rush over and over. I believe that’s the way business grows, the way people grow, by taking on new challenges all the time. That’s why I wonder why people ever retire completely. You need to create.

  32. Kyle,

    That was an excellent post. Thank you for reminding me to update my list of motivations.

    According to the theory of evolution, Kyle, self-peservation is the key motivation toward survival. We all want to survive and hopefully, thrive. Our genetics, our God giving abilities, our deficits and pre-dispositions all affect survival. The environment( parental influences etc.) greatly affect our motivation and our ability to survive. Yet, by taking an inventory of our strengths and our weaknesses, we can utilize our strengths and improve our weaknesses. By developing the discipline to focus on our objectives and with a community to be supportive of these objectives with time we can succeed. That’s why people trust in you because you show that you care to support their efforts which is the foundation for your success and the success of your members.

  33. Hello Kyle,
    That’s a good post, and I can see how your motivations can change together with success. I’m growing old now, and I want to leave a legacy for my son. I still haven’t made any money, but failure’s unthinkable. It’s there, round the corner somewhere. It’s always nice to hear when other people do well,
    Every good wish,

  34. @ Reg B.

    Thanks for the feedback…and yeah, it can be tough to weed through the huge mess of ideas to come up with one WAY to achieve success. You really only need one. There are many ways you can achieve this online and at Wealthy Affiliate we offer several, but we key on trying to get people to focus on just one (to start out with anyways). Diversification prior to understanding what you are doing can be the doom of many marketers.



  35. Hi peeps nice post and in answer to the big Q, what motivates me is the desire just to be able to provide for my family .. It’s that simple

    Also as a add on people who benefit from the info I provide is also a massive motivator for me. I was a trainer in the corporate world (back in the day of me having a job) and i always said and still stand by the statement that “helping someone to achieve is one of the biggest buzzes in the world”

  36. A awesome Blog Kyle… Thank you!

    That is a point I lack in writing down my goals or what motivates me… My head is spinning with so many ideas I have to make Money online… From selling ebooks to starting a membership site on health issues for the “Baby Boomers”… But learning every thing is so difficult… From FTP connecting on hosting sites, graphics, Blogs articles the biggest is Video’s (which is hot on line selling), and much more… Been following you and Carson for over a year now… I have though about joining Wealthy Affiliates but I guess its Fear of failing… Been burn by promises from tons of so call Guru’s… I do know that what ever I do on line will be work, and that I’m not afraid of. But each time I get a e-mail from you I take the time and read it. I think you are being straight forward and honest with me and others that receive your e-mails. There is only one other guy that I trust very much on line and that is Jim Cockrum. He is a guy that does not blast Guru’s offers everyday and his newsletters are on things that can be used to make money on e-bay and other areas without buying some software..

    Wow , sorry I went off with my troubles …. Thanks for a great Blog…

    Reg B.

  37. Hey Guys – Nice blog post.

    I was reading recently about the source of people’s motivation. They talked about 2 sources – motivation toward something (goal focused/results focused) and motivation away from something (away from pain).

    It is amazing how true those two sources are. Think about your own life and the times that you have been the most focused, able to produce, and successful. Typically, it will be around one of those two sources – either you had a very clear goal and result you wanted to achieve or you were motivated to get away from some pain (bills are due, etc).

    The problem with both is that they can come and go. With a goal or a result, once you have achieved it – you need to make a new one. It can be hard to get the motivation to make a new one too. As for the pain/fear thing – once you have taken some action to get yourself out of the pain/fear, it is easy to let things slide.

    To maintain your motivation, you need to know how to create the right state – the one that keeps you focused and driven.

    I have found that Tony Robbins has a number of methods of creating the state that you desire. It has helped me on many occasions.

    Enough from me for now.

  38. Motivation is what has kept me pushing forward as an affiliate. I’m not making thousands a month yet but I know with patience, determination, and motivation it will come to pass one day soon. Thanks Kyle!

  39. @ Joan

    Thanks for your feedback on what motivations you. Self determination is a big part of my motivation as well, but for me I think that this actually stems out of “fear to fail”. And I agree, sharing should become an accessory to any success…the top of the mountain is no fun (as you say) unless you have people to share it with.



  40. This is a good idea, to ask people what motivates them. Helps to think about it, so that you stay on purpose, and stay real. Sometimes you forget.

    I’m motivated by all kinds of things, and it keeps changing. I think my biggest motivation is self determination. Right along side of that, is being in the position to help. It’s imperative for me to be independent, but equally important to provide for loved ones, including friends who are also loved ones. My intention is to provide materially, but not just materially.

    One of the attributes that has attracted me to WA is the spirit of sharing. I come from a profession that is cut throat competitive. Back stabbing competitive. Not pretty. People wouldn’t dream of helping one another. I’m a gentle soul, so that was against my basic nature. I love to share, and helped people regularly, not because I’m such a good person, but because I love healthy competition. What fun is it to sit on a mountain with no company? Shoulder to shoulder is my game. Also, I believe, at my core, we are all one. If you help somebody else you are helping yourself.

    Then there is the challenge of overcoming fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. For me, IM has definitely been the unknown, and I was fearful. I’m more comfortable with it now, thanks to you, Kyle and Carson and WA, though I am painfully aware of my lacks. Fear of failure and success have been nutralized for me because I have experienced both in large measure and I’m still here. Success is wonderful. Failure is a nuisance, but you get beyond it sooner or later, if you just hang in there. Don’t get me wrong. I hate to fail, but know that it is the only way to move forward.

    I feel that you, Kyle and Carson, are providing a platform for learning a new disciple for many people. But, it’s more than that. People here are operating on an elevated spiritual level. Feels very positive and good. WA is intelligent because it is designed so that members interact and help one another. Well, I’m digressing.

    These are my thoughts.

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